For Some Things Big Brother Knows Best

by Robijean

Universe: ATF Teen-LB (Thanks to Mog for the ATF Universe)

Summary: Before his first high school dance, JD turns to his big brother for advice.

Disclaimer: I know they're not mine, if they were the series would still be on the air.

I want to thank Sue M. for her help and advice.

It was early autumn and the leaves had just begun to fall. His homework done, JD joined Vin at the porch railing. JD stared at the tree where their fort had once been. As his eyes roamed across the yard, he could see two boys playing. Things were so much easier then.

Now the two years difference in their ages meant so much more than it did when they were little. He had been so excited about being skipped and ending up in the same grade with Vin instead of three years behind. He never imagined that one day it would make things so awkward and difficult for him.

He needed to ask a question and for once, couldn't find the words. Then he admonished himself, this was his brother standing next to him, he didn't need to be ashamed or afraid to ask him anything.

"Vin, I was wondering," JD stated as he turned to face him. "Are you going to drive to the Homecoming Dance? Or are you going with some of your friends in a limo?"

"Don't much care for a limo, I'm driving. Why are you askin'?"

"You know they said today the Senior Prom was just for Seniors and Juniors if they're dating a Senior." JD said as he turned to face Vin. "I've never gone to a dance in high school and the Homecoming Dance is my last chance."

Vin interrupted, "What do you mean, your last chance? You can go to the Senior Prom."

"Vin, I'm 15 years old," JD almost yelled. Why did Vin have to act so dumb and make him actually say it? "What junior, let alone senior, would want to go with someone a couple of years younger than them? No, I go to Homecoming when freshmen can go or I just never get to go to a dance. The thing is, I don't want to have to be driven by Buck or Chris. I thought if you didn't mind we could double date."

"Why would I mind, JD? We're brothers." Vin explained. "So who's the lucky girl, anyone I know?"

"Rachel Peterson, Beth's kid sister." JD smiled as he said her name. "You know Beth, she's in my study group and we go to her house sometimes. I met her sister and she's into computers like me. She's only a freshman, but she's real nice."

"And pretty too if she's anything like Beth. I'm taking Leanne and she lives only a mile or so from Beth so that won't be a problem." Vin thought on it some more, then asked. "Did you get permission? You know how our dads wouldn't let me double date until I was 16."

JD sighed, nodding. "Yeah, I asked and got special permission, but only on condition that they drive me. I thought maybe if you would double date with me, they'd let me go with you. There's a problem though, I have to have Rachel home by eleven. I know you can stay out 'til midnight, so you don't have to, if you don't want."

"JD I said I would," Vin assured, "anyway we can drop Rachel off, and then meet up with Buck somewhere nearby." Vin said as he worked through his plan. "Then I can take Leanne for a ice cream somewhere. Dad said I could stay out to one for homecoming.

"Do you want me to ask Dad and Buck tonight if it's alright for me to drive you? That way you can ask Rachel tomorrow at school. It's only two weeks until the dance and girls seem to have an awful lot to do to get ready." Vin spoke with the experience of someone who had gone to dances in the past.

JD beamed. "Thanks, I know they'll say yes if you ask. I'll ask Rachel tomorrow and if she says yes there are so many things I'll need you to tell me," JD spoke rapidly with excitement. "I'll need you to teach me to dance and lots of other things like..."

"I don't dance and just what other things are you talking about?" Vin interrupted JD before he got too wound up to stop. "You better not be talking about anything Dad or Buck wouldn't approve of."

"What do you mean, you don't dance? You went to both Homecoming and Senior Prom last year. You have to know how to dance. And the other things, you know, like dinner, flowers, and whether or not I should give her a goodnight kiss since its our first date." JD rushed the end of his last statement together so fast Vin could barely understand the words.

Vin just stared at his younger brother. How was he supposed to answer that last question?

"Okay, first things first. I went to the dances but I just never danced. And I wasn't the only guy that didn't. Lots of guys didn't dance and their girls either danced together or with someone else who asked them to dance."

Now it was JD's turn to interrupt. "I don't think I'd want to do that. I want to dance with Rachel not watch her dance with her friends or other guys. I have an idea, Da can teach us both to dance then you can dance with Leanne this year."

"Sometimes you are still so pushy," Vin told JD, laughing. "Alright we'll learn together from Dad and Buck, and maybe this time I'll dance with Leanne.

"I was planning to take Leanne to the Rustler's Steak House on Fulton for dinner, nice food and we both should be able to afford a meal there.

"Flowers are real tricky. You have to get a color that goes with their dress. Then there are two types of corsages, the kind you fasten on their dress and the kind that goes around their wrist. The one that you have to pin on, well, it can get real embarrassing so I'd go for the wrist kind.

"The goodnight kiss is even trickier. Girls are real funny sometimes. If you don't kiss them, they think you don't like them. If you do kiss them, they say you think they're easy. So the safest thing to do is ask them. Say something like 'Rachel, I've had a real good time tonight. Would it bother you if I kiss you goodnight? That way, you're letting her make the decision."

JD had been nodding his head along as Vin spoke until just before the end. "Vin, I'm not sure I could say that so it sounded right. And what if she says yes, I've never kissed a girl, how do I do that without making a fool of myself. What if we bump noses or something?"

Vin heaved a deep sigh. "JD, I think for kissing lessons you'd better go to Buck. Now come on inside, I'll see if I can get Chris and Buck to agree to my driving you and giving us dance lessons. Then you can get Buck to instruct you on how to kiss without bumping noses." he grinned.

As JD followed his brother inside the house, he once again gave thanks for the day Vin found and rescued him and provided him with the best big brother he could have wished for.

The End