Dalliance by Sue M

Ratings/Warnings: Some bad language.

Summary: JD gets to 'sow his wild oats'.

Disclaimer: Just playing. I know I can't keep 'em...damnit!

Thanks to Mog for ATF

Thanks to Wendy for the beta and to Blackraptor for giving my stories a home

As the team was sitting in the bullpen typing up reports, Dunne shook his head at his partner's animated comments, not bothering to look up at the source of his interest.

"Did you see the legs on her? Wonder what she wants with Chris?" Buck peered in through the slats of Chris' office window. "She's real pretty too and kinda...sophisticated lookin'."

Now JD was looking up and laughed at Buck as he licked a finger and ran it across his eyebrow. He winked at JD.

"Watch an' learn, kid!"

Chris's door opened and Buck straightened in his chair, smiling as the pretty brunette came toward them while assessing her age around twenty six-ish. As she approached his and JD's desks he stood and offered his hand.

"Hi, name's Buck..."

She shook his hand, "Hi Buck," then turned to JD. "Hello, you're JD?"

A little surprised to hear his name, the young agent looked up, standing as his eyes traveled upward to focus on warm, chocolate brown orbs.

"Err...hi. Um, yeah...JD...that's me."

All the team was interested now.

"My name's Holly, Holly Franklyn. I understand you're the go-to guy as far as technology goes here."

JD smiled shyly. "Yeah, that's me."

"I need to talk through some changes due in the near future that my company will be installing for the bureau."

JD nodded, "Will my computer do?" He pointed toward his desk.

She smiled. "I understand you're pretty computer savvy, how about we go for coffee and talk it through instead?"

JD returned her smile, 'God her eyes were pretty.' "Sure, that works for me." He looked toward Chris who was leaning against his doorframe. "Is that okay with you, Chris?"

The blond nodded. "Take the day, JD, we got nothing pressing here."

Taking a few minutes to shut down his computer, JD gestured for Holly to move ahead of him, then grabbed his jacket and led her out of the door.

Chris could hardly contain his laughter as he looked at Buck's face. It was Ezra who spoke.

"Wh...what just happened there?"

Recovering, Buck shrugged. "Ahhh, she's one o' them computer geeks. Probably got no time for dating and such."

Josiah chuckled. "I'm guessing you didn't see how she looked at our youngest then?"

Buck frowned at the profiler. Vin slapped his shoulder as he passed him on the way to get coffee.

"Tough luck, stud," he grinned.

Buck grinned back. "Her loss."


After an hour of talking 'shop', JD and Holly had moved on to movies, music, sports and food. He was excited to learn she had been born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, a short drive from his native Boston and before they had realized, it was getting dark. Holly looked out of the window of the coffee shop.

"Oh my...where has the day gone? I'll have to call a cab."

"Are you hungry?"

She smiled at JD. Yes she was, and she hadn't really wanted to say goodbye just yet.

"Mmm...could just go for some pizza."

Dunne beamed. God, she was perfect, she even liked pizza. "Me too."


They talked right through their meal, totally absorbed in each other. JD had a strange feeling in his stomach, like...butterflies. He hadn't felt this way since Casey and he had been together. All too soon, he realized it was 1am.

"I hate to go, but I have work tomorrow," he sighed.

Holly agreed. "Me too. Shall we share a cab?"

JD nodded. "Sure, do you live locally?" He watched as she tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

"I'm staying at the Denver Hilton. I live in New York; I'm just here for the week."

JD was crushed. She didn't live here, and she'd be leaving in days. He was so determined not to show his disappointment, he totally missed hers.

As the cab pulled up outside the hotel, JD stepped out and opened the door for her, asking the driver to wait as he walked her to the door.

"Well...goodnight, Holly. I had a really terrific day."

She drew closer to him. "I did too. Do you...do you think we could do dinner tomorrow?"

JD grinned. "I'd really like that." He found himself looking at her lips...such pretty full lips. In an instant they both leaned in and kissed, softly at first, but as a wave of electrical energy surged through them, their kisses deepened and they wrapped their arms around each other. The cab horn broke the spell and JD pulled back.

"I...I'm sorry...I..."

She leaned in and captured his mouth again, pulling back after a few seconds.

"I know what you mean, I'm not normally that impulsive either. Look, after tomorrow all I have is some paperwork. I can do that in my room anytime. Could you maybe take some time off until I go back? I'd really like to get to know you a bit more, spend some time with you."

JD stroked her face. "I'll try. Do you have a card with your number?"

Holly nodded and opening her purse, took a business card from her wallet.

"Here. But, I'll see you for dinner tomorrow, won't I?"

Dunne nodded. "Yes...yes, I'll see you around...seven? "

"Mmm, perfect. Well...goodnight. "


As they reluctantly parted, JD watched until she disappeared inside, then turned and got back into the cab. He had no idea what was happening to him, but he really liked it.


Buck watched JD pack up items on his desk. He had been with Chris for a half hour and now he was leaving. JD smiled at his teammates.

"I'm just taking a few personal days. Holly is only in town three more days and then she has to go back to New York. I thought I'd show her around."

Buck chuckled. "'Showing her around', that's what you youngsters are callin' it these days."

JD scowled. "Don't talk about Holly like that, Buck...don't compare her to some of the women you bring home."

Buck's jaw dropped. "Hey...what the hell's that supposed to mean? Hey... don't walk away..."

JD sighed and without looking back, left. "See ya."

Chris had watched the whole thing and now joined the others.

"Did you hear what he said?" Buck huffed at Larabee.

"I did, one day you'll think first and talk second." He looked at Ezra.

"Would you run a background check on this woman, please?"

Ezra nodded.

"Little extreme, dontcha think?" Vin asked.

Chris chewed his cheek. "Maybe." With that he returned to his office.


JD had picked up some spare clothes, a few brochures and generally puttered around until 6.30. He waited in the cab until Holly exited the hotel, then stepped out to greet her. As they kissed they became lost in the moment. Holly halted proceedings.

"How about room service?"

JD swallowed. My God, he never before thought he'd ever experience a moment like this. A beautiful, sophisticated, older woman asking him to share...room service.

"Yes." His answer was barely a whisper, but in seconds the cab was paid and they were making their way to Holly's room. Once inside, Holly came as close as she could to the young agent.

"I need you to know...I've never done anything like this before."

JD smiled and touched her face. "Neither have I ...I mean...I've done..."

She giggled. "Ssshh." Leaning in to kiss him, the spark was ignited as mouths opened and tongues explored. They were in for a long night.


The next morning, Buck glared at Larabee from his desk.

"It's not like him, Chris. When he was with Casey, sure, but now he always comes home, even if it's early hours of the morning, he always comes home."

"I presume he had a much improved offer than his own empty bed, Buck," Ezra suggested. A lesser man would have wilted under the look Buck tossed him.

"He could have called," Buck sulked.

"Yes, he could have, but he didn't," Chris agreed. He didn't like his agents out of touch, even on personal time and JD's cell was only receiving voicemail. "What do we know about her, Ezra?"

Standish flipped open a file. "Her name is Holly Elizabeth Franklyn, she is very highly paid by a company approved by the Federal Bureau and lives in a rather nice apartment overlooking Central Park in New York." He paused, knowing the next piece of information would cause concern.

"She is a divorcee, no children and is...thirty two."

"THIRTY TWO?!" Buck leapt to his feet. "She's eleven years older than him? What is she playing at? If she hurts that kid..."

"Buck, calm down," Larabee ordered, feeling more than a little apprehensive himself at the findings. "Where is she staying?"

"The Denver Hilton," Ezra answered, "She's still there, she hasn't checked out."

"What say I drive by and check it out?" Vin offered.

"No." Chris halted Buck's imminent reply. "He's clearly fine. We'll wait for him to call. The kid's entitled to his privacy." He almost laughed at his own words, considering they had run a background check on a woman JD had only known twenty-four hours or so and now, were attempting to brush any anxieties under the proverbial rug. But still, they would wait.


The next morning, as they dressed, JD smiled and drew her close.   "I've never...I've never met anyone like you," he confessed, "you're...perfect. "

Holly smiled and kissed him tenderly. "No, I'm not, but you make me feel so...alive. You have an energy and innocence that both excites me and draws me to care for you. You're a beautiful person, JD, I hope you know that."

JD blushed. Recovering, he drew her closer and nuzzled her, smiling as she tensed and sighed.

Holly felt her passion slowly rekindle. There was nothing she wanted more than to let this young man make love to her until she had to leave for home. She couldn't get enough of him. But she also wanted to get to know him more and pulled back a little.

"Hey, stud, you promised to show me a special place. I've rented a car, so let's go, huh?"

With a nod, JD released her and after they had finished dressing, they left.


The two had sat, staring out over the view for the longest time, cuddled in as their heads rested against each other, savoring the closeness and the tranquility of the secluded spot. This ridge was the first place he and Casey had kissed and at first, JD wasn't sure he had done the right thing bringing Holly here. But the view was breathtaking, and she had been thrilled. And then they had made love and JD had exorcized any demons he had harbored about the place, now, it was theirs, his and Holly's.

As they sat huddled together, Holly felt at peace. "Come with me."

JD turned to face her. "What?"

"Come with me...to New York. Transfer there, I have a large apartment, we could be so happy JD, this feels so right, don't you think?"

The look on his face made her regret her request. "I...I'm sorry, that was silly of me."

JD touched her face and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. "You could stay."

She smiled at him, her heart heavy but her mind now clear. "How about we just enjoy what we have, live in the moment." She returned his passionate kisses. "Make memories," she breathed. She had forgotten how young he was. He had a life here, friends. She had no right to ask him to give it all up based on a three day dalliance, no matter how much she was falling in love with him and clearly his expression showed just how much her request had pained him.

JD returned her kisses but his mind was in turmoil. A part of him had screamed yes at her question, but a larger part had reminded him of what he had here and the people he loved. He loved being with this woman, she had tapped into emotions he hadn't yet explored, but he wasn't sure he was ready for another commitment so soon after his break-up with Casey. Hell, he wasn't even sure how he felt about Casey, even now. What he did know, was he loved his job, he loved the people he worked with, and he wasn't ready to give up on any of it.


Dinner that evening had been a subdued affair. The young agent was consumed with guilt that this beautiful woman would think he had used her. Holly was desperate to find the young man she had fallen for somewhere in all the thoughts he had seemingly lost himself. They left their table and made their way to Holly's room, totally unaware Vin and Josiah had been watching them from a table on the other side of the room.


Vin sighed. "He looks unhappy."

Josiah tilted his head. "More like he had a huge weight on his mind."

Tanner shifted in his seat. "Well, she's due to leave tomorrow, if he ain't home then, I might consider talkin' to him."

"I agree, brother, he's still very young and it would be remiss of us to leave this too long."

"'Sides, Buck's about to go boom."

Josiah nodded, "Him and Christopher, I fear."


As they reached Holly's door, JD hesitated.

"I...I...maybe it's best I leave."


JD couldn't hide the tears welling in his eyes. "Because I care about you and I don't want you thinking I..."

She pinned him against her door and kissed him passionately, both breathless as she pulled away.

"The only thing I'm thinking about is showing you how much being with you has meant to me. This is my last night, JD. I want it to be special...I want it to be for you."

Somehow Holly managed to unlock the door as their lips remained sealed. Nothing would spoil this night.


They knew he was coming, he had called ahead to say so. But as morning, went through to afternoon, then evening, Team Seven were getting restless as they sat on the deck of the CDC. Buck was just about to call when they heard JD's key in the door. They watched as he tossed his keys and jacket and went into the kitchen, to emerge a minute later swigging from a beer bottle. He joined them on the deck and stood silently, looking out at the horizon, almost as if searching for the plane that was taking Holly back to New York. Buck looked back at the others. Chris nodded.

"You said 'no' huh?"

JD turned to him. "What?"

"She asked you to go with her...you said no." Buck knew the signs...he'd been there more than once.

JD sighed deeply. "Is there something wrong with me, Buck?" The pain in his face caused his friends to sit up in concern. Clearly the fact he was talking in front of them all showed he was seeking reassurance.

Buck smiled and pulled the boy toward him, grateful there was no struggle.

"Nah...just sowing yer wild oats, kid. We've all been there, nothing wrong with it so long as all parties are willing."

JD shuddered. "Then...why does it hurt so much?"

Buck squeezed him tighter. "Because joy and pain often go hand in hand, son. Trust me, you'll look back on this and smile...often. You'll know you made the right decision, if you don't already...and..." Buck pulled the youth back to see his face.

"...we'd've come to get ya if you'd left."

The soft chuckle from the youth made Buck's heart soar and he pulled him back toward him. "Hungry?" JD nodded into the big guy's shoulder.

"Good, let's go see if Tanner's left us anything."

Vin cussed. "Aww hell...didn't know I had ta leave anything..."

JD grinned at the remorseful Texan. It was good to be home.

The End