Flowers or Candy Would Have Been Better

by Anneack

Summary: JD discovers the truth of the saying that no good deed goes unpunished.

Thanks to Blackraptor for housing these stories, and to my friend's husband who has still not lived down this happening to him.

JD pulled over. He hadn't been speeding or anything, so why had the officer pulled him over?

"Sir, were you aware that this car is stolen?" The officer asked, as JD rolled down the window.

"Stolen?" JD squawked.

"Please step out of the car and keep your hands where I can see them," the officer instructed.

Sighing, JD did as he was asked.

"Officer, I didn't steal the car. This is a misunderstanding. If you let me make a phone call I can clear the whole things up," JD told him.

"The owner reported the vehicle stolen half an hour ago. Need your license please," the officer continued.

"I'm an ATF agent, that's why I have the gun on me," JD explained when he saw the officer reaching for his own weapon in reaction to seeing JD's.

The man calmed down as JD kept his hands in sight and handed the man his license and badge wallet.

The officer stepped into his car and ran JD's license.

"Sorry, Agent Dunne, go ahead and make your call," The officer told him a few minutes later handing him back his license and badge.

Pulling out his cell phone, JD dialed.

"Casey, all I was doing was filling it up and checking the fluids. You said it was on empty and I know you hate pumping your own gas," JD said when the line was picked up.

"JD, I'm sooo sorry I had no idea. I just saw the car going down the road and thought it had been stolen," She gasped. "You're not in jail or anything are you?"

The young agent looked over at the officer doubled over, laughing until he was crying.

"I think I'm safe," JD sighed.

Still laughing, the officer motioned him to go ahead and go.

Thanking him, JD got in the car and headed back to the Wells farm.

Taking a deep breath he began counting. On three his phone rang.

"JD, need to be bailed?" Chris asked.

"Nope, be at your place by lunch," He responded and hung up.

Before he put it down the phone rang again.

"Boy, that is not how you impress a lady."

"Shut up, Buck," JD told him and hung up.

"Good Book says thou shall not steal," Josiah called next.

"Thanks, Preacher," JD disconnected the call.

"Told you roses and candy would be better than trying to surprise your girl," Nathan laughed.

"Yes, you did," JD confirmed and ended the call.

"Might I suggest that if you take to auto theft, you pick something with a little more style and class, Mr. Dunne?" Ezra suggested

"Like a Jaguar?" JD retorted and disconnected.

"Recon ya might want to steer clear of Nettie and her Spencer Carbine," Vin chuckled.

"She gave me the keys," JD replied and ended that call too.

Obviously Chris had been flagged when JD's license was run and the others had been there to hear about it. Maybe by the time he retired he would have lived this down.