How to Get Rid of a Mole

by Megan

Characters: All Seven

Disclaimer: Mag 7 doesn't belong to me.

Author's Note: Thanks to Enola Jones for doing such a great job betaing.

Chris could smell the end of the bust in the air. Ezra was winding up the buy, while Vin and Buck were doing an impressive impression of hired bodyguards.

Ezra's concerned voice brought Chris back to listening to the meet. “We are paying a pretty penny for these weapons. What is the issue that you are having now?”

The gun runner spoke. “I received this note this morning. You want to explain it?”

A moment of silence, then Ezra speaking. “Whoever sent this has a sense of humor. I've never heard the name Ezra Standish before.”

The sound of guns being drawn came over the ear piece.

Looking at the group, Chris ordered the teams forward. As the group was moving closer to the door, they heard the sound of three gunshots.

Rushing into the building, the teams called out ATF and police and freeze.

They stopped a few feet from the gun runners, surrounding them with their weapons.

Chris growled out, “Drop your weapons and put your hands up!”

The gunrunners did as they were told. As the rest of the team moved in to handcuff the men, Chris turned to the three men lying on the cement floor of the warehouse.

Looking closer at them, Chris took in a deep breath. Below the three unconscious men, a large pool of blood was spreading across the floor. Shouting for Nathan, Chris took a step forward while calling for an ambulance.

Nathan moved over to the downed men and then crouched down to look over the three. He turned to Chris with a serious look on his face. “Chris they're....”

Two days earlier.....

Chris hated waiting, especially when he had no idea what he was waiting for. Eying the closed door, Chris wondered if Travis would notice if he disappeared. It wasn't like he had a lot of free time right now. Not with three men undercover and only sporadic contact with them.

Just as he was about to give up, Travis's door opened. The ex- judge smiled when he spotted Chris. “Sorry, I didn't mean to keep you waiting, another meeting ran over. Please come in.”

Chris walked in, and sat down. “What did you need to see me for?”

Sitting behind his desk, Travis played with some papers for a minute, not quite ready to meet Chris's eyes. With a final shake of his head, he looked up. “It seems that there is a mole in the ATF.”

“It isn't any of my guys.”

Looking at the glaring leader of team Seven, Travis nodded. “I know. Its not your team, but the mole somehow has compromised the last four cases. The last two, we barely got the undercover men out alive before they were found out.”

“What does this have to do with my team?”

“I think your team is next. I want you to find out who the mole is. I need this kept quiet.”

Chris just stared at Travis for several seconds. Finally, he shook his head. “Were in the middle of a case and you want us to take on finding this mole? I have three men out there.”

Travis sighed. “I know. I wouldn't ask normally, but Chris, right now you're the only team with an on going case with people undercover at the moment. You would be targeted next.”

Chris sighed. “Do you have any idea who it is?”

Shrugging his shoulders, the ex-judge handed a few folders over. “We think we've narrowed it down to these five. But we don't know for sure. “

Chris glared at the folders. “Alright, we'll take the job. I hope you're right about this. I have a feeling this isn't going to end well.”

Travis watched as Chris left and bit his lip. He hoped that Chris was wrong.

+ + + + + + +

Chris marched back into the team's office. Stopping just inside the room, he took a second to stare at the three empty desks. Wrenching his eyes away from the empty desks, he turned his eyes towards the other three men. “Conference room.”

The three men nodded and headed into the conference room. As the door was shut, Josiah looked over at Chris. “What's the problem.”

“We have a mole problem.”

JD frowned. “A mole problem?”

Josiah grinned. “I think what Chris is saying is that we have a person who is selling information to the bad guys, a mole as you would say.”

Nathan frowned. “Aren't we already on a case, though?”

Chris nodded. “Yes, but Travis feels that this mole will screw our case, most likely giving out who Ezra is.”

JD sighed. “So, we need to find the mole and make sure that Ezra, Vin and Buck's covers aren't blown?”

Chris was silent for a few moments. “You know...I think we need to tackle this slightly differently. When is the next check in with the rest of the guys?“

“In about two hours,” JD stated.

“Good, that should be plenty of time to get them up to speed and let them know what is going to happen.”

With a glance at the closed door, Chris started to explain his idea and get the input of the team.

+ + + + + + +

Coming back from the meeting with JD , Vin sighed. Opening the door to the suite in the hotel that he shared with Ezra and Buck, he wondered how the other two would take the information.

He didn't have long to wait.

Buck looked up from the couch where he was watching the news. “How was the meeting?”

“The room's clean?”

Buck nodded to Vin's question. “Yes, just checked for bugs about fifteen minutes ago.”

With a sigh, the sniper sat down on the closest chair. “Where's Ez?”

“Its Ezra, and I'm right here.”

Seeing the undercover agent coming out from his bedroom, Vin smiled. “Well, join us! I meant with JD. Seems we have a problem.”

Ezra rolled his eyes. “What problem?”

“There's a mole at the ATF. Seems Chris has a plan to draw the mole out.”

Ezra shook his head. “I have a feeling that I'm not going to like this.”

“You're not.”

Buck looked at the sniper. “Well, tell us, so we can find out how bad this is.”

Vin took a deep breath. “So, do you think you're faster than a bullet?”

+ + + + + + +

The injuries from the bust had rippled down through the ATF. A single man had heard about the bust and that at least Ezra had survived, though he was unconscious. The office gossip was that Ezra had woken up briefly and was able to state that he knew who it was – and had given their name out.

Making sure no one was walking near his desk, he pulled out his phone and quickly connected to the web.

Setting up a flight to a random island in the South Pacific, he breathed a sigh of relief when it went through. All he needed to do now was to leave the office. By midnight, he would be out of the Denver area, and lost among the thousands of islands.

Taking a deep breath, he knew he still had to do one thing. He couldn't let Ezra Standish wake back up and spill who the mole was.

He knew that even if he escaped to an island -- once Larabee and the rest of the Seven who were left figured out who it was -- he wouldn't be safe anywhere.

He took a deep breath. He knew that it would have come to this eventually when he started. He just didn't think that he would have to do this to Team Seven.

Shaking off his guilt, he headed out of the building. He didn't have much time to get the items he needed and pack before he had to disappear for good.

+ + + + + + +

A pair of brown eyes watched as the mid-level ATF clerk left the building. Shaking his head in disbelief, the man brought up his phone to his mouth. “Chris, he left. Do you want me to follow him.”

A long silence, then a voice growled over the phone. “No, Josiah and Nathan are going to follow him. I need you to go through his financial and phone records.”

JD had to ask. “How are they?”

A deep weary sigh and then, “They are the same.”

Mumbling a curse, JD tried to sound cheerful when he said, “Okay, I'm on it, Chris.”

Hanging up the phone, JD sighed. He really wanted to be anywhere but at the offices right now. Taking a deep breath, he entered into the ATF building, nodding at the well wishes from the other teams and personnel that were there.

+ + + + + + +

Josiah and Nathan followed discreetly behind the dark blue Focus. Josiah looked over at Nathan. “How did you get to drive, again?”

“I won the toss. Beside, the car pool doesn't trust you with their cars.”

Grunting at that, Josiah watched as the Focus pulled into an old, beaten-own store.

As they watch the ATF clerk get out of his car, they pulled into a vacant parking space. Josiah pulled out a camera and took several photos. Once the man went into the store, Josiah lowered the camera. Turning to Nathan, he sighed. “Dave Hattering. From all reports, a good researcher and computer expert. Wanted to be an undercover agent, but couldn't get past the training, and when he did finally get past the training, no team would take him.”

Nathan stretched slightly, “So what? He did this for revenge? Almost killing agents in the field for money and to do what?”

“I don't know. We won't know for sure until we arrest him. I would assume that he started it as revenge or something slipped when he was drunk. Then he got to liking the money.”

Shaking his head in disgust, he watched as Dave came out of the store with a briefcase. As the suspect looked around to see if anyone was watching him, Josiah snapped some pictures.

As Dave got into his car and pulled out into the street, Nathan waited a few seconds, then followed.

+ + + + + + +

JD stared at his phone. His fingers itched to pick it up and call the hospital. He wanted to know how the three agents were doing. After a long debate with himself, he turned away from the phone and back to his computer.

With a look of disgust, he continued to go through the phone logs. Pausing at a phone number, he checked it against a list he had. Smiling as it matched, he took a note of the numbers and dates. As he went through the rest of the logs, he kept matching numbers and dates.

When he finished, he picked up his office phone. Now, he had a reason for calling Chris.

“Chris, I found it. The records match up. He called the different dealers the day before each bust.”

“Good, JD, get it all printed. I want all the evidence logged before this guy gets arrested. I don't want any mistakes.”

“I will Chris. How are they?”

“They're the same.”

Before JD could ask anything else, he heard Chris's name being paged over the hospital intercom in the background.

“I have to go. Get the information printed. I want this guy.”

Listening to the dial tone, JD wondered what had gone wrong at the hospital to make them call Chris over the intercom. Hopefully, nothing to bad.

+ + + + + + +

Taking a deep breath, he stared at the weapon in his hands. He then looked up at the hospital. He knew he had to do this. From what he had learned, he knew that the three men were unconscious. Barely hanging onto life.

Ezra Standish was the most likely to survive. The other two had foolishly tried to protect the undercover agent, getting shot for their trouble. Staring at the building, he took a deep breath. He could do this. Once he did this, he would be free.

Opening his car door, he stepped out and closed the door. Heading int the hospital through the emergency room, he didn't see the two men who were shadowing him.

+ + + + + + +

Dave shook his head about how easy it was to find out where the three men were located. He just listened to the nurses talking. He was able to learn everything he needed to know: their room, their condition, even if any of the other Seven was with them.

Stopping within the stairwell, he had to take a deep breath. After this, there was no going back. Giving out information was one thing, the money was worth it. No one was suppose to get hurt. Killing, though-- he wondered how it got to this point.

Shaking himself, he took another deep breath and stepped out into the hallway. Glancing around the floor, smiling when he saw it was empty, he slunk towards the room.

Reaching the door to the room, he glanced again around the floor, making sure no one was around.

Taking another deep breath to settle himself, he opened the door slowly and slipped into the room.

+ + + + + + +

Staring at the three beds, Dave allowed his eyes to adjust to the low light in the room. When his eyes were adjusted, he made sure that there wasn't anyone in the room.

When he was confident that there wasn't anyone there, he locked the door.

Moving towards the closest bed, he whispered out a “Sorry.” He raised the gun.

Before he could get it fully raised, the figures on the bed sat up and pointed their own guns at him.

Gaping in shock, Dave stared at the three men, his gun forgotten for a moment. He was finally able to whisper out through his dry throat, “You were at death's door-- all three of you!”

Ezra in the farthest bed, smiled. “The manner of our injuries were somewhat exaggerated. I assure you we are fine. Now, are you going to drop your weapon, or shall we just shoot you?”

Dave slowly put the weapon down and watched as Vin got out of bed, with a slight limp, and cuffed him.

Buck pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number. “We have him. You can come in.”

Finally, shaking his head to get out of his shock, he was able to utter more of a sentence. “How did you survive? you were shot at point blank range!”

Before any of the three could answer, the door was opened and the other four and Travis walked into the room, with Josiah putting away lockpicking tools and Ezra smirking at the sight of the tools.

Travis paused as he looked at the three agents that everyone thought were at death's door. Turning to Chris, he said. “How?”

Smiling slightly, Chris motioned for Josiah and Nathan to take charge of Dave. Then he turned to Vin. “Bed?”

“I'm fine.”

Chris growled slightly. “You aren't fine, and you should be off that leg.”

Grumbling, Vin moved back to his bed, sitting down on it. Looking over at Chris, he smiled. “Happy?”

Motioning for Travis and JD to sit, Chris himself took the chair he had been using over the last day or so.

Eying the three injured men, he started to talk. “We knew that we had to draw the man out. Out of the five, we were able to narrow it down to Dave, but we needed proof.”

Buck spoke up from his bed. “That's when Chris felt that it would be fun to use us as bait.”

Turning away from Travis, Chris growled out, “I wasn't using you as bait, and I gave you bulletproof vest!”

“I would have to say Chris,” Ezra pointed out, “that I agree with Buck. You sent us bullet proof vest, which did little to stop the bullets that hit our legs and arms. Nor did they protect all three of us hitting our heads on the cement floor when we were violently thrown to the ground from it.”

“You were protected. I wasn't using you as bait.”

The three men shared a look. “If we weren't used as bait that time, we were now. I mean, you let a man with a gun in here,” Vin stated with a grin from his bed.

The other two men nodded in agreement.

Rubbing his forehead with his hand, Chris reminded himself never to let Ezra, Buck and Vin in a hospital room together again when they were bored.

“You three agreed to the plan. Besides, you gave all four of us heart attacks when you decided to add fake blood to it, to make it in your wounds more real. “

The three grinned. Buck shrugged his shoulders. “It worked, didn't it?”

Chris sighed. “I think Nathan wanted to talk to all three of you. Something about physicals and why it isn't nice to scare the medic of the team.”

The three men frowned, Ezra speaking up. “But we are injured.”

Travis cleared his throat, interrupting the discussion between the men. “Could you continue from the bust?”

Glaring at the three men, Chris continued his tale. “We had to make sure that it got around that the three were close to death's door but that Ezra, who had seen the note, was able to recognize who sent it. From there, we followed Dave and gathered the evidence we needed to take him down.”

Silent for a second, Travis nodded. “Good work, I'm going to make sure that Dave is being processed right. I expect your reports on Monday.”

Nodding in acknowledgement, Chris showed Travis the door.

When the door closed again, Chris shared a look with the four men. “JD, stay with these three. The doctors want to keep them overnight to make sure that they are fine.”

Buck grumbled, “We're fine, just banged up. There isn't a reason why we have to stay.”

Chris glared at the three men. “You all have bruised ribs from the bullets, Vin has a gash along his leg from a bullet, Ezra here got a chuck of his skin from his side gone from a bullet, and Buck...”

Before Chris could say, JD spoke up. “Two flesh wounds from the bullets, and not only bruised ribs -- one broken rib-- and all three of you with good-size goose eggs on your head.”

Buck nodded slightly. “Right. We're fine.”

A snort sounded from the doorway as Nathan and Josiah entered into the room. “You're not fine, and I believe I've done the lecture about telling the truth about being hurt and not using the fine word.”

Vin spoke up. “We know, but Nate, we're fine.”

Josiah shook his head. “I would give it up, you three. You aren't going to win. Besides, if you left now, you would be swamped by your well wishers that heard that you are alive.”

Chris hid his grin as he watched the three men realize that they weren't going to get out of it.

JD broke the new silence. “I thought you were going to bring Dave back to the office.”

Josiah shrugged his shoulders. “It seems team eight was coming for a visit. We explained it to them and they were happy to take him in for us. Said it would be their pleasure.”

As the group settled down into the chairs, Buck spoke up, breaking the silence. “So, when are we getting out of here?”

JD grinned slightly. “From what I heard from the doctor, tomorrow. Or whenever he gets around again to check on you and make sure that all of this excitement hasn't injured you more.”

The three men issued three groans as they closed their eyes.
The End