Ghost Bullet

by Megan

Old West Universe

Disclaimer : Mag 7 doesn't belong to me

Authors Note: Thanks to Enola Jones for beting this.

As clouds drifted across the moon, the howl of a coyote could be heard echoing through the night. Josiah shivered slightly. It was not a night for humans to be out and about. With a last look at the covered moon, Josiah turned his attention back to the road leading into town. Shifting in his hiding place, Josiah wished that the outlaws would just show up.

Vin scanned the town again. He moved slowly to a slightly better position. He smiled at his new view. It was better. Settling down, he checked the position of the rest of the team, noting where they were. He frowned when he noticed a low misty fog started to creep across the street.

Before he could do anything, he heard the clop of horse's hooves against the dirt road. Getting ready, he just hoped the fog wouldn't impede his view of the fight.

JD itched to move. Rubbing the butts of his guns, he could feel the thrill of excitement thrum through him. When Chris had first told them about the outlaws, and them coming in and laying waste to the towns, shooting everyone they saw; JD was shocked that someone would do that. When they learned the group was coming towards their town, JD knew that the outlaws had made a mistake.

They wouldn't be able to do that in their town.

Looking over to Buck's position and smiling slightly, JD focused more on the road. The outlaws had picked the wrong town to come to. Taking a deep breath, he settled his nerves as he remembered all the advice that the men had given him.

Hearing the clop of hooves, JD looked up through the misty fog and could see the shape of ten men on horses coming into town.

Ezra shivered, pulling his coat closer to him. He didn't like the looks of the night. He would have been happier playing poker in a nice bright saloon.

Uttering a curse, Ezra checked his guns, and made sure his sight to the road was clear. He saw the the shape of the outlaws become clearer through the fog. Taking a deep breath, the gambler got ready for the signal.

Nathan's mind wandered over the various bandages and herbs and tools that he might need by the end of the fight. Shaking his head, his hands drifted to the knives laying across his back. Checking his gun again, he looked up towards the end of the road.

He wanted to get this done. He knew that even at the end of the battle, he would still have work to do. Hopefully, no one would get hurt. Smiling at the thought, for some reason, Nathan knew that he wouldn't be that lucky, Not with this group.

Hearing the snort of horses, Nathan focused his eyes up. Raising his gun, he just needed Chris's signal.

Buck checked everyone's position, making sure that everyone was set and ready for the fight to come. Looking down at his own guns, Buck made sure they were loaded and ready to fire. The reputation that the outlaws who were coming was ugly, and he hated ugly.

Catching Chris's eyes, Buck nodded. Everyone was set, ready to go. Settling into his position, he heard the jangle and creaks of riders coming into town.

Noticing the fog thickening, Buck hoped that it wouldn't get any thicker, and if the moon would come out from behind the clouds, they would have a decent chance of winning the fight without anyone getting hurt.

Noticing that Chris was about to step out in front of the riders, Buck got ready to shoot.

Chris nodded at Buck, acknowledging that everyone was ready. Eying the group of outlaws that were riding in, he smiled. They shouldn't have come here to his town.

Leaning against a post, he waited until the outlaws were only a few feet from him. Just as he stepped out in front of the group, the clouds cleared the moon. As the moon shone down, Chris seemed to glow for a moment.

The outlaws stopped and and the lead outlaw, a man name Guther Sims, gazed down at Chris.

Chris glared at the men for a minute. Smirking slightly, he spoke. "I would suggest that you get off your horses and toss your guns out."

A chortling snort was heard from Gurther. "I don't think so. You think you will stop us? No one has stopped us."

Chris's smirk got wider. "Who said I was alone? Now, are you going to drop your weapons or not?"

Pulling out his gun, Gurther shook his head. "I don't think so. No one can stop us!"

Chris shrugged his shoulders. "Have it your way."

As Guther started to fire at Chris, the leader of the Seven dodged towards several barrels that were set up for his protection.

As the shooting started, the outlaws scramble off their horses, trying to find their own protection. As the men scrambled for protection, four of them were shot down.

The other six made it to temporary safety.

The horses themselves cleared out of the road, heading away from the loud noises.

For several minutes, the only sounds across the town were the sounds of shots being fired. Slowly, one by one, the outlaws were being put out of commission.

As the group was focused on the remaining outlaws, they did not notice the group of three men who were sneaking towards them from behind.

Vin aimed and fired, hitting one of the outlaws. Smiling, he did a quick head check. There were only three of them left.

Taking a quick sweep of the road, Vin cursed when he saw the three men sneaking up from behind.

Vin cursed the fact that the noises of the shots were preventing him from letting the others know. Swinging his rifle around, he took aim at the one that was behind Chris.

Firing, he could see the man go down. Before he could fire on the other two, the moon went behind the clouds again.

Cursing his luck, Vin frowned when. Fearing the worse, he waited for the clouds to clear the moon.

As the moon started to shine again, Vin looked toward where the other two men had been coming towards Buck and Nathan.

He felt a frown tug on his face. The two outlaws were dead. Neither Buck nor Nathan seemed to have noticed the men.

Turning back to the the outlaws, Vin helped the group take down the rest of the outlaws. The mystery could be addressed later.


As the echoes of the gunshots faded into the dark, the team made their way out of their firing post. Vin, the last to join the group, made his way over to Nathan and Buck. "So, when did you notice the two that were coming towards you?"

The two men frowned. Buck was the first to speak. "I didn't see anyone till after you shot them."

Nathan nodded in agreement. Vin frowned. "I didn't get the chance! The moon got covered and I couldn't get a shot off."

Nathan moved over to the closest body of the two men that had been creeping up behind them.

Kneeling down, Nathan studied the wound for a moment. "These aren't right. The bullet wounds don't look right for some reason."

The other two joined Nathan around the body. "I have to agree with ya Nate, you're right." Buck stated as he eyed the wound.

Vin sighed. "Well, from where they were shot, it had to come from the roofs over there. But there weren't anyone on them."

The two men stared at the empty roof. Each of them wondered who could have shot the two men.


"Vin, you need to work on your shooting."

Looking up from his computer, Vin frowned at Buck. "No, I don't. Why do you think that?"

"Got a call from the lab team. Seems they can't find two of your bullets."

Getting up from his desk, he moved over to Buck. Peering over the explosive expert's shoulder, Vin frowned. "They have this wrong. I shot six men -- not four."

Buck shook his head. "No, the report said four."

The sniper sat down the end of the desk. "What about the two men that were sneaking up behind you and Nate? I got both of them. They were five and six."

Turning to look at Vin, Buck frowned. "There wasn't anyone behind us. No one snuck up behind either of us. I think we would have noticed that."

Vin growled, "I know I hit two other men!"

Buck sighed. "What can I tell you? The team only pulled four bullets from the scene. They looked twice."

"Bullets don't disappear. Nor do bodies."

Looking at the sniper, Buck shook his head. "It was foggy out. Maybe the bodies dragged themselves off after they turned into zombies. It was Halloween, after all it was foggy, you might have thought you saw them."

Shaking his head in disgust, Vin headed to his own desk. "I know what I saw. Everyone else is wrong. It was two guys dressed in old west gear."

Buck just grinned. "Just keep telling yourself that."

With that, the two turned back to their reports and in a few days, the question of the disappearing corpses was forgotten."