Beginnings: JD's Story

by Wendymypooh

Alternate Universe "For the Larabees"

Seventh story in the Beginnings Collection


A smile curved small lips as he was lifted out of his warm bed and into strong arms. He did not cry, as fear was not an experience he was familiar with, but gazed innocently up at the figure that held him. He was rewarded with a scowl and a moment later he was placed in tight enclosed space that was unfamiliar to him. A backward motion lulled him back to sleep and he was not to awaken until sometime later.

He gave a startled cry, awaking, as his enclosure jostled him about, before coming to an abrupt halt. A piercing sound, nearby, made him cry out again, before he fell silent again. Then, before he could fall back asleep, he found his tiny closed space being jostled about again, before it settled into stillness.

Out of nowhere, new voices reached his ears. The covering over his head lifted, and he sucked in a quick breath as cold air hit his face. He whimpered, then brought one hand up to his mouth, and suckled it, as he gazed up into six pairs of shocked eyes, not quite understanding how his life was about to change.

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