Set in the future after a devastating world wide war, 73 years before this time, that lasted 17 years


Most people live in large, established cities. There are many smaller towns scattered all over the country that are slowly growing in population as time moves on. Green areas have appeared where there was never green before, especially where it had been desert type country. The Southern/Southwest Regions had suffered the most from the war, leaving miles of almost sterile ground, then surprising lush acres would appear in the grey barrenness.

Water is found in the green areas, towns, farms and ranches have sprung up in many of the larger areas, adding to and aiding the population growth

Radiation Clouds - No longer radioactive, but still appear often, leaving the countryside looking grayish in color. Radiation cloud cover can last up to a month or more, until it finally disappears for awhile again

USA & Canada are no longer states or providences. All are split up into Regions:

CANADA - split Eastern and Western Canada - roughly on a north/south line between Manitoba & Ontario

US - Northeastern States

Fertile Areas

Northeastern Coastal , Southeastern Coastal, Western Costal, parts of other Regions, coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific, Great Lakes and Gulf areas provide about 80% of the food for the country. Mid-Eastern, Mid-Western, parts of other regions and central Canada, produces large amounts of wheat, corn, oats, and various other grains and animal feed for the country and export

SOUTHWEST REGION Info - Towns/cities - Over 300 people, but under 10,000 - A1, 4C, SS, R51, Yuma P25, CS1, P19 - other towns - most use a call letter and number for their name.
Over 100,000 to under 500,000 - El Paso, Santa Fe, Durango, Flagstaff - several others
HQ Cities - Over 1,000,000 - Denver, Las Vegas

Legislative Body - Are now the ruling factor of the country. There is no President. The 'LB' is chosen from each Region. Usually 3 people from each Region. Each chosen LB knows all of their Region's needs.

The LB appoints officials to care for each Region. Depending on size of the Region, it can be up to 5 people. Judge Orin Travis is in charge of the Southwestern Region with two appointed men under him. He travels to HQ cities two times a year or more if need be

LAW - Enforced by peace keepers, or lawmen, who are appointed by officials appointed by the LB. 5 to 20 individuals can be appointed depending on area. They can have up to 700 square miles to patrol.

There's several prison's in the SWR (Southwest Region), the largest is Yuma P25, holding up to 2500 prisoners at any one time. El Paso holds 1000 prisoners at their prison if need be. There is a death penalty and it is used for violent acts of crime, no appeals. All crimes have severe penalties

COMMUNICATIONS - Similar to CB radios, but more sophisticated and powerful. Usually able to reach through radioactive clouds. Small hand-held radios are used by many and can reach up to several hundred miles, while the main radios can reach many large cities

POWER - Solar power used by many. Electricity in some areas, slowly moving out from the larger cities to the smaller towns/cities. Some wind power in certain areas. In SWR it's mostly solar with some electricity

TRANSPORTATION - Large cities - automobiles, trucks, buses, trains, small amount of airplanes - used mainly for overseas traffic. Horned horses also. Buses make regular trips from city to city, even to rural areas. Rural area - mostly horned horses, riding & used to pull farm wagons, which are large with rubber wheels/tires. Buses haul passengers & mail and come through every 2 weeks. Supply trains and wagons travel specific routes and deliver needed supplies once a month in most areas

SCHOOL - Mostly in large cities with dormitories for children to stay in. 1-12th grade. School year is late August to the end of June. Smaller towns have small day school if possible, otherwise home school as much as possible.

Colleges/Universities - in large cities usually over 800,000 population. Specialty Universities, like Medical, is only found in HQ cities throughout the country

FIREARMS/WEAPONS - Blasters - laser like guns, hand held and rifle type. Older hand guns and rifles that shoot bullets. Some antique automatic guns/rifles - though outlawed over 75 years ago, a few are still to be found.

Shotguns and rifles are plentiful, and some sawed off ones can be found. All peacekeepers are armed with both blasters and the older weapons of their choice

ANIMALS - Horned Horses - are mode of transportation for most people. Mostly large animals from 17-22HH with two sharp horns on their foreheads; lower one can be up to 3 feet long, upper one shorter, up to 2' long. Shorter one is above the long one and curves upward more than the lower one. They start growing them at 2 months of age and when weaned they are 2-4 inches long, by 1 year a foot or more long and by 3 years old full length for l life. Extremely sharp and lethal. They have heavy, long manes/tails and feathered legs; they are very fast and have exceptional eye sight.

Heavier horses are used for farm work and as draft horses; they have shortened horns, 2' or less for the lower horn and 1' long upper horn, but they are still lethal. Most are shod with iron or steel shoes and those are also weapons for the horses. Un-trainable animals are destroyed or used for food

DEER - Antelope and deer crossed - males are larger than females. They all have large and sharp antlers, lethal;
Females are smaller, and smaller antlers though still lethal. Very protective of young. In the northern mountains and Regions Elk and Moose can be found, larger and more aggressive

BUFFALO - 4,000 - 5,000 pounds. Protected with implanted chips, since they are few in number. A death of one starts a thorough investigation

BEAR - 2,000 - 2,500 pounds, usually stay in mountain areas, unless hungry

WOLF - Vicious. Can be up to 4' tall at the shoulder. Looks like a cross of wolf, Mastiff & Great Dane. Long sharp teeth. Travel in packs from 5 to 40. When hungry will attack anything that moves. Pups are as bad as adults. Rabies carriers

CATTLE - Various different breeds, larger than earlier years. Good producers of milk and meat. Usually very calm for their size

OTHER - Pigs are found here and there, not as many but with breeding they are increasing in numbers. Various other animals, from barnyard animals, to wild fowl and smaller animals like rabbits. Also some dogs and cat breeds.


4C Peacekeepers & Other's

Chris Larabee, 28
Was married to Sarah. They had 2 yr old son, Adam. Both died in fire & attack 2 years earlier. Had a ranch where they were raising horned horses. Chris left the ranch, devastated and with death wish. Back in 4C he meets Buck again, then Vin Tanner. Ranch is over 2,000 acres, in a mountain valley, well built & protected. Vin works with him now. Rides a black horned stallion

Buck Wilmington, 28
Single, fun loving lady's man. Adopted Uncle to Adam, Sarah was special to him. Longtime friend to Chris. He & Chris worked the ranch together til the loss of Sarah & Adam. He wandered around for awhile before finding himself back in 4C. Rides a grey horned horse

Josiah Sanchez, 37
Close friend to Nathan & Rain. Helps them at the clinic/hospital when needed, has some medical knowledge. Preaches when he feels like it. Rides a blood-red horse

Nathan Jackson, 29
Fully trained Doctor. Married to Rain. Interviewed by Judge Orin Travis, got job and arrived 2 weeks later, took 6 days to get there from Las Vegas. Rides a red-bay horse

Ezra Standish, 24-25
Con-man & gambler. Owner of 'The Saloon' - Bar/Hotel/Restaurant. Rides a bay with black mane, tail, legs horse

Vin Tanner, 20
Lost Mother to infection from a firefight when 5; ran from man who was to be his guardian. Nettie Wells found him - age 7ish, injured. Stayed with her & husband Allen til 13, when Allen was killed. On own until meeting Chris & the others. Tracker, sharpshooter, horse trainer. Rides a black stallion

JD Dunne, 18-19
Lost Mother to Radiation Poisoning. Moved west to get away from heartache. Shoots & rides well. Great electronic technician. Likes Casey Wells. Rides a dark red chestnut pinto mare, very flashy

Rain Jackson, 27
Fully trained nurse, arrived a short time after Nathan. Married now to Nathan - they work the clinic/hospital in 4C together. Rides a chestnut mare when needed

Nettie Wells, Mid-50's
Took Vin in for 5 years. Later moved near 4C to take over son's place & raise Granddaughter Casey after son & wife died. Has 2 chestnut farm horses and 1 palomino - shortened horns

Casey Wells, 17
Nettie's Granddaughter, sole survivor of her family. Likes JD. Rides Nettie's palomino

Inez R, 27
Works for/with Ezra keeping The Saloon going. In charge when he's away, good cook and bartender

Mary Travis, 30
Daughter-in-law to Judge Travis. Runs the newspaper, and helps watch over the town

Billy Travis, 4
Mary's son, Orin Travis' Grandson

Judge Orin Travis, 59
Ex-Judge, Southwest Region's Appointed Official. Has two others under him that he works the Region with. In charge of appointing lawmen/peacekeepers or police. Resides over trials, disputes, etc

Potter Family
In charge of supplies and distribution of them to all and the mail service. Mr, Mrs & 2 young teens