Monarch of the Glen
If Only

by Kathy M

AU: Monarch of the Glen

Main characters: JD and Buck

Note: set early in the series. Thanks Katy for letting me play in your wonderful AU. The first story is Monarch of the Glen.

Feedback most appreciated.

"JD, what's taking you?"

Hearing no answer Buck ran up the stairs into JD's bedroom. The new laird of Glenneaval sat on the edge of his bed, a letter in his hand and a sad look on the youth's face.

"Hey, JD. Thought you wanted to come to town with me and Chris?"

"Sorry, Buck. I still do, was just grabbing my stuff."

"Everything alright? What's with the letter?" asked the gregarious man, sitting down next to JD on the bed and nudging him with his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Was just grabbing my watch and saw the letter Ezra sent me with the tickets to come here. Just remembering the huge disappointment when I found out my uncle had died before I got here. After my ma, I thought I had absolutely no family left, and to think that all this time I had an uncle. I wish I could have at least met him."

"Me too, kid. He sounds like he was quite the character to hear the others talk about him."

JD sighed as he shoved the letter back into his bedside drawer and grabbed his watch and mobile phone.

"I just keeping thinking what a difference it would have made if he found us before … know. Maybe we could have both come here and been a family with him. It might have been easier on my mom."

"It would have been easier on you too," agreed Buck.

"Oh no, I didn't mean it like that. I don't ever regret the things I did for her. I don't suppose it would have changed anything in the end." JD sighed again. "But, like I said, if only I'd gotten here even a few days earlier I could have met him, and had some family for a bit longer."

"Yeah, I can imagine we weren't exactly what you were expecting to meet when you got here," commented Buck thinking back to when he first met the youth.

JD quickly looked up at Buck to see his dark blue eyes twinkling and one of his best grins spread across his expressive face.

JD laughed in spite of his melancholy mood. "You certainly weren't what I was expecting, but I'm sure glad you and the others were here….are still here. I never expected to come here and find friends like you guys. But I just can't help thinking that maybe my uncle would have told me stories about him and my mother when they were little kids. It's just, oh I dunno, I want to know more about her. I'm just being silly I guess, but somehow that would have meant so much to me. Don't mind me."

"Hey," said Buck as he bent his head lower trying to look JD in the eyes. "It's not silly at all. I would have loved to meet some of my mother's family, and hear stories about her too. I came here expecting to meet up with an old friend and I never expected to meet so many new friends either, and I'm glad you're here now."

"Me too," answered JD softly, looking up into those caring eyes to see the truth of Buck's words. "Ok, we better get going," stated JD standing up and surreptitiously wiping tears from his eyes. "Bet Chris is already outside chomping at the bit."

"No worries, laddie. Saw him talking to Vin out back so we're not late," he replied as he threw his arm around the youth's shoulder and pushed him out the door into the hall.

"I know Netttie has the old man's photo albums," said Buck remembering Nettie showing them to him when she told him her suspicions about his parentage. "I bet there's pictures there of your mom when she was little."

"Do you think so?"

"Sure do. I don't know if Nettie was here when your mother was, but I bet some of the older villagers remember your mom and uncle when they were young; some were probably friends of them growing up. I'm sure they'll have stories to tell you."

"Do you really think so? That would be great! Thanks Buck!"

"Get a move on now, lad. If we hurry we might have time to get you a new hat."

"There's nothing wrong with this hat! I love this hat, it's my fave team!"

The End