Rock and Growl

by Amelia

It had been a long, hard two weeks, but finally it was finished and Robert Brewer and his whole organization had been caught in the joint efforts of the ATF and DEA. The case had started a month back in Denver when Ezra had infiltrated Brewer’s organization as his new account, with Vin as his personal body guard. But within the first couple of days they realized there was a whole lot more going on than just weapons being smuggled in and sold. Vin having over heard a conversation between Brewer and a Columbian visitor he had received, immediately informed Ezra that shipments of cocaine kilos were also going to be brought in at the end of the month.

Though it was tricky, while out with Brewer later that week. Ezra had requested stopping by a farmers’ market to pick up some home made preserves explaining to Brewer that it was his one weakness, having the sweet jellies on his toast in the morning. Getting Brewer to agree had been easy. Using the ruse, Ezra and Vin made it convincing as they walked down the aisles looking for a booth that sold the home made jellies, when in fact they knew on Thursdays that Miss Nettie had a booth running for the ladies’ group she was a part of.

Keeping their faces neutral and Ezra putting a twinge in his voice, he spoke before she could, asking how much the jars were and were they really home made. Nettie, catching on real quick especially with the other two men with her boys, gave the appearance of a total stranger. As Ezra paid her, Vin reached down and picked up the heavy, large bag of assorted jellies, slipping a folded down piece of paper off the other side of the counter landing on her foot. Doing it so quickly no one noticed but Nettie and only then by the quick eye contact he made with her.

Nettie contacted Larabee as soon as they left, informed him what had happened, and what the note said 'contact DEA and Tuesday 1pm Hasnovers'

Though Nettie didn't understand all of it Chris did, knowing that they would be at a lunch meeting at the high priced restaurant, and they needed one of them to meet them there, so they could some how pass on needed information.

Three different meetings in as many weeks and traveling from Denver to the harbor of San Francisco, the bust truly could only be defined as a blind bust. For the DEA didn't know Vin and Ezra, but did know there were two ATF agents under cover. And Team seven only being passed the information of the time and date and ship’s name, but not the dock or warehouse the unloading was being done at. To say the adrenalin was flowing high would have been an understatement. But by luck or fate, none of the seven were hurt or wounded. Unfortunately the DEA had lost one and two severely hurt and Brewer had lost over half his men.

But now all seven men sat out on a patio over looking the Golden Gate Bridge just as the sun began to rise. The leader of the DEA team had told them to use the house that was one of their safe houses and rest up before they came down to their office to fill out a joint report of the bust.

Man I could get use to this,” Buck sighed as he stretched out on the chaise lounge he was on.

You and me both, Brother. How about you, Nathan?” Josiah grinned looking up where he to was stretched out.

It'd be nice to visit,” Nathan admitted.

Chris should be right at home here, I'm sure that old Navy Seal blood of his is calling with the smell of the salt air,” Buck laughed.

Nope,” was all Chris said, but then he looked over at Vin.

Vin meeting his gaze, opened his mouth to say something just as a vibration started under them.

In a blink of an eye the vibration turned to an all out violent shake, that knocked them all out of their chairs and chaises. Not even attempting to stand, they all crawled off the patio and onto the solid ground a ways away from anything that could fall on them.

Minutes that seemed like hours flew by then finally it all stopped and silence for a moment rang thoroughly.

Vin looking over first to Chris then to the others, “Nahh, think I'll stay in Denver where the ground don't rock and growl at ya.”

The End

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