Giving Thanks

by Amelia

“Ezra, that's our flight they're calling.” Vin said, grabbing his carry on and leaving the coffee cafe.

The two men hurrying through the flow of people made it just as the airline attended started to close the door.

Handing her their tickets, they slipped through, both thinking how lucky they were not to miss their plane.

+ + + + + + +

“So you talk to Vin this morning? Ar they going to make it back in time for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon?” Josiah asked Chris, watching him slide the Turkey back into the oven.

“Talked to him last night, said they were on the 10am flight, would land here about 1:30.”

“Wonder how Vin got Ezra up and at the airport early, 10 here is 9 there,” Nathan laughed.

“Well it's noon now, so they'll be home soon.” Josiah smiled.

“Chris!” Buck's voice shouted from the livingroom.

The three men running through the doorway and into the livingroom found no threat, just their other two friends standing in front of the TV.

“Why did you yell like that Buck?!” Chris demand.

Instead of answering, he just pointed to the TV.

Their attention turned to a breaking news story thatwas on:

“I'll repeat what we know so far. Flight 786 out of L.A. 10 am, has disappeared. There was a transmission as they were going over the La Sal Mountains in Utah, that they were having electrical problems. Within minutes after the message, the plane disappeared off all radars. The destination of the flight was Denver Colorado. Search teams in that region have already been alerted and are in route to the last know area. At this time we don't know what type of landing or if there are survivors. We will keep you posted.”

Five men stood like statues for how long none of them knew, their hearts thundering with worry, their eyes staying glued to the screen.

“Why ain't nobody in the kitchen cookin'?” a warm Texas voice carried into the room.

Heads turned sharply, eyes seeing two men that prayers had been said for standing inside the door.

“How did you get here?” Chris breathed.

Frowning at the strange question and looks being given, Ezra explained, “Mr. Tanner complained so much about returning to our faithful leader's home late for today's planned historical feasting, that I changed our tickets last evening to an earlier flight so our presence would be on time for the consumption of the banquet that was discussed all last week.”

Vin translated, “We wanted to get home sooner for Thanksgiving with ya.”

A report at that moment coming on and stating the flight had been found, having made a safe landing in the flat plains between the mountains. Chris explained what had happened.

Later, as seven men sat at a table running over with food. Josiah said, “Father we truly are giving thanks to you this day that we are all here together. . ."

The End

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