Magnificent Seven Old West
Seven Men are Comin' to Town by Sue M

Disclaimer: Just playing; I know I can't keep 'em...damnit!

(To the tune of...) - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Original lyrics written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie

Magnificent Seven Holiday Fic

You'd better watch out
Git movin' wise guy,
It's best you mount up
And I'll tell you why,
Seven Men are comin' to town.

They know you've been bad,
And checked each town twice,
And if you don't ride
You'll sure pay the price,
Seven men are comin' to town.

They'll find where you are hidin'
And 'cause of what you've done,
They know that you're bad to the bone
So it's best that you should run.

Dude! You'd better mount up,
You'd better ride fast,
The bad things you've done
Have caught up at last,
Seven men are comin' to town,

The towns where you've been,
Have new graves to dig,
So quit feelin' smug,
And thinkin' you're big,
Seven men are comin' to town.

Chris Larabee is leadin',
With Vin and Buck in line,
Then Ezra, Nathan, Josiah,
And JD, two steps behind.

Hey! Just put the gun down,
You don't have a chance,
What fool notion made you
Take that last stand?
When Seven Lawmen rode into town.

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