Horsefeathers Academy: Year One - A Mag7 Little Britches / Harry Potter AU by the Neon Gang
Author's Notes

This is a Little Britches (in this case all of the boys are kids) AU.  It is also a Harry Potter AU, but one that is set in the United States, and being the US, we don't do things exactly like they do in England (what's new, right?).  We have our own ways and our own names/words for things.  But the basic ideas from the HP books hold true here as well.

The opening story takes place just as Harry heads off to Hogwarts for his first year.  However, we are opting to use the copyright date for the US book release, so it's 1998, which lines up oh so nicely for the airing of the original Mag Seven series.  So, yes, we are taking a few liberties with the original, but if you've read the HP books there will be lots of things that you'll recognize, and some that will be new.

We are calling this Harry Potter Little Britches AU the Horsefeathers Academy AU, and it was a collaborative effort by members of the Neon Gang, although Sierra and Cinda were the two driving forces.  We all hope you enjoy it!  If you do, please let us know at

The story was posted to two M7 lists (Magnificent AUs and LB AU) on the web; it has been edited slightly for publication as a standalone novel.

This is an open AU, and we welcome other writers giving it a go, but if you'd like to come play, please shoot us an e-mail so we can send you the Horsefeathers Bible.  It has lots of basic info that we'd like to keep consistent.  We welcome stories set in the second year and beyond.  Or you can move them up to adulthood and doing Magical Law Enforcement!

Our thanks to everyone who has encouraged us along the way with this AU, and especially Kathi, Kathy M, Mary Ann, Sibylla, and Teresa!


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