Magnificent Seven Little Britches Universe
Known on Sight

by Amelia

Song fic: Somebody's Angel

Magnificent Seven Holiday Fic

They say this is the best time of the year
And for most of us that's probably how it feels
But what about the ones left alone
And all the people hurting,
Looking for a glimpse of hope

Vin sat in the front seat looking out the window at the buildings and people that went by as Josiah drove them back to the Federal building. The teacher had called saying that since the heat had gone out in the school, they were sending all the children home early. Josiah had taken the call, since Chris was in a meeting with Travis and other brass. Luckily, since it was the last day of school, Buck had taken JD with him that morning on the ride to Colorado Springs to deliver files on a shared case with the Air Force.

They were only a block away from the Federal building when something caught Vin's eyes. Even as they drove past, Vin turned his head never losing sight of what had grabbed his attention until they turned the corner and then were turning into the parking garage.

Josiah parked, got out, then went around to help Vin out of his Suburban. Smiling down at the boy as he opened the door, Josiah suddenly paused when he found himself looking into a very sad pair of blue eyes.

We run and run
We fill our schedules up
The gifts, the rush
Consume us all so much
Salvation army Santa's ringing his bell
Giving us a little reminder
There's a world that needs our help

Josiah settled Vin at his desk with paper and pen to draw, as well as scooting the big bowl of mini candy bars toward him so he could take one. Josiah went into the office's kitchen where he knew Nathan and Ezra were having their lunch, "Has Chris come back yet?"

"No, we haven't heard from Mr. Larabee as of yet. Was there a problem picking up young Mr. Tanner?" Ezra responded.

"He seem fine up until we were about a block away from the building. But something changed, he's sad or upset about something now," Josiah answered.

"Maybe it's because JD isn't here." Nathan suggested.

"No, he was fine with that when I picked him up."

"I will go and speak with him. Maybe I can figure out what the problem might be, instead of waiting for what might turn out to be hours before Mr. Larabee can return," Ezra stated standing up, now worried about the boy who had stolen his heart.

He had just stepped out of the room, when suddenly he was back with a truly concerned expression on his face. "Vin isn't out there, he's gone."

This Christmas Don't miss it
The chance to love someone right where they are
Don't miss it Don't miss it

First, they checked the rest of the floor along with the bathroom, then they caught a break when they looked in the elevator and saw a chocolate finger print on the garage button. Quickly devising a plan, two went down while the third caught the next elevator and went up to find Chris. Stepping off the elevator, Ezra and Josiah split up, looking first at their own vehicles, then at Chris's. They then began checking the rows of cars. It was when Ezra was close to the exit that the gate watchman walked over to him.

"Agent Standish, is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes, have you seen Vin Tanner, agent Larabee's son? He's 8 yrs old, light brown hair?"

"Yeah, I saw a boy walking by about ten minutes ago. I wondered what a kid that young was doing alone. I didn't know it was agent Larabee's boy," he answered.

"Which way did the boy head?" Ezra demanded.

"Headed up the street."

"Agent Sanchez is inside the garage still searching, go find him and tell him I have gone after Vin." Ezra ordered rushing out of the garage.

Vin finally stopped a block away from his dad's building, stood staring at what had held his attention so tightly, even after it was out of sight. He had recognized it all and felt it deep inside. He stepped forward held out the bowl of little chocolate bars and said, "I know what itís like to be hungry and cold. I ain't got a coat big enough for you, but this should help with being hungry."

At that moment a shadow fell over Vin, but before it could reach out and touch him a bigger shadow fell over him also. Then a gentle hand was laying on the boy's shoulder.

Larabee had panicked and run out of the meeting at Nathan's information. He had called Ezra and quickly followed the same route catching up to both Ezra and Vin at the same time. At a glance, he knew instantly what had upset his son knowing what big heart was in the little chest. He understood the need that had compelled the boy to come and offer what help he could.

The man and woman were leaning tightly against the manger display trying to keep themselves warm, as well as the little girl the mother was holding. The couple was obviously on very hard times. Their coats were worn and the faces drawn and tired.

Standing there with his arms around his family trying to help keep them warm next to the symbol of hope and faith, Vin had understood that feeling when everything else had seemed lost.

Chris and Ezra introduced themselves as well as Nathan and Josiah as they had finally arrived. They offered the couple a ride to Helping Hand Shelter that Josiah and the others supported. They explained that it was a place that helped families get back on their feet. It would not only help them find jobs, but assist with finding temporary housing and offered child care once jobs had been gotten.

The family thanked the men with true gratitude in their hearts. The man looked down at the boy seeing the understanding still there in his eyes. It had shocked and saddened him at first when the child had suddenly come up to them, but now after the boyís father had explained a little off to the side, he gave the child a smile. "Thank you for caring about my family enough to come and offer us help."

Vin smiled up at the man as he took the offered hand. Vin felt the warmth of both his dadís arm around him and the knowledge that the little girl and her parents would be all right now.

We could be that shining light
To show the heart of Christmas time
People need love
And we all are able
So take some time and start today
To give some joy and hope away
'Cause you might be
You might be
Somebody's angel