Magnificent Seven ATF Universe
The Band

by Freespirit

This story wrote itself. I've wanted to do a music based story for a while now. I have no idea if any of the actors play an instrument or not. But here, their characters do.

It was quitting time and the guys of team seven were shutting down their computers when Chris' office phone rang.

"Larabee," Chris answered.

"Chris, it's Orin Travis. I would like to see you in my office before you leave."

"Sure. Just give me a few minutes to tell the guys I'll meet up with them at the saloon."

"Thanks, and see you soon."

Chris hung up the phone and left his office. "That was Travis on the phone. He wants a meeting with me so I'll meet up with you guys at Inez's."

"Sure thing," Buck said and grabbed his coat from the back of his chair.

"You want us to order your drink and have it waitin' for ya?" Vin asked

"Sure, go ahead," Chris said as he followed his men out of their offices and locked up.

+ + + + + + +

Chris entered the office of AD Orin W. Travis after he knocked on the door and was told to enter.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Chris, I did. Have a seat."

Chris sat down in one of the chairs in front of Orin's desk.

"I think you know Judge Chambers and District Attorney Maloney."

Chris nodded to the two men. "Gentlemen."

Chris knew the two men. They were long time friends of Orin's. Every year the three of them would get together to have a little fun.

"I've asked you to come here to ask a favor." Orin smiled over at Chris.

Chris always got a little leery when Orin smiled at him like he was. "What kind of favor?"

"You still play bass guitar?"

Chris looked around at the other two men in the room. Both had grins on the faces. "I haven't played bass since before Sarah and Adam's death. Why?"

"I know Buck can sing, but what about the others?"

"Nathan once told me he played the horn in school when he was in band and he knew Josiah played the violin. Other than that, I have no idea. What does my team having musical talent have to do with the three of you?"

Judge Chambers cleared his throat. "My youngest son has a band. I was telling these two how good he was. Robert over there said his nephew was pretty good and was in a band himself. Orin said Wilmington was a fairly good singer and that you played a mean bass guitar."

"So I suggested we see which band was the best, that is if you think you and your men have what it takes to go up against professionals," Maloney challenged.

Chris looked over at Maloney. "I take it you want us to form a band?"

"Yes. These two are boasting their son and nephew have the best band. I remember you played bass in collage."

"Like I said, I have no idea what kind of musical talent my men have other than Buck. I'll ask them when I see them at the saloon tonight and get back to you with an answer."

"You do that," Chambers grinned.

As Chris left Orin's office, he heard the three men making bets on the outcome of the bands.

+ + + + + + +

Chris entered the saloon to shouts of men and women making bets on something. As he made his way through the crowd, Buck grabbed him by the arm and pulled him over to their table.

Chris looked for his men. "Where are the others?"

Buck pointed to the stage. "Up there."

Chris looked to the stage and couldn't believe what he was seeing or hearing.

On stage, Josiah was playing a violin, Nathan playing a horn, JD was on the drums, Vin was playing an electric guitar and Ezra was on the piano.

"Come on Chris, let's join them!" Buck shouted to be heard over the cheering crowd, then pulled Chris toward the stage.

Outside the saloon, Chambers parked his Cadillac in the only parking spot left.

"What's this place called?" Maloney asked.

"The Saloon," Orin answered and got out of the car.

"Sounds like they have a live band," Chambers said and held the door open for his two companions.

The three men found a table and sat down. It was then Orin recognized Buck's voice and looked over at the stage and smiled. "Robert, Joe, I'll bet a thousand on Larabee and his men to win."

The two men looked to the stage and swore.


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