Magnificent Seven Tenth Anniversary Challenge

"The Magnificent Seven" premiered on CBS on January 3, 1998 - yep, hard to believe that it's been 10 years!!

In honor of this special anniversary, blackraptor is issuing a challenge to our many talented writers. The idea? Write a story that deals with what the boys might be doing 10 years down the road. It can be funny, sad, whatever you want it to be - just write how you imagine our boys ten years after fate brought them together, and destiny made them our heroes!

The conditions of the 10th Anniversary Challenge are as follows:

Stories should be submitted to blackraptor by March 31st. Send them to:

Completed stories will be listed here, and, if they are archived at blackraptor, on our main index page. If you chose to archive them at another site, please send the URL and we will list it here, too! (Remember that our main listing is for fic actually hosted at blackraptor).

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