Other Magnificent Seven Characters

Newspaperwoman Mary Travis inherited her position as editor of the Clarion after her husband was killed when he uncovered the details of a land swindle. She has an obvious attraction to Chris Larabee and shares a platonic friendship with Vin Tanner. She has a six-year-old son, Billy.
ATF Mary is most often portrayed as a journalist, either a newspaper reporter or TV anchor.

Physical Description: Blond hair, green eyes, tall and slender. 28-35

Federal Judge Orin Travis is the father of Mary's late husband. It was he who hired the Seven to keep the peace in and around Four Corners in return for a dollar a day plus room and board.
ATF District Attorney, or, ATF Assistant director, he is the immediate supervisor of Team 7

Physical Description: Grey hair, brown eyes, average height and build. 60-65

Casey Welles is a spunky, petite tomboy who has an innocent romantic relationship with the occasionally clueless JD Dunne. Proud to boast that she can ride, shoot and spit as good as any man, Casey typically shows her affection for JD by punching him in the ribs. She lives with her aunt, Nettie Welles, an elderly rancher who has befriended Vin Tanner.
ATF Casey is a university student (usually an art major) who lives with her Aunt Nettie, a social worker who knows Vin from his teen years.

Physical Description: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, short and very petite. 16-21

Having found her way to town after fleeing an abuse situation with the son of her wealthy employer, Inez Recillos found a place for herself tending bar at the Standish Tavern, owned by Ezra who later lost the property to his conniving mother, Maude. Maude subsequently appointed Inez as the establishment's manager.
ATF Inez is the owner/manager of "The Saloon," a tavern where the Seven hang out at lunch and in their off-duty hours.

Physical Description: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, Hispanic, average height, slender. 28-30

Ezra's mother, Maude Standish, is a gambler and con artist who has a sometimes volatile relationship with her son. She is not above using her craftiness against him, and at times seems insensitive to his feelings. But although she appears to find it difficult to show affection for Ezra, she does seem to care about him.
ATF Maude is a jet-setter who travels in the most prominent of social circles, with a past history of often excluding Ezra from her life.

Physical Description: Blond hair, green eyes, average height, slim and attractive. 50-55

Widowed rancher Nettie Welles is a feisty pioneer woman who has taken a maternal interest in the orphaned Vin Tanner. She is not easily intimidated and boasts of the notches on her Spencer carbine which she has used to kill both "man and beast."
ATF Nettie is most often portrayed as a social worker, usually the one who rescued Vin from the streets and set him on the path that lead to his becoming a part of Team 7.

Physical Description: Grey hair, blue eyes, petite. 65-70


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