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The Bet

The Bet II

The Bet III

The Bet IV

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The Bet VI

Okay, now you have seen three hands of this rather bizarre poker game played out. So here is your chance to add a hand of your own. Ever wanted to see your favorite one of the Seven do something completely out of character, or just cut loose and have some fun? Now is your chance. As with everything in life this challenge has some rules, but hopefully, they will not restrict your Muses too much.

  1. Keep it clean enough to stay on the general fic page. Suggestiveness is okay. Just do not go too far with it.
  2. No real slash for this challenge. (If you do have them do something that could be misinterpreted as slash, as in the first Bet story, be sure it is made clear by the end that their actions were for the bet only and were not their true nature.)
  3. The challenge must be something they can do inside the saloon or right outside. (i.e. on the boardwalk out front.)
  4. No one can be forced to do anything against his or her will, players or spectators.
  5. At the beginning, name who had the high hand from the previous game so he can name your challenge.
  6. Do not name the person who had the high hand played in your story. The person who writes the next installment will name him, so he can set the next challenge.
  7. Pictures are not required, but they add to the fun. They must be in jpg, .gif or bmp format.
  8. Send your stories to Luna Dey at the address below, and  they will be forwarded to Nancy after being checked to see that they guidelines have been followed.
  9. That is it! Have fun!!!

Any questions, please feel free to e-mail Luna Dey at