The Little Britches Universe often contains very light-hearted,
fun stories and readers may have developed that expectation
for all Little Britches stories.

The story you are looking for contains sensitive subject matter,
which may be disturbing to some readers.
Please consider carefully before reading,
and please do not flame the authors as you have been forewarned.

We do not intend for this warning page to single out authors or stories, but to give readers a moment to realize there is a caution before continuing.

Afraid - Xiola

This story is dark and intense and deals with child abuse and self-mutilation of one of the boys.


Christmas Miracles and Dreams - Winnie

Depicts violence, torture, emotional abuse of a child, and graphic medical details.


Death of an Innocent - K

Depicts the death of a Little Britches character.

Getting Back - Xiola

A sequel to Afraid. Deals with the aftermath of self-mutilation of one of the boys.


A Family of Friends - Kili Bloom

Deals with the misunderstandings and prejudices resulting from the boys' classmates saying that Chris and Buck are a homosexual couple and are going to hell. This story, while dealing with mature subject matter, is written within the Little Britches Creators' GUIDELINES which specifically disallow the portrayal of intimate adult relationships (slash or het) whether explicit or implied.