These are rather ah, unusual fics. You've heard of death fic-well, this could be called after-death fic. If you don't want to read about the guys dying, read no further, although I can tell there is no pain or blood in this story! To give you an idea of the tone, my working title was 'M7 Heaven'. So it's pretty much on the warm and fuzzy side of things.

Now, before reading these fics, you should read my sister Sarah's story Legacies. Pay close attention to the story's ending and what happens to JD, as this fic ties pretty closely into it. and will make a lot more sense! It's pretty short and very good! You should also read Sarah's Promises, and my Ezra death fic Final Call.

My fic Shenandoah Waltz also ties into this, and if you've got some time you can read that too, but it's not crucial to the understanding of this fic. Final Call will tell you all you need to know!

So anyway, I wrote these fics just for fun. It's what I'd like to think would happen to the guys after they passed on to the Big Roundup in the Sky. They're kinda different and, I'll warn you, pretty darn corny. But They were fun to write, and I hope they'll be fun to read! And you know they'll have a happy ending! :)

So that's the intro. Enjoy the fics!

Sue :)

Across the Divide: The Wait (Ezra)

Across the Divide: Buck

Across the Divide: Chris

Across the Divide: Vin

Across the Divide: Josiah

Across the Divide: Nathan

Across the Divide: The Seven Ride Again (JD)