Epilogue: The Magnificent Leap

by Bunny

A sequel to The Magnificent Leap

During his next leap, Sam remembered his previous one,a nd got curious about the fates of the seven, as he'd leaped this time before Al could tell him. Fortunately, this time he was in a 1970's college student. And, as the library was right there...

Sam went to the reference section,l ooking for historical biographies. Finally, he found what he was looking for: The true biography of "The Magnificent Seven." He took the book to a silent table,a nd sat down to skim through, mostly towards the back, looking to see how the story ended. He grinned as he read...

The group known as The Magnificent Seven stayed in Four Corners for the rest of their days,and now most of their descendants still reside there. Chris Larabee married the widow Mary Travis, and had a daughter named Lucy. Nathan brought Rain back from the Seminole village, and they had a son named Joshua, and a daughter named Josephine. Ezra and Buck never married, but, they both had daughters by working girls which they raised alone. Ezra's daughter was named Jessamyn, and Buck's daughters were named Violet and Ruby Rose. Vin and Inez wed, and had a son named Luke. Josiah married Ezra's mother Maude, and they adopted a baby girl which they named Georgia. And,of course, JD married Casey.They had 2 sons, and 2 daughters: Jesse, Beau, Lilly, and Daisy.

Sam shut the hard-backed book with a satisfied grin, and looked on the well-worn cover...

"Written by: Daisy Dunne Tanner."

The End

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