April Fools


ATF Alternate Universe

This was not good. This was definitely not good, Nathan said to himself. He found himself creeping quietly into the office at 4 o’clock in the morning. As he opened the door, he heard voices whispering to each other. Nathan felt his heart skip a beat. He inched closer towards the sound.

Buck and JD tensed up when they heard the door creak. No one was supposed to know that they had slept in the office. Suddenly, someone called them. They turned around, fearing the worst. Instead, they saw Nathan trying to control his laugher.

“Man, I thought you guys were them,” Nathan said after he stopped laughing. Buck and JD too saw how idiotic they were and started laughing. Before they could stop, someone else entered the office. Nathan, Buck and JD desperately tried to find a safe hiding place.

“Anyone here?” Chris said, his voice just a notch above a whisper. He swore he heard someone laughing. Then again it could be his imagination, he thought to himself. When he looked behind him, he saw ‘The Laughing People’.

“What are you all doing here at this time?” Chris asked them.

“Hiding,” they said in unison before breaking into fits of laughter.

“Well, I see we are not the only ones hiding,” Ezra said as he entered the small office, Josiah right behind him.

“Since it is still an unholy hour, we might as well take a short rest,” Ezra said to his comrades. They all nodded in agreement, but none of them could sleep peacefully, each one keeping an ear and an eye open. The six of them were worried that Vin and AJ would play an April Fool trick on them. Thus causing them to wake up at wee hours in the morning and getting ready for work before the sun was up.

It had been a month since AJ entered their lives, and a month of pranks. None of them knew that the quiet Vin Tanner had a devilish side. Ever since AJ came, they had been playing numerous pranks on every member of the ATF team, causing them to get the ‘Vin-and-AJ’ phobia.

Finally at 7 o’clock the two ‘VIP’s’ made their appearance. Chris, Ezra, Josiah, Buck, JD and Nathan stared at them, watching them closely, waiting for their first move. Instead, Vin walked casually to his desk and switched on the computer, while AJ took a book out of her school bag.

“Jesus, Vin. I didn’t know your friends were so hardly working,” AJ said to Vin, purposely raising her voice.

“Neither did I. I wonder what time they would come to the office tomorrow since it’s April Fools day,” he too raised his voice deliberately.

The six men stared at each other with a shock expression.

“But the calendar…” Buck was the first one to speak.

“Oh, that…Well you see, Vin and I wanted a pre-April Fools prank. But I didn’t know that tearing of a piece of the calendar would work. It was pretty lame,” AJ explained with a grin.

“But hey it worked,” Vin said and gave AJ a high five. Chris and the others groaned, why didn’t they even bother to check their home calendars.

“You too wouldn’t be planning on a bigger prank, would ya?” JD asked, his voice quavering a little.

“Now that you mentioned it…” Vin said, the wheels in his head clicking together,



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