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Sequel to Don't Go There, Kid

Rating: PG - mild language

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She was the first of many to e-mail me wanting to see the other guys' reactions to JD's 'delicate condition'. <g>

So, Cass...for all you do…this one's for you!!! Welcome back.

Chris could see Buck looking out the window when he pulled the truck into the driveway. He'd called ahead to tell Buck he was on his way with JD, hoping to save the kid some embarrassment. He'd hoped that Buck would have taken the hint and maybe sent the others home. But the fact that Chris had to park at the end of the driveway, behind Vin's Jeep, Ezra's Jag and Nathan's Explorer, told him otherwise.

"Sorry, kid…looks like a full house," Larabee apologized to the still-sleeping JD.

God, JD. You look like you're fifteen when you sleep…but when you're drunk, kid…you're pushing twelve. Chris had to smile at the boy's young, innocent face. "C'mon, JD…home."

Chris gently shook JD's shoulder and the boy stirred slightly. "…ummmhh…"

"Earth to JD…come in, JD…" Chris remembered feeling like the kid felt now. Like your head is somehow detached from the rest of your body. You can hear… and if you're not too far gone…you can see…but damned if you can put any words together.

Chris looked up from his precious cargo to see Buck coming down the driveway. The big man peered in the passenger-side window and shook his head.

Chris noticed one other thing, too.

Buck was not smiling.

One of the things Chris loved the most about his oldest friend was the man's good nature and easy smile. Sometimes, though, Buck's good nature would take a turn for the worse. And at those times, it was usually due to…as now…'the kid'.

The fact that Wilmington loved JD more than life itself was common knowledge with anyone who knew the man. It wasn't hard to see. The man absolutely adored the kid. He spoiled JD at every turn and gave in to practically every whim the kid had ever had.

So, needless to say, when JD was sick or hurt or upset, Buck was not a man you wanted to be around. To say that Buck would sometimes overreact about the kid was like saying that Michael Jordan was a 'pretty good' basketball player. Just skimming the surface.

"This your idea of takin' care of 'im?" Buck growled as he walked around the front of the truck. "He coulda done this all by himself. Exactly how did you help him, Chris?"

"Buck…look…" Chris tried reasoning as he stepped out of the truck, only to be cut off by Wilmington's worry.

"No, Chris…you look." Buck waved frantically at the boy still asleep in the truck. "Kid's drunk on his ass…passed out…" Buck stuck his head in to check on JD…turning the boy's face side to side…noticing the now darkening bruise on his chin…"and…what the hell??? Did you hit him???"

"Yeah, Buck…I got tired of his crap so I popped the little shit," Chris grinned.

OK…not a good line. Buck was not laughing along.

"C'mon, Buck…think about it. Think I'd 'really' hit the kid??? He hit his chin on the bar."

"…great…" Buck mumbled under his breath, turning his tired eyes to the boy again.

"Look, Buck…he's fine. He's just…like you said…drunk on his ass," Chris chuckled.

"Glad you think it's funny," Buck snapped. "Kid needed someone to help him tonight. I don't call this helpin', Chris…I really don't."

Buck walked back around the truck. He leaned in from the passenger's side to wake the kid. "JD…son…c'mon…let's get you inside…get you to bed."


"No, son…it's Buck…c'mon now." Buck swung the kid's legs down off the seat and crawled in.

"…Buck…???" JD turned his head to see the large man looming over him. "…where's…Chrissshhh…???"

"I'm right here, kid," Chris called from outside the truck. "Let's get you inside…OK?"

"…I 'am'…inside…" JD giggled.

"Inside the 'house', JD." Buck shook his head in disgust. He wasn't used to seeing the kid drunk. JD very rarely drank, and when he did, it was never more than a couple of beers all night long. Obviously, the kid was making up for lost time tonight.

"…let's…go get…a drink…Buck…"

"I think you've had enough for one night, son."

"…you…" JD pointed a finger at Buck…"you…are…no fun…"

Buck reached over and grabbed the boy's shoulders and pulled him upright. As soon as Wilmington let go of the kid to scoot out of the truck, JD pitched forward.

"BUCK!" Chris yelled, but it was too late.

"…ooommpphh!" JD groaned as his head cracked the steering wheel -hard.

"Shit, kid." Buck panicked when he saw the kid slumped over the wheel. He jumped inside and gently pulled the boy away from the wheel. "God…I'm sorry, son."

Chris flew around to open the driver's side door and saw all the blood. "I'll get Nathan."

Buck pulled JD closer to him and rested the boy's head on his chest. He grabbed one of Chris' gloves from the seat and placed it over the gash above JD's eye, trying to stop the bleeding. "You poor kid…you can't catch a break to save your life."

"…B-B-Buck…" JD moaned. "…hurts…"

"I know, son. You just lie still…Nate's comin'"

As if on cue, Nathan Jackson jumped in the driver's side door. "C'mon, JD…let me get a look at you, son." Nathan turned JD's face towards him to get a better look and then placed a towel over the wound. "Pretty good gash…might need some stitches. Let's get it cleaned up first and see."

Buck slid out of the truck and reached in to help JD do the same. "You OK to walk, kid?"

"…m'fine…" JD whispered as he teetered on the edge of the seat…groping with his foot…trying to feel the pavement.

But Buck could tell the kid wasn't fine. He could tell the kid was about to pass out…or throw up…he wasn't sure which. Buck wasn't looking forward to either…but knew they were both probably inevitable.

"C'mon…easy now." Buck had one arm around the boy's waist and his other hand was holding the towel to the kid's head. He wasn't going to let him go down.

Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish and Josiah Sanchez took in JD's condition as Buck, Chris and Nathan escorted the boy in.

"Whew!!" Tanner whistled. "What the hell happened??? Kid get in a bar fight?"

Larabee flashed a 'not-now' look at the sharpshooter. Fact was, none of JD's caretakers looked to be in a very good mood at the moment.

Which, of course, could not go unnoticed by Ezra Standish. "I must say, Mr. Dunne…you look like hell."

Nathan and Buck took JD into the bathroom and sat him down. Nathan gently pushed the boy's too-long bangs out of his eyes and cleaned the gash. "You ever think of gettin' a haircut, JD?"

"…which…one…" JD grinned as he started to slide off the edge of the tub.

Nathan grabbed him. "Get's any longer…you're gonna need dog tags, son."

"…shot…my…paw…" JD giggled, then suddenly flinched as Nathan applied peroxide to the wound. "…shit…Nate…"

"Not so funny now, huh?"

"…oh…crap…" JD got out before he vomited. Luckily, Buck saw it coming and got the lid of the toilet up in time.

"Nothing like worshiping at the porcelain throne to make you feel like a man, son," Buck tried to comfort the boy, rubbing his back.

"…shut…up…Buck…" and the kid vomited again.

Buck got a cold washcloth and wiped the boy's face. "Feelin' any better?"


"Good. Maybe it'll teach you ain't no answers in a bottle."

"…wasn't lookin'…for…any…"

"Then what were you doin' gettin' plowed?"

"…just…didn't…wanna…come home," JD whispered. "…didn't want…you…all…hatin' me."

"Who could hate you, son?" Buck said, shaking his head. "Christ almighty, kid…you're our little brother. Who could hate their little brother?"

"…stupid…little…brother…" JD cried. He felt so sick…and his head hurt so bad…but his heart hurt worse. He knew he'd let the others down. He knew he'd screwed up bad. And, worst of all, he knew that they'd never trust him again.

"Stupid? Did you say…stupid?" Buck grabbed JD's face in his hands. "Nobody…and I mean nobody…calls my little brother…stupid. Got it???"


"No. I ain't gonna sit here and listen to you call yourself stupid." Buck got up and headed for the door. He turned to take another look at the kid before he walked out. The boy looked so pitiful. "You're not stupid, kid."

"I'm gonna go get some ice for that lump comin' up on your head, JD." Nathan shut the door as he walked out.

JD sat on the edge of the tub. God…how did I get into this mess???

Then he remembered.

They'd all taken their positions in the warehouse. Everybody was poised and ready to strike. All they needed was the element of surprise.

But when JD's radio squawked…the radio that he'd been instructed to turn off…all hell broke loose.

Ezra and Vin were pinned down and nearly killed.


How can Buck say I'm not stupid???

JD opened the bathroom door a crack to see if anyone was 'standing guard' in the hallway. All clear. He tried to sneak out and make a mad dash for his room, without being seen. Only problem was…he was so drunk…dashing was out of the question. The only thing he managed to do was to turn too quickly and run into the doorframe. "Shit!!" he cursed.

"JD…that you?" Buck called from the living room.

"No…Buck…it's not me," JD snapped. "Who the hell does he think it is?" he whispered under his breath.

JD was opening his bedroom door when a large hand grabbed his arm. "You're not tryin' to 'hide'…are you son?"


"Can't a guy get drunk…for Christ sake???" JD turned away from his big brother's concerned eyes that were burning a hole clean down to his soul.

Buck moved his hand up to the boy's neck. "You feelin' any better?"

"…yeah…" JD lied. His head was on fire…from the whiskey or from the gash over his eye...JD wasn't sure. Either way…he needed to lie down. Real fast.


What the hell was I thinking???

"JD…Nathan needs to see that gash again, son." Buck turned the boy around to face him, gently pushing the hair off his face. "He said you may need some stitches." JD grimaced as Wilmington touched the wound. "Sorry, kid." Buck apologized.

"…m'fine…don't need…stitches…"

"Oh…I see. So…you're not only a drunk…you're a doctor now, too…huh?"


"Just what???"


"JD…??? What's wrong, son?"

"…Buck…ain't you ever done nothin' wrong before?"

"God almighty, son. Every day of my life. Figured you…of all people…would know that by now," Buck grinned.

"…so…how come…you gotta make my life…miserable?"

"Miserable?" A look of complete and utter pain etched across the man's handsome features. "Sorry, son." Buck turned and headed back for the living room.

Shit!!! JD stepped into his room. His head was swimming. He couldn't bear the thought of turning on the light, so he felt his way around the dark room, reaching for the bed. He realized he'd made a serious miscalculation when he heard the thud.

The others came running at the sound.

"JD?!!" Buck panicked as he came through the door, turning on the light. "You…" Wilmington froze when he saw JD sprawled on the floor beside the bed.

"…I…missshhhed…the bed…" JD slurred.

"You little shit!" Buck cursed. "Here I am thinkin' you've gone and passed out from a life-threatening head wound…and you're floppin' on the floor 'cause you think it's your bed." Wilmington threw his hands in the air. "I wash my hands of the kid. You guys take care of him…" and he stormed out of the room.

"Well, kid…I think you got two choices," Vin grinned ear-to-ear. "You let us help you into the bed…or you sleep on the floor."

"Floor may be a wiser choice, gentlemen," Standish pointed out. "He can't fall off the floor later."

"…just…give me…my pillow…and…leave…please…"

Josiah grabbed JD's pillow from the bed and tucked it under the kid's head. He pulled the quilt down and placed it over the boy, then patted the youth on the head. "Sweet dreams, kid."

The others left and pulled the door closed behind them.

"What the hell's he thinkin'??? Goin' out and gettin' plastered like that???" Buck ranted as he paced the living room like a caged lion.

"Thought you didn't care anymore?" Chris grinned.

"Cute, Chris." Buck snapped. "Why'd you let him get drunk? You just sat there and watched him…didn't you?"

"Yep. That was pretty much it," Chris said.

"Well…JD deserves better than that. He don't deserve to be sittin' in a bar…thinkin' he can't come home…'cause we think he's stupid…"

"He tell you that?" Nathan was shocked. This was the first the others had heard of JD's feelings.

"Yeah…" Buck's voice softened as he thought about what the kid had said earlier. "…said he wasn't tryin' to get drunk…just didn't wanna come home…to face us. Figured we were all mad at him."

"Kid screwed up. Ain't the end of the world." Vin hated to think of JD being afraid to face them. The kid should never be afraid of them…no matter what. If the kid was afraid to face them…then they were not doing their jobs as his older brothers worth a shit.

"JD has such high standards for himself. He feels anything less than perfection…is unacceptable. I think he still feels he needs to prove himself on every assignment." Josiah's heart ached thinking of JD full of doubt…feeling that a bottle offered him more comfort than his friends would. "Comes from being the youngest, I guess."

"Comes from being a kid." Chris's voice came from the corner, where he sat shaking his head. "A kid that's been put into a situation that's maybe too much for him. Maybe in all my 'I want 'im on my team' bullheadedness…I never really thought about what was best for JD. Maybe it's just too much for a twenty-year-old kid."

"Chris…don't even say that," Buck whispered. "If you hadn't got that kid…some other government agency woulda nabbed him. And they wouldn't…" the big man's eyes started to mist over. "…well…they just wouldn't have taken care of him." Buck made fast tracks for JD's room. "I gotta go check on the kid…"

Wilmington slowly pushed the door open, taking in the scene before him. JD was curled up on the floor…his quilt pulled all the way up to the blacker-than-black bangs that were always hiding the boy's huge hazel eyes.

Buck smiled. Those eyes. Windows to your soul, kid.

Wilmington walked over and sat down on the floor next to the kid. "JD…son…"

The boy started to stir and twisted to look up at Buck. "…yeah…???"

Buck scooted closer and gently held the kid's head as he slid the pillow out and tossed it aside. He placed the boy's head on his thigh and stroked the dark hair.


"S'OK, kid. Don't you worry 'bout nothin' right now. You just let Ol' Buck take care of you…OK? Feelin' any better?"

"…I…am…now…" and JD fell asleep…no longer worried about who was mad at him…or who thought he was stupid.

He fell asleep knowing who loved him.


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