DISCLAIMER: This story involves beliefs and legends of a Native American people, and though research was done to be as accurate as possible, there is much fudging for the sake of drama. Also, different research sources say different things, so in some cases, the author does not know which sources are correct. No offense or disrespect is intended to anyone and the depicted legend is fictional.

This story is broken up into two 1-hour parts, each of which are divided into a teaser and 4 acts, the same way as the real TV episodes are. However, the Mag7 belong to Trilogy, MGM, and Mirisch Group, and no infringement on copyright is intended. I hope you enjoy the show! Any comments are welcome!

Act 1, Scene 1
Act 1, Scene 2
Act 1, Scene 3
Act 1, Scene 4
Act 2, Scene 1
Act 2, Scene 2
Act 2, Scene 3
Act 2, Scene 4

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