A Magnificent Seven (ATF)/A Team Crossover

by Jackie


It was early morning in Denver on a very dreary day. Buck was sitting at his desk drinking some coffee.

Just then, Ezra and Vin walked it.

Vin looked at Buck and frowned, "Hey Buck, what are you doing here so early in the morning?"

"I couldn't sleep at all last night is all and I thought i'd come in early." Buck replied.

"Yeah," Vin commented, I can see you look really tired Buck you look like hell."

Buck looked discouraged. "Well gosh, Vin, JD has been missing for a while now and we don't have any leads on him at all."

Vin shook his head in agreement. "I know we don't have any leads, Buck hey, were all worried about JD too, you know."

"I know you guys are all worried. You know how I feel about the kid. You know how much I really miss him, I just hope he isn't hurt or anything. You know he was coming down with a cold the night he disappeared."

"We miss him too, Buck," Ezra said. "You didn't tell us he wasn't feeling well."

"I know I didn't want anyone to worry about him."

Suddenly, Josiah and Nathan entered the room.

"Hey, fellas," Josiah said, he glanced at Buck. "Hey, Buck, you got a phone call from that girlfriend of yours last night after you left. Janet sure didn't sound too happy that you weren't in."

"Oh really? Well she knows I'm out looking for JD and she knows I'm really worried about him. Besides, she's been out of town all week in Virginia somewhere."

Vin looked at his watch. "You know Chris want's to see us in his office soon in about 10 minutes so we better get moving before he starts yelling at us."

Buck started to talk again. "Well he's going to start yelling at me anyway's after what I did last night."

Nathan wanted to know what Buck was talking about. "What did you do now, Buck?

Buck continued, "He's not going to like what I did is all. I'll tell everyone when we talk with Chris ok." So let's get this overwith."

Hold up a minute, Buck." Vin said. "Tell us what you did first okay? We want to know if Chris is going to have a coronary or not. So tell us what you did last night."

Buck said to everyone, "I hired the A-team. Vin replied yep Chris is definately going to have a cornary."


Chris was on the phone when everyone was gathering into his office. Chris hangs up and looks up when the guys were coming in. Chris knew that something was up and asked everyone what is going on.

Vin looks toward's Buck and then toward's Chris. "Chris, Buck has something he wants to tell you, ok?"

Chris looks towards Buck. "All right, Buck, I know that look on your face tell me what youdid since everyone else seems to know but me."

"Well, Chris, I know your not going to like what I did last night."

Chris glares at Buck. "All right, all right I might as well tell you I hired The A-Team."

Chris couldn't believe what Buck just said. He looks Buck straight in the eye. "You did what?"

Buck answered Chris. "You heard me, Chris. I hired The A-Team. Now don't get mad, now you know we haven't found one clue to finding JD now right. The A-Team were the only people I know of that could help us find JD. So last night I got onto the phone and I was talking to Hunt Stockwell. The A-Team are working for him now."

Chris replied. "Buck, did you know that The A-Team are military fugitives since the Vietnam War?"

"Yeah, Chris, I know that we've been throuh a lot with them in the war. You're just mad that you didn't get along with Col. John Hannibal Smith. You're just sore because he punched you in the nose."

Josiah speaks up. "Hey, Chris, why did he punch you in the nose?"

Buck replied. "I think it was over some girl, wasn't it, Chris?"

"I can't even remember, Buck, it was a really long time ago wasn't it."

Nathan asked, "So just who are the A-Team, I've never heard of them!"

"They were a military unit in the Vietnam War. The leader of The A- Team is Colonel John Hannibal Smith - he's always on the jazz. They were accused of robbing the bank in Hanoi," Chris answered.

Buck said, "We don't know that for sure, Chris, I heard that they were ordered to rob that bank."

Chris answered. "And now they're on the run now because of that. This John Hannibal Smith is a real mastermind they busted out of Fort Brag," Chris continued. "Even. Col. Smith has been diverting the military police for nearly 30 years now."

"Who are the other's on The A-Team?" asked Ezra.

"The A-Team are BA Baracus a really big tough looking dude. He's great at fixing anything. And Then there's Templeton Peck. They call him the Faceman You would probably will get a long well with him Ezra. he's a lot like you a real con artist." Chris answered.

"Oh really?" says Ezra. "I'm looking forward to meeting him is there another member?"

"Yep." Buck replied. "The fourth member is a HM Murdock, he is the really crazy one. He lives at the VA Hospital at the phsycho ward he goes by Howling Mad Murdock."

"Well he sounds like fun," replied Josiah.

"Yes he was," Chris replied, "until the war got to him. There is another guy in The A-Team now, too, his name is Frankie Santanna."

"Hey, Chris, how do you know that?"

"Well, Buck, I wasn't really mad at you when you told me you hired The A-Team when I was on the phone before I was talking to Hunt Stockwell."

"Really, Chris, you were talking to him too? I was talking with him last night!"

"Chris, you must be really worried about JD aren't you?"

"Yes I'm worried. We haven't heard anything about his disappearance at all so I was checking on the A-Team - they're really good at what they do. So I called them too."

Buck said "Hunt Stockwell told me that The A-team should be here sometime tomorow."

"Yeah that's what he told me, Buck," Chris said. "I just hope they can get BA on a plane."

"So do I," Buck says. "They'll get him on the plane. We need to find JD fast before it's too late. I really miss JD, Chris. We just have to find him I hope The A- Team can help us."


"Ok, gentlemen, let's start," replies Stockwell. Murdock was busy watching a Woody Wood Pecker cartoon on TV, Face and Frankie were talking about Face's new girlfriend. BA and Hannibal were discussing there plans for the weekend.

Hannibal says to Stockwell, "we just got back from a mission."

"Yeah," Face replies, "we barely got out alive. I was really looking forward to spending some time with Janet this weekend."

That's too bad, Lieutenant," Stockwell says. "This next mission is very important. You will have plenty of time with your friend when you get back."

"I happen to agree with Face, Stockwell," Hannibal said. "We were looking for a little vacation time coming to us when we got back. What's so important about this next mission - who were you talking to on the phone before?"

"I was talking with our next client a Mr. Chris Larabee."

Hannibal and the other's are very surprised to hear the familiar name.

Hannibal replies, "Did I just here Stockwell say Chris Larabee?"

"Yeah, Hannibal," say's Murdock. "Chris Larabee is what I heard too.

"How could you hear anything fool your too busy watching Woody Wood Pecker," BA grumbled.

Frankie replies, "I take it you heard of this guy before, right?"

"Yeah," Face replies. "We were in Nam together. We knew Chris Larabee and a Buck Wilmington."

Stockwell answered. "I talked with him as well. We haven't heard from them since the war what's going on with them, Stockwell?"

"There is a missing ATF agent that they have been trying to locate for a month now there hasn't been any leads on him at all. Are Chris and Buck ATF agents now?"

Face replies. "Yes they're known as Team Seven."

"Their friend's name that is missing is called John Dunne he goes by JD," replies Stockwell. "There's four other agent's in there group Josiah Sanchez. Nathan Jackson, Vin Tanner and an Ezra Standish. You'll be flying to Denver tonight."

BA spoke up. "Flying! Now you know I don't like no flying! If we're going to Denver we're going by train. I'm tired of you guys drugging my milk, hitting me over the head!"

"BA," Face said patiently, "if we go by train that'll take the time we have to find that missing ATF agent. Can't you just go on a plane for once without getting scared?"

BA gives Face a mean snarl. "Hey, Faceman, I remember that you didn't want to go either because you'd rather stay here with your new girlfriend."

"BA's right, Face," replies Murdock. "You couldn't wait to get back to spend some time with her."

"Well yeah, Murdock, answered Face. "But it's different now because we have to help our old friends don't we?"

"Right, Face," Hannibal replied. "We have to find that agent before something happens to him." Hannibal glances at Murdock.

Murdock tries to distract BA by turning up the volume.

BA yells. Hey fool - turn that stupid cartoon down now!"

Frankie slips into the kitchen to drug BA's milk. He returns and gives the milk to BA.

BA thanks Frankie. "Hey, man, that's just what I need." BA drinks the whole glass of milk and then passes out.

"Nighty night, BA," Face says.

"General," replies Hannibal, "We're ready to go to Denver now."

"Great," replies Stockwell. "You'll leave in a couple of hours."


JD felt really tired. He woke up and his head hurt like it was going to split open. He was wondering what time it was. Then JD was trying to think on how he got into this mess. He remembered two big guys knocking him out and putting him in the trunk of a car. JD was thinking to himself that he had to figure a way from escaping his cell.

All of a sudden, he heard Janet coming back.

"Hi JD", Janet said. "How are you feeling, I see that your finally awake now."

JD replied. "Yeah, Janet, no thanks to you."

"Well, JD", replies Janet, "it's your own fault now isn't it. If you haven't been snooping in mine and Buck's affair's then you wouldn't be in this predicament now would you."

"I care about Buck, Janet. I didn't want you to hurt him anymore that you are now. I don't think he will appreciate the fact that your seeing another guy. You're cheating on Buck. I don't think that Buck would care to see you anymore when I was going to tell him about you and this Templeton Peck. This Templeton Peck guy, Buck doesn't know anything about your seeing him, now does he."

"NO, JD," replied Janet. "I didn't tell either one I was seeing both of them at the same time. And I couldn't let you ruin that for me. I care about Buck and Temp."

"Yeah," replies JD, "and that's why you had those two goons kidnap me for you."

"You're getting smart. JD," said Janet. "I couldn't let you tell them about my past now could I. About my mental state I have.You were going to tell them about my split personalities now weren't you."

"I found a lot about you, Janet," JD replied. "And plus the fact that when you don't get what you want you will find a way to get it by killing your own parents even in the fire."

Janet replied calmly. " That was an accident, JD - the house accidentally caught on fire . . . I couldn't let you tell them now could I. You were going to tell Buck and Temp all about my past, and I couldn't let you tell them now could I. Here, I brought you some breakfast. you don't look to well,JD." Janet feels Jd's forehead. "Feels like your running a little fever, and, JD, if your thinking about escaping from here there's no way you could possibly escape this cell. If you even try too escape I'll burn the whole cabin down."

Janet paused then continued. "Of course I'll be long gone by then. And Buck and your friends will never know what happened to you, JD."

"I know they're out looking for me. Buck will never give up in trying to find me. And when they find me, Janet, I'll guarantee that they will lock you up and throw away the key!"

"I doubt that will ever happen," replied Janet. "You're going to be here for a long time . . ."


Murdock landed the plane safely.

"Hey, Murdock," replied Frankie. "That was a really bumpy ride we had."

"Well it's not my fault, Frankie. Face is the one who got us this plane."

"Hey, Murdock," Face said. "Hannibal told me to scam this plane and I did. I can't help it if it's not the best plane in the world."

When everyone was getting out of the plane. They were greeted by Chris and Buck.

"Sure great you fellas got here okay!"

"Well almost." replied Frankie.

"Nice to see you all again," replied Chris.

Hannibal said, It's great to see you, Chris. And Buck here too - -it's sure been a long time hasn't it? Wish we were here under better circumstances though - - hope we find your friend."

"Oh we'll find JD, Hannibal," Buck replied. "There's no doubt about that."

"I just hate to think of what the boy is going through now." Chris replied. "We still haven't any clues on JD at all. It's as if the boy has vanished off of the face of the earth."

"Ok," replied Hannibal. "Let's make some plans to find that boy."

"Yeah," Chris said. "We'll go back to our office and make some plans. I see you got BA on a plane all right."

Hannibal replied, "Yeah we had a little trouble with him like always. Oh oh Face, BA is waking up."

BA was beginning to wake up and he was mad as ever.

"Where are we?" replied BA. "Hey isn't that Chris and Buck from the war? When did they show up?" BA was beginning to get the picture. "Hey you guys put me on a plane again didn't you!"

The other's looked really worried.

"That's right, BA," Hannibal said. "We had no choice, listen you can pay us back after we find that ATF agent ok? You can do anything you want to us after we get back home."

"I'll agree to that." BA replied. "Hannibal, it's going to be fun when we ge back home."

Later on that morning when they got to the office and met everyone, they tried to come up with ideas on how to find JD.

"Well first of all," replied Hannibal, "where was JD the night he disappeared?"

Buck spoke up. "JD was out with his girlfriend Casey. That night they went out to a dinner and a movie afterward. Casey told us that JD was fine after he took her home."

"Why don't we talk with her first?" Hannibal said. "Maybe she missed something."

"Ok," Buck said, "I'll drive you over there."

Chris replied, "Meanwhile we'll search the city again now that we have more manpower. Face and Ezra you two can team up. And Murdock you go with Nathan, OK? Frankie you'll go with me and Vin."

"Hey," BA replied, what about me, who do I go with?"

"Why don't you come with me and Hannibal, ok?" Buck said.

"Great," BA said, but I'm driving so let's get going."

Chris said, "Okay, everyone, we'll meet back here later today. If you find anything out about JD call us right away ok?"

"Let's get moving, Chris," Vin said let's go find the kid."

"This is a good plan, Chris," Buck said. "Come on Hannibal, BA, let's go talk with Casey again."

"We're right behind you," replied Hannibal.

"Mr. Faceman," Ezra said, "I'm really glad that we'll be a team together. I hear that you are a fellow conman like myself."

Murdock replied, "Face is the best conman around, Ezra. He can find a needle in a haystack if he wanted too. You guys will get a long great."

"Really nice to meet you, Mr. Faceman,"replied Ezra shaking Face's hand.

"Only one thing," replied Face. "Call me Face, ok? Just Face is fine, that's what my friend's call me."

"Ok, Face," Ezra said. "Let's go find my friend now."


JD was thinking of a way to try and escape from Janet and her goons. He had to think of a way to escape and soon. JD figured that Buck and the others thought he was probably dead by now.

Janet is going to kill me anyway, JD figured. He was trying to listen to the conversation between Janet and her goons, when JD started violently coughing so badly that he could hardly breathe.

Janet returned to JD's cell. "JD, are you all right?"

"Why do you care, Janet?" replied JD. "You're going to kill me anyway, aren't you?"

"I don't want you dead yet, JD, Janet said. "That cold of yours is getting worse." Janet felt JD's forehead. "You're burning up, JD."

JD replied, " Why don't you call the doctor for me, Janet?"

"Oh yeah right, JD, like I'm going to call the doctor for you so you can try and escape! Do you think i'm a fool, JD?"

"I don't think you're a fool Janet. I think your someone who desperately needs a lot of help."

Janet didn't like JD's reply. Janet got really angry and grabbed JD's hair and slapped him really hard across his face. "I've had enough of you, JD! I was going to go to the store to get you some medicine but after that remark, I'm not going to go now. Maybe I will later if you behave!"

"Janet," JD replied, "I'd like to make a request to you. Let me call Buck or my girlfriend Casey on the phone."

"Are you crazy, JD?" Janet replied. "I'm not going to let you call either of them. They will probably trace the call - - I'm not that stupid, JD."

"Listen, Janet, I just want them to hear my voice. They are worried sick about me."

"You're something else, JD," Janet said. "You can forget about the phone call for now. It's not going to happen."

JD saw that Janet left the cell door open a little bit. He was thinking on how to distract Janet because this might be his chance to escape. JD thought of an idea.

JD started coughing really bad again. Janet leaned over JD and tried to help him. JD seized the opportunity by striking Janet over the head with a plate that was sitting on the night stand next to the bed. JD tried to run for the cell door. But he didn't make it. Janet was just dazed and she pulled out her gun that she was carrying.

"Stop, JD! Or I'll shoot you dead right now - -"

JD turned around, staring at Janet.

"Stay right there, JD! Now come back here and lay down in the bed. Or so help me I'll shoot you right now."

JD's cough kept getting worse. "How far do you think you would of gotten, JD, your are very sick, you would never of made it."

Janet pointed her gun at JD. "Come on now," Janet said. "Move towards the bed."

JD started coughing and he felt very dizzy. He made it to the bed and laid down and collapsed. JD was unconscious.

Janet called to her two henchmen Alex and Rocco. "Hey, you two, get in here!"

"What happened, Janet?" Alex asked.

"He tried to escape," Janet said. He's unconscious now. Listen, I want you to watch him very carefully, OK? When he wakes up, I don't want him to try and escape again."

"What are you going to do, Janet?" Rocco replied.

Janet said, "I'm going to go to the store to get him some medicine for his cold. I'll be back in less than an hour. Alex, you come with me to the store. Rocco, watch him carefully now if he tries anything this time shoot him!"


It was starting to rain, and a brisk wind was coming on. Face was driving, and Ezra was asking Face a lot of questions.

"So, Face, I hope I'm not boring you."

"Oh no you're not boring me," replied Face. "I was just listening to this song they're playing."

"Do you mind if I ask you another question?" Ezra said.

"No, go ahead," Face replied.

"Who taught you your talents about being a conman so to speak. Was it your parents?" Ezra seemed really interested in Face's past.

"No it wasn't my parents. I never had any parent's, I'm an orphan."

"You're an orphan?" replied Ezra. "Sorry to hear that."

"Thanks, Ezra," Face said. "I never knew my parents at all. I guess my talent just came naturally." Face, all of a sudden turned a corner. "Hey," Face said, "looks like a store is coming up ahead. Let's stop there and ask some questions about your missing friend."

"That's a great idea," replied Ezra. "Looks like a storm is brewing up."

"What's the matter," Face said. "Don't you like getting wet?"

"Not particularly," Ezra said.

Face pulled into the store's parking lot.

"Come on, let's go inside," Face replied.

"Hey, Face, I'm going to show the picture I have of JD to the clerk, OK? Look around the store and see if anything suspicious is going on."

"Ok, Ezra," Face said.

"I'll be back in a minute, Face." Ezra went over to the clerk and showed the clerk JD's picture.

While Face was looking around the store, Janet and Alex came in. At first Janet didn't see Face and Ezra. Then when she went to find the cold medicine for JD she bumped right into Face.

"Janet," replied Face, "what the heck are you doing here?"

Janet was stunned - she was awfully surprised to see Face. She didn't see Ezra talking ot the clerk.

She was trying ot think of something to say to Face then she pulled out her gun and told Face that he was coming with her.

"Janet!" replied Face. What's going on with you? Are you nuts?"

"Just come with me, Temp, and I won't hurt you."

"What's this all about?" Face said to Janet. Face was glancing over at Ezra trying to get his attention. Face was trying to distract Janet.

"Move, Face," Janet said. Face all of a sudden, tried to get the gun away from Janet but it was useless. Janet knocked Face out striking him over the head and Face fell to the floor unconscious.

She told Alex to carry Face out to the car. Ezra finally seen what happened, and heard the commotion.

"Don't you move," replied Janet, "or I'll shoot you right now."

Ezra replied, "Janet, what are you doing! Let Face go. What kind of a mess are you in, Janet? I can't believe that your Buck's girlfriend. Buck really doesn't know anything about you, does he?"

"Just shut up, Ezra," Janet replied. "Nobody knows anything about me. Now I want you to step back or I'll kill you right now. Alex, take Face out to the car."

"What about them, Janet, they'll try and follow us."

"No they won't, Alex," Janet replied. "If they'll follow us I'll kill their friends. Now lay on the floor behind the desk."

Then Janet ran for the door and got into the car with the unconscious Face.

"All right take off, Alex. We have to get back to the cabin fast."

That was really close, Janet," Alex said.

"Don't worry Alex. They'll never find us now."


When JD was coming to he still felt very sick. He heard Rocco talking on the phone with someone. JD was wondering if he could get Rocco to let JD make the phone call to Casey or Buck. JD thought of an idea.

"Hey, Rocco," JD yelled.

"What do you want, kid," Rocco replied.

"Do you remember when I asked Janet if I could make a phone call to either of my friend's Buck and Casey?"

"Yeah, what about it," Rocco said.

"I was wondering if you would let me make the phone call. Please Rocco?" JD begged. "Janet is going to kill me you know that. She wouldn't even find out now would she?"

"Not unless we both tell her," Rocco replied. "Allright. I'll let you make the phone call. It wouldn't even matter anyway if you told them where you are because they wouldn't make it here in time and you don't even know where you are. Go ahead," Rocco said. "Make the phone call but be quick about it."

Meanwhile Buck, Hannibal and BA arrived at Casey's. Buck knocked on Casey's door.

"Hi Buck!" Casey replied.Casey was excited to see Buck. "Oh, Buck, did you hear anything new on JD?"

"No, Casey, sorry to disappoint you, but nothing yet," Buck replied. "Can we come in, we'd like to talk with you."

"Sure, Buck," Casey said. "Come on in."

"Casey, these here are my friends. This is Hannibal."

"Hi, Casey," Hannibal replied.

"And this is BA."

"Hi there, little mama," BA said.

Casey was a little overwhelmed at BA's size.

"Ah, he's likable once you get to know him, Casey," replied Hannibal.

"Casey," Buck spoke up. We were wondering if you can remember anything about the night you were with JD, the night he disappeared."

"Buck," Casey said."I told you everything I knew already. He was fine when he took me home. I don't think I could tell you anymore than I already know. I wish I could help you. I miss JD with all my heart, I just hope he's safe."

Just then the phone rang. Casey answered it. "Hello, hello, hello is anyone there?"

JD was really excited to hear Casey's voice. "Casey," replied JD. "It's me, it's JD."

Casey was shocked. "JD, JD, is that really you, oh my god. JD, I can't believe it's you. Buck, it's JD on the phone."

Buck was thrilled. "Casey, let me talk to JD."

Casey gave the phone to Buck. "JD, JD is that really you, son? Where the hell are you boy?"

"Buck!" JD said, "I don't know." JD started coughing really bad .

"JD, are you all right, I can hardly hear you." Then all of a sudden the phone went dead.

"JD, JD, JD . . ." Buck replied.

"What happened, Buck," BA said.

"I don't know. JD was talking and then the phone went dead," Buck replied. Buck hung up the phone. "He sounded really sick or something."

"Well at least we know that he's still alive," Hannibal said.

"Yeah," replied Buck, "but we still don't know where he is. JD never had time to mention where he was."

Just then the phone rang, Casey answered it.

"Casey," replied Ezra. Is Buck still with you by any chance?"

"Yeah, Ezra," Casey said. "Buck, it's Ezra."

Buck replied to Ezra on the phone. "Hey, Ezra, guess who we just heard from - JD. Can you believe it?"

"You heard from JD? That's wonderful!" Ezra replied. "Did he say where he was?"

"No," Buck said. "The phone went dead before he got a chance to tell me where he was."

"I might have a lead, Buck, but this is going to be hard for me to say."

"What's the matter, Ezra," Buck said

"Well, I think I know what might of happened to JD."

"What Ezra!" Buck replied.

"I think your girlfriend Janet had him all this time, Buck."

"Janet? What are you talking about, Ezra?"

"Well, Face and I found this store and we were asking questions. Then Janet came in and she saw Face and knocked him out, Buck."

"Is Face all right, Ezra?"

Hannibal and BA got really worried when they heard Buck mention Face.

"I don't know, Buck," Ezra replied. "Janet took Face with her. So I think Face and JD are with her now."

"How do you know that Ezra?"

"Because she mentioned that if I follow her that she would kill my friends so I think she had JD too."

"I can't believe this," Buck replied. "Ezra where are you at?"

"I'm at a local store. I'll give you the directions." Ezra gave Buck the directions. "I heard Janet mention a cabin, it must be close by."

"Ok, Ezra," Buck said. "Get a hold of everyone and we'll all regroup at the store, ok?"

"We'll be there in a flash. Stay where you are."

"Great," Ezra said, "I'll be waiting." and hung up the phone.

Hannibal replied, "What happened to Face?"

"Ezra and Face were at the store and Janet kidnapped Face. Hey Hannibal, why would Janet kidnap Face? Is she crazy or something?"

"I don't know," replied Hannibal. "I just hope that Face is ok and JD too."

"We're all regrouping at the store," Buck said. "We have to find JD and Face and get them away from that psycho girlfriend of mine."

"Buck," Casey said, "I'm coming with you, all right?"

"All right, Casey," Buck replied. "But you have to stay out of the way. Come on, let's go."

"All right," Hannibal said. "We'll have to pick up the trail at the store. I have a plan."

"Oh man, Hannibal is on the jazz. He's on the jazz."

"Great, BA, I'm glad Hannibal is on the jazz," Buck said. "Let's go find JD and Face and bring them home."


"I had to grab the phone away from you, JD," Rocco replied. "I just heard Alex and Janet coming back now."

"Thanks for letting me make the phone call, Rocco. At least I heard their voices."

Janet and Alex came through the door. Alex was carrying Face.

Janet replied, "Alex, put him in the cell with JD." Alex dropped Face to the floor. JD was very surprised to see Face.

"JD," Janet replied, "meet your new cell mate. Hope you two have fun."

Face was coming to and was looking around at his new surroundings. Then he saw JD in the bed.

"Hey," Face replied. "You're that missing ATF agent we've been looking for. You mean that Janet had you all this time?"

"That's right," Janet replied. "I had JD all this time and it was getting along fine until I bumped into you at the store. Temp, meet JD here you two should become real good friend's you might be here for a while yet. Rocco, did JD give you any trouble?" Janet asked.

"A little trouble, Janet. He wanted to help me to help him escape but I wouldn't let him."

"JD," Janet said. "What did I tell you before what would happen if you tried to escape? You told me that you would burn this place down."

"But I didn't try to escape. Rocco didn't give me a chance."

"Great job, Rocco." Janet came towards JD and slapped him hard across his face. "Hey!" Face replied, "Leave the kid alone, Janet."

"I was going to bring you something to eat but now you'll just have to wait. I'll be right back don't try anything funny. Alex, I want you and Rocco to get me some kerosene from the shed and bring two buckets ok?"

"All right, Janet," replied Alex. What are you going to do with the two buckets?"

"You'll find out when you come back with them, now get going."

Face went over to JD. "Hey kid, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Face," replied JD. "Janet is sure a lunatic isn't she?"

"Yeah," Face said. "I can't believe that I went out with her a few times."

"Me neither," JD said. "I can't believe that Buck is dating her too."

"Buck is dating her too?" replied Face. "Well that doesn't surprise me any with Janet. Hey kid," Face said to JD. "you don't look too well."

"I think I have pneumonia," JD said.

Face felt JD's forehead. "You're burning up, kid. We have to get you out of here. Janet is a real physchopath."

"You don't have to tell me that I already know how crazy she is. I found out that she killed he own parent's in a fire. She's crazy," JD replied.

"She is nut's isn't she?" replied Face. "I hope she doesn't have the same thing planned for us the same way she killed her parents."

JD replied, "How did you get involved in all of this Face?"

"Your friends Buck and Chris hired The A-Team to help find you."

"Wow," replied JD, "they hired The A-Team to find me."

"They sure did," replied Face. "So, now my friends and your friends are all out looking for us now. So don't worry we'll get out of this mess really soon."

"In the meantime we have to think of a way to get out of here before Janet and her goons come back."

Then Face thought of an idea. "Hey. JD, do you know the words to "You are my sunshine my only sunshine?"

JD caught on and started singing with Face.

Janet came back to the cell and asked them what was going on. JD and Face stopped singing while Janet was opening the cell door.

"We're just passing the time Janet. Have to have something to do, you know there isn't much to do in this small cell."

Janet was coming over to JD. Then Face said to JD, "NOW!"

JD got out of the bed and pushed Janet into Face. Janet was trying to struggle with Face and Face wouldn't let her go. Face grabbed her gun that Janet was carrying and knocked her out.

"Come on, JD, let's get out of here and fast."

JD was really weak and could hardly move.

"Here, JD," Face said, "let me help you."

They made it as far as the living room before Alex and Rocco came back with the kerosene, They pointed their guns at Face and JD. Janet wasn't knocked out for long. She came to and was very mad that Face and JD got out of the cell.

"I warned you two didn't I?" replied Janet. "There isn't going to be no more funny stuff now. Stay right where you are. Rocco, Alex," Janet said, "bring me the two buckets with the kerosene in it."

Then she poured one of the bucket's over JD and then she grabbed the other bucket and poured it over Face.

"Janet, you are insane. What the hell are you doing?"

Janet replied, "This will just make you burn faster, Face, hen I set this cabin on fire."

JD started couching really bad.

"Kid, are you ok?" Face replied. JD could hardly stand and he fell to the floor unconscious. "JD, JD," Face replied.

"Don't worry, Face," Janet said. "He's lucky he's unconscious when this cabin will go up in flames."


Everyone was arriving at the store where Ezra was standing outside waiting for everyone.

"Hey, fellas," replied Ezra, "perfect timing. Glad you made it here real fast."

Buck was really excited. "Hey, guys, we just heard from JD!"

How did JD sound, Buck?" Chris asked.

"He didn't sound good at all, Chris," Buck replied. "He sounded really sick. Hey Ezra, did you find out anything on where Janet might have taken JD and Face?"

"I sure did, Buck," Ezra replied. "The store clerk told me that there is a cabin up the hill from here a short distance away."

"Well let's get moving, everyone," said Chris. "We have to get JD and Buck away from Buck's crazy girlfriend."

"We just can't go in the cabin half cocked now," Buck replied.

"Hannibal's got a plan, Chris."

"What's your plan?" Chris asked Hannibal.

Hannibal replied by giving everyone a devilish grin.

"Aw, man," replied BA, "we're going through the front door aren't we!"

"Can you think of a better plan, BA?" Hannibal said. "We'll go through the front door with this," and he held up a grenade.

"Now wait a minute," Buck replied, "I don't want JD or Face to get hurt."

"I wouldn't put them in any danger, Face is my friend. Here's what we'll do first. We'll surround the cabin and so no one will escape. Then see how it goes after that - - we might not even need any heavy artillery"

"Well I hope it doesn't come to that, Hannibal," Chris replied. "I don't want anyone getting hurt."

"Hey, Chris," Vin spoke up. "Looks like the storm has let up a little."

"I don't know, Vin," replied Chris. "The way those clouds look it sure looks like it could pour any minute."

"I say we all storm the cabin right now," replied Josiah.

"I'm with you," Josiah replied.

"Chris, let's all head up there. Ezra," replied Hannibal, "you lead the way."

"We'll follow you, all right. Ok," replied Ezra, "let's get this over with and bring JD and Face back to us in one piece."

"I sure hope that JD is ok," Buck said.

"He sound really terrible on the phone, I could hardly hear him."

"I'll be right there with him, Buck," Nathan replied. "I'll make sure that JD is ok."

+ + + + + + +

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Janet was getting really nervous.

"Alex, Rocco, you two stay here ok?"

"What are you going to do, Janet?" Alex replied.

"You wait here and find out, Alex. Rocco tie up Face, I don't want him to try anything funny."

"What about the kid, Janet?" Alex asked.

"Looks like he's not going to be going anywhere for a while yet now is he?" Janet replied. Before Janet left she turned on the gas. "Don't ask too many questions Alex. Just get going and tie up Face."

Janet left the cabin and went out to the shed to get some matches. She came back out and was going to start a little fire on the roof. Then all of a sudden she heard some cars pulling up to the cabin.

"Damn," Janet said. "I've got to get out of here." Before Janet wanted to get away she started a fire on the roof. Then she fled away in her car. Murdock, Frankie and Josiah saw her trying to escape and they went after her a a high speed, Rocco and Alex were still inside the cabin. The A-Team and the ATF were all outside now. They had the cabin surrounded. Chris was going to shout in the bull horn, but Hannibal asked Chris, OH may I?"

"Sure be my guest," Chris replied.

"All right," Hannibal shouted. "We have the cabin surrounded so come out with your hands up in the air." Hannibal said to Chris, "I always wanted to do that."

Chris and Hannibal smiled.

"What happened with Janet," Rocco asked Alex.

"I think your friend Janet stiffed you guys," Face started coughing really bad as the fumes from the gas were getting to him. He started to pass out.

"This is the ATF," replied Hannibal, "You have two more minute to come out."

"The ATF!" replied Alex.

"What do we do now, Alex?" Rocco said.

Alex looked out the window. "There's too many ATF agents out there - - we don't stand a chance against them. Looks like they have a lot of guns out there. We might as well give up. If I ever find Janet she will pay for leaving us here to get caught."

Alex opened the door and replied. "All right we're coming out - don't shoot."

"Yeah don't shoot," replied Rocco. "We give up!"

"Well that was easy enough," Buck replied. "I'm going in there to get JD."

Hannibal said, "We're right behind you, Buck. BA , help me get Face."

"Let's get this fire on the roof out," replied Chris.

Buck, Hannibal and BA made it inside the cabin where they saw JD and Face unconscious on the floor.

"Boy," Buck replied, "these fumes are really bad."

"BA," said Hannibal, "untie Face and carry him outside."

Buck ran over to JD. "JD, JD, son are you all right?" Buck lifted JD into his arms.

"You got him ok," Hannibal replied.

"Yeah, Hannibal, he'll be ok now that I'm here with him."

"Let's get out of here," Hannibal said. "This cabin might not be around for much longer."

BA already had Face outside. Face was coming to.

"Hannibal, BA." Face replied. "About time you guys showed up. I was getting worried there, like I could have been killed."

"Well it's the same old Face," replied BA.

"How are you feeling?" Hannibal asked Face.

"A lot better now since we finally got out of that cell. How's JD?" asked Face.

"Buck's carrying JD out now. He looks really ill. We have to get him to the hospital right away. Nathan," Buck replied, help me with JD. Open the car door for me."

Buck put JD inside the car.

"How is he, Buck?" Nathan said.

"He's really sick, Nathan. Let's get this thing moving and take JD to the hospital."

With that everyone was speeding off to the hospital. They all heard an explosion from the cabin and then the cabin went up in flames.


It was starting to pour when they all arrived at the hospital.

"Let's get JD out of this rain," Buck said.

They all went inside the hospital.

"We need some help here," Chris replied. A nurse yelled at a couple of aides. "You two bring a gurney over here!"

Buck put JD on the gurney and the aides rushed JD into the examining room.

Buck was following them in.

"Where do you think you're going?" the nurse asked Buck. "You can't go in there."

"The hell I can't," Buck replied.

"Listen," the nurse said to Buck. "I know you're worried about your friend, but it isn't going to do him any good if you keep getting in the way. Now stay out in and wait in the waiting room. I'll keep you informed when I hear something, all right?"

"Buck," Chris said. "Everything will be all right. JD is strong. He'll make it through this ok."

"I know he will, Chris, " Buck replied, "I'm just really worried about him after everything he's been through."

"I'll go see if I can find anything out," Nathan said.

"Face," replied Hannibal, "I think you should get looked over."

"I'm ok, Hannibal," replied Face. "I'm just glad to be back with you guys and away from that psychopath Janet."

"It's great to have you and JD back with us, Face," Hannibal said." I just hope that Murdock, Frankie and Josiah found Janet and bring her in."

Vin came back when he was done talking on the phone. "I just got off of the phone. Rocco and Alex are safely locked away there going to be away for a very long time."

"They sure deserve it," Face replied. Then all of a sudden Murdock, Frankie and Josiah came in the waiting room.

"Murdock!" Hannibal replied Did you catch up with Janet?"

"Sorry, Hannibal," Murodck said.

"Damn, Janet got away," Josiah spoke up. "Sure wish we would of caught Janet."

Buck replied, "I wish you would of caught her too. I don't know how JD is going to take it that Janet is still out there running free."

Face replied. "Ah, Buck, JD told me that Janet was seeing you too. I guess we both didn't know Janet very well did we."

"You're right, Face, I guess nobody ever really knew Janet."

"Yeah," Face replied. "JD was telling me how she killed her own parents in a fire. I guess they never knew her either."

The nurse came back out. "Your friend is going to be fine," replied the nurse. "He has a bad case of pnuemonia. He has a very high fever 104 temperature. But he should be fine. You can all see him now if you'd like."

Buck replied to everyone. "Hey, guys, I'd like to see JD by myself ok? Then you guys can come in when I'm done."

"All right," replied Chris. "But don't take too long."

Buck went inside JD's room. JD was finally becoming awake. Actually he was having a bad nightmare. JD was tossing and turning when Buck came in.

"JD, JD, son it's me, Buck, wake up. JD, wake up, it's me Buck."

JD was starting to open his eyes up. "Buck!," JD replied. "I was having a bad dream."

"About Janet, huh, JD?" replied Buck.

"Yeah, Buck," JD said, "did you guys arrest her?"

"Sorry, JD, I don't know how to tell you this but Janet got away."

JD looked crushed."Don't worry, JD, we'll find her, you can count on that. Rocco and Alex are already in custody."

"Hey, Buck," JD replied, "I knew you wouldn''t give up in finding me."

"You got that right," Buck said.

"How's Face?" JD asked Buck. "Face told me that you and Chris hired The A-Team to help find me."

"We sure did! Everyone is outside waiting to see you."

"Well send them in, Buck, I can't wait to meet them all."

Buck opened the door. "Ok, guys, you can come in now."

Chris replied to JD. "Hey, JD, great to have you back how are you doing, kid?"

"Like I've been hit by a truck," JD said.

"It's sure great to have you back with us,JD."

"Thanks, Josiah," JD said. "I'm glad to be finally out of that cell Janet put me in."

"Boy, that Janet was sure one crazy lady, wasn't she, JD?"

"That sure is an understatement, Face," JD replied. "So you are all right then?"

"Oh yeah," Face replied, "I'm fine. Sure wish Janet wouldn't of gotten away."

"We'll find her won't we, Buck?"

"We sure will, JD," Buck said.

Then there was a loud crack of thunder from the storm. The lights almost went out.

Ezra looked out the window. "It sure is storming out there now."

Hannibal spoke up. "Well our job is done here now that JD and Face are safe and sound and back with us. I think we should be getting back home."

"Yeah," replied Murdock, "I left my dog Billy with Stockwell."

"Hope your dog is ok," JD asked Murdock.

BA replied, "That crazy fool, he ain't got no dog. His dog's invisible."

"Think maybe you guys better wait to fly back home until the storm gets over," Chris said.

"Plane? What plane?" BA replied. "We're not going home on no plane. We're going home by a train."

"We'll leave just as soon as the storm let's up," Hannibal said to Chris.

"Hannibal, we ain't flying back home now are we? Remember what you said - - I get to pay you all back when we get home."

"Murdock want's to get home, BA, to see Billy."

"Don't encourage him, Hannibal, the fool's getting worse."

Frankie saw JD's glass of milk on the tray next to JD's bed and whispered to JD. "Hey, can I borrow your glass of milk?"

"Sure go ahead, Frankie," replied JD. When BA wasn't looking Frankie put a couple of knockout pills in the milk.

"Here, BA, have some of JD's milk, he doesn't want it anymore. What a growing boy like you should do is drink all of your milk." Frankie handed BA the glass. BA drank the whole glas of milk and passed out immediately.

"Well," Hannibal said, "it's time we head for home. Let us know when you find Janet ok?"

"We sure will," replied Chris, "and we' definitely will find her, JD. She'll be going away for the rest of her life."

Everyone was saying there goodbyes.

And JD replied to Buck. "Hey Buck?"

"Yeah, JD?" Buck said, "what is it?"

JD said, "It's sure great to be back."

"It's sure great to have you back where you belong," Buck said. "And i'm not letting you out of my sight again."


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