Maverick Men

by Monica M.

Disclaimer: The M7 characters in this story belong to MGM; the Maverick characters belong to Warner Bros. and I've made no money out of it.

Rating: PG

Note/Comments: I don't believe that you have to have seen Maverick, the movie, to enjoy the story, but it is a great movie, and Mel Gibson is in it. Anyway the idea for this story came from watching the character of Annabelle Bransford in the movie and thinking that she could very well be a young Maude. That sparked an overactive imagination and the rest is history. Speaking of history, I claim ignorance of the timeframe for the Maverick movie, so if it turns out that it's an impossibiltiy for Maverick to be Ezra's father, just suspend disbelief for a little while, please. A great deal of this story is narrated by Bret Maverick, so anything in italics are his thoughts.

Thanks: To Debbie for giving me all the encouragement in the world and for 'relighting the flame'. You're the best, pard.

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