Monday Night Fever

by SueN.

ATF Universe

"C'mere," Chris urged, reaching down to draw the younger man once more into his arms. He cradled Vin against him -- Tanner's legs over his own, the tousled head at his shoulder, against his cheek -- and wrapped his arms about the slender frame. "You're a damn marvel, you know that?" he asked, cherishing the rightness of the feel of this body against his.

"Y'ain't so bad yourself, cowboy," Vin murmured, resting contentedly against his lover. "Ain't ever had nobody make me feel like you do."

"And how's that?"

Vin smiled. "Wanted. Really wanted. Not just 'cause'a somethin' I c'n do for ya or somethin' I c'n give ya, but just wanted 'cause I'm me."

Chris shifted slightly and moved Vin away just enough that he could look into his eyes. "You are wanted, Vin," he said in a low voice roughened by emotion. He reached up and gently pushed the thick hair away from that face, then stroked Vin's cheek with his thumb. "You're wanted, and needed. Don't you ever forget that."

Vin sighed and laid his head back against Chris's shoulder. "Kinda hard to, when ya hold me like this. Ain't had a lotta this, either."

Chris chuckled quietly. "Well, get used to it, pard, 'cause you're gonna have a lot of it from now on." He laid a cheek against Vin's head, then frowned at the TV screen. "Well, I'll be damned!" he breathed.


Chris laughed aloud. "Two-minute warnin', pard. And your Cowboys are up by... Jesus, look at that! The score's 41 to 17!"

"WHAT?" Vin yelped, sitting up abruptly, his face flooding with joy. "Shit, there ain't no way Washington can come back from that in two minutes! Goddamn, Chris, the Cowboys're gonna win!"

"Sure looks that way--"

"Here they come," Vin murmured, leaning forward and watching intently as the Cowboys defensive unit all but strutted back onto the field. Washington's player looked dazed, disoriented, like they'd been hit by a train they hadn't seen coming. "Hell, they cain't believe it, either!" he crowed.

Watching what remained of the game was like watching the tail-end of a slaughter, and Vin couldn't have been happier to see it. The Dallas defense swarmed over the field like flies over honey, pounding running backs and receivers, deflecting passes, and chasing Johnson around in the pocket until it seemed he couldn't see straight. Vin cheered every hit, disputed every penalty Dallas drew, and shouted for ones he was certain should have been called against Washington.

By the time the Dallas offense returned to the field, it was all over but the crying. With less than a minute left, Aikman dutifully took a knee every time he touched the ball, which also drew Tanner's wrath.

"Aw hell, that's chickenshit!" he rasped. "They coulda run at least one more play--"

"Vin," Chris sighed patiently, "the man's had more concussions than you have. There's no need to risk him gettin' hurt again just because you wanta see Dallas run up the score and grind Washington into the dust. Now, look--"

"YESSS!" Vin shouted, jumping up as the final whistle blew. "We won! Shit, it's about fuckin' time!" He would have jumped again, but was abruptly taken into strong, imprisoning arms, spun about and roughly kissed. "We won," he whispered, melting into that mouth and that body.

When he felt Vin press against him, Chris growled and grabbed Tanner's arms, then shoved him down onto the couch. Towering above the smaller man, he stared down into those wide, hazy blue eyes, and grinned wickedly.

"Cowboys always win!" he said slowly, deliberately, delighting in the visible tremor that rippled through Tanner's body. "Remember that."

Vin stared up at the long, lean body displayed in all its naked splendor before him, and ran his tongue over his lips. "I'm a slow learner," he rasped, feeling a hot thrill shooting from his head to his feet as his hungry gaze took in the power and beauty that was Chris Larabee. "Reckon I c'd use some remindin'."

Chris bent forward, leaning over Tanner and placing his hands against the back of the couch, on either side of Vin's shoulders, imprisoning the smaller man between them. Bowing his head, he pressed his mouth to Vin's and kissed him slowly, deeply, drawing a breathless moan from his lover. He feasted for long moments on Vin's lips, thoroughly explored every bit of that delicious mouth, launched a ruthless, relentless assault against Tanner's already reeling senses.

"Lucky for you," he murmured huskily, moving his mouth from Vin's to trail it with a burning slowness along that finely chiseled jawline, "that I've always been a big believer in remedial education."

Tanner tried to answer, but merely whimpered instead as that demanding, masterful mouth destroyed his ability to think. He slipped his arms about Chris's neck and pulled him closer, aching to feel his lover against every part of himself.

Chris kissed, licked and bit his way to Vin's ear, then sucked and nipped at the tender lobe before slipping his tongue into and around the delicate shell. His breath fanned hotly against Tanner's skin, and Larabee could feel the younger man trembling against him, could hear the ragged rasp of his quickened breathing, and knew his evil, wicked lover was entirely at his mercy.

"Payback's a bitch, Tanner," he breathed into his lover's ear.

"Yeah," Vin moaned, digging his fingernails into Larabee's powerful shoulders. "Oh, God, Chris," he begged, "pay me back some more!"

Chris chuckled low and deep in his throat, and proceeded to do just that. With careful attention to every one of Tanner's most sensitive spots -- the flesh just beneath his ears, the nape of his neck, the junction of his neck and shoulder just above his collarbone, the throbbing pulse-point in his throat -- Chris made love with his mouth to Tanner's neck and shoulders, kissing, biting sharply, then licking, delighting in the small whimpers and soft moans he tore from the sharpshooter. Ordinarily, Tanner was so calm, so capable, so completely self-possessed, that nothing satisfied Larabee more than reducing him to this state of almost mindless desperation. With that reserve of his shattered, Vin could hold nothing back, would respond with the frenzied wildness that Chris so loved in him.

And now to get him there...

Vin stiffened and cried out hoarsely as that hot, demanding mouth closed about one nipple and sucked ravenously, as a forefinger and thumb closed about his other and began rolling and pinching it into hardness. Another hand slid around to his back and slowly snaked its way down, stroking, kneading, rubbing, long fingers igniting a raging fire under his already burning flesh, merciless mouth sending waves of pain and delight coursing through him. He could feel himself trembling uncontrollably and straining against Chris, could hear himself begging and pleading, but could not understand his own words.

Oh, but, God, God, he needed!

"What, Vin?" Larabee whispered, alternating between the two dark, taut nipples and tonguing each of them in turn. "What do you need? Tell me, Vin. Tell me so I'll know."

But Tanner only whimpered again, clutching at Chris and trying frantically to pull the man closer to him, thrusting his hips upward in a mounting frenzy. Unable even to form words, he simply grabbed one of Chris's hands and slid it to his crotch, pressing it desperately to the tortured hardness there.

"Please!" he finally managed to rasp, moving Larabee's hand over him and urging him to stroke.

Chris raised his head from Vin's chest and gazed into that flushed face, those wide, unfocused eyes, and took pity on his partner's pain. As Vin moaned harshly and dropped his head against Chris's shoulder, shuddering violently in raging hunger, Larabee cradled him close for a moment and tenderly kissed his head.

"You in pain, pard?" he asked softly. Vin only nodded against his shoulder, and Chris kissed him again. "Then let me help you." He gently pushed Vin against the back of the couch, and smiled at the taut bulge straining against his worn jeans. "Yeah, I guess that would hurt. All right, let's get you some relief." He knelt before Vin and carefully unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans, then, with feeble help from Vin, lifted Tanner's narrow hips and stripped him of the jeans, smiling wickedly as he noted the young man's lack of briefs. "Sure of yourself, ain'tcha, Tanner?" he teased, lightly slapping one slim thigh. "Smug little... Jesus!" he whispered, his own hunger rising abruptly at the sight of Vin's thick, weeping cock. "Goddamn, Vin, the things you do ta me!"

But Tanner was more concerned with the things he wanted -- needed -- Chris to do to him. He was so hot, so hard, and half-feared he would die if Chris didn't help him soon. He licked his lips repeatedly, his head moving frantically from side to side, and moaned thickly in torment, thrusting his hips against nothing and reaching down to take himself in his own hand.

"No you don't," Chris warned, grabbing Vin's hand and holding it in his, lacing their fingers together. "This is mine. Gotta let me take care of you." He bowed his head and placed a tender kiss against the leaking slit.

"JESUS!" Vin howled, almost jerking off the couch. "Chris--"

"Ssh, ssh," Chris soothed, grasping Vin's hips and holding them down. "Easy, pard, easy. I'm gonna make it all better soon."

Tanner was gasping for breath and moaning, his whole body twitching in agony. His thick, rigid cock ached and throbbed unbearably, and he wanted desperately to touch it, to rid himself of this pain, but could not move his hands. They were held at his hips by Larabee's steel grip, and he almost sobbed in frustration.

Chris would have liked nothing more than to play with Vin a while longer, but he knew his lover was in agony, was painfully near the edge, and could not bear to prolong his suffering. Starting at the base of Vin's rock-hard shaft, he slowly licked his way up, hungrily tonguing the thick vein, then, as Vin bucked and cried out again, took him whole into his mouth.

"Ah, God, CHRIS!" Vin shouted, thrusting violently into the silken wetness, nearly undone by the feel of that exquisite mouth about him. He tore his hands free and buried them in Chris's hair, pulling Larabee down as he drove himself upward, his whole body on fire. He clutched at Chris and uttered thick, wordless cries, thrusting and straining into him with a mounting desperation.

Chris took Vin as deep as he could, reveling in the taste of him. He sucked greedily at his lover's swollen cock and squeezed his heavy balls, knowing he did not have long to wait. Tanner's frenzy was fueling his own hunger, stoking his own fire, and he could feel his own flesh rising and twitching with resurgent need.

Tanner was like a goddamn drug, and Chris Larabee was well and truly hooked!

"Oh, God... God... Chris... God..." Tanner could feel it coming, the fierce and furious tide building, churning, rising, and he let it claim him. He threw back his head and thrust into Chris's mouth, driving his fingers into his lover's shoulders and screaming as it hit him. "CHRISSS!"

Tanner erupted into him, and Chris welcomed the stream, relishing every drop. He sucked and swallowed and milked Vin for still more, mouth working at Tanner's cock, hands working at his balls, as he sought to appease his hunger. But he knew it was no use, knew the moment he'd first tasted Vin he had become utterly insatiable.

They could do this all goddamn day, and it still wouldn't be enough!

At last, spent and empty, Vin groaned hoarsely and collapsed against Chris, breathing heavily and trembling uncontrollably, completely wrung out. To his great relief -- and deep pleasure -- Chris rose from his knees and returned to the couch, then once more gathered him into his strong arms and held him close. Vin nestled his head against Chris's shoulder and closed his eyes, smiling slightly and laying a hand over his lover's heart, feeling its beating matching that of his own.

"Don't thick I c'd ever get tired'a this," he murmured contentedly. "Hell, I ain't sure I'll ever even get used to it."

Chris reached up and took Vin's hand in his, holding it against his chest. Not for a moment was he tempted to make light of Vin's words, for he was slowly coming to understand how deeply felt they were. It still appalled him to realize how very little love Vin had known in his life, how often and how badly he had been hurt by those who should instead have been protecting and caring for him. Tanner's trust had been so repeatedly and so cruelly betrayed in his youth that, as an adult, he could rarely bring himself to give it to another. But, as one of the precious few to whom it had been given, Chris had long ago determined to do whatever it took, to pay any price, to bear any burden, to make sure he never did anything to violate it.

And if he had to spend the rest of his life convincing Vin of that, well, there were far worse ways to spend a life!

He slipped a hand under Tanner's chin and tipped his head back, smiling into those deep blue eyes. "Then maybe I should start getting you used to it," he breathed, lightly rubbing a thumb over that beautiful mouth. "I want it to be the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. I want you to know, every minute of every day, how I feel about you, how much I love you, and how thankful I am that I have you. I want it to become as much a part of you as breathing. I want you to be able to forget everything else that's ever happened in your life, except that I love you."

Vin stared up at him in silence, eyes wide and dark, his heart and mind filling with those words. He raised a hand and slowly traced the strong lines and hard angles of that finely sculpted face, loving this man as he'd never imagined he would ever be able to love anyone. In all his life, the only safety and security he'd ever known were those he knew here, with Chris Larabee.

"I want you ta show me," he murmured, resting his hand against Chris's cheek. "Show me how much. I want you ta make love ta me. I mean," he blushed and bowed his head, suddenly realizing how demanding he must sound, "if'n ya don't mind." He swallowed and shrugged, still staring downward. "If'n you're too tired, I understand--"

"Hush," Chris ordered softly, lifting Tanner's head and silencing him with a kiss. "I'm not too tired, and I don't mind at all." He grinned wolfishly, and watched the younger man's blush deepen. "Besides, Tanner, there are some things in this life much more enjoyable than sleeping. And you happen to be just about all of 'em." He kissed Vin again. "Come on, let's go in the bedroom. I'm not takin' time to build a fire, and you're startin' to shiver. A few minutes more out here, and you'll be turnin' blue."

Vin laughed softly and got to his feet. He had no idea why he felt the cold more acutely than Chris, knew only that he could take a chill in a minute and have it linger for hours. But he also knew that, however cold he got, one of his chief pleasures in life was letting Chris warm him up again.

The man was better than a pair of wool socks!

Nonetheless, by the time he got to the master bedroom, he was only to glad to jump into the bed and dive under the pile of thick comforters, pulling them up close to his chin. Chris, a few steps behind him, laughed at the familiar sight -- nothing visible of Vin save his face and long hair -- and, shaking his head, went to the dresser and pulled open a drawer. Rummaging around briefly, he pulled out a thick gray wad and tossed it to Tanner.

"Here, put these on," he ordered. "If I know you, by now your feet are like ice, and I'm not lookin' forward to feelin' 'em shoved up against me."

Vin pouted at his lover, his blue eyes accusing. "If you really loved me, you'd be glad ta warm 'em up."

Chris arched a blond brow and crossed his arms against his chest. "I do love you, but I ain't no goddamn foot-warmer. Besides," a slow, lascivious smile spread across his face, "there are other parts of you I want to warm up. Now, put on the socks, or I'll do it for you."

Tanner sat up at that and grabbed the socks. Chris knew exactly where on his feet he was hysterically ticklish, and was not above using that knowledge for his own evil ends. Scowling darkly and muttering under his breath about pushy senior agents, he pulled on the socks and, despite his most stubborn intentions, was immediately grateful for their warmth.

"There," he sulked, sitting Indian-style in the middle of the bed and staring up at Chris, "you happy now?"

Larabee had to admit that he was. With his long brown hair tumbling about his face and over his shoulders in disordered curls, his blue eyes dark and deep, his lips pouting and that strong, slender body naked except for the socks, Vin Tanner was probably the most gorgeous creature he'd ever seen. And the man was all his. Forever.

"Oh, yeah," Chris breathed, feeling the heat and hunger stirring in his groin, "I am definitely happy now!"

Vin saw the flush of desire spreading beneath Larabee's flesh, saw the rising and twitching of his cock, and absently licked his lips in anticipation. He let his eyes travel slowly over that beautiful body, admired the broad shoulders, the powerful chest, the trim waist and flat, hard stomach, then shuddered and exhaled unsteadily as he beheld the narrow hips and what awaited him below them. Chris's thick erection brought him immediately to full and aching hardness, and he slowly unfolded his legs and stretched them out before him, then reached down and began stroking himself.

"Wanta gimme a hand here?" he invited in a hoarse, husky drawl.

Chris growled and leapt onto the bed like a big cat pouncing on its prey. He pushed Vin back against the pillows and covered the lithe, lean body with his in one graceful move, snatching Tanner's hands away from his cock and pinning them down against the bed. With another low growl, he bowed his head and claimed Vin's mouth with his in a hungry, bruising kiss.

They came together with the primal ferocity that was theirs alone, mouths joining, legs linking, hips thrusting and grinding furiously. Harsh, wordless cries escaped them as they ravaged each other, hands clutching, nails raking, frantic mouths and hands greedily devouring everything they touched. Fire swept through them, sped by pounding, racing blood, and raging flesh screamed for relief from the heat.

Never lifting his mouth from Vin's chest, feasting upon one taut, hard nipple, Chris reached blindly for the bedside table and yanked open the top drawer. Feeling around, he finally found what he sought and yanked it out, popping open the lid with a thumbnail. Only when he had it did he raise himself to his knees. He stared down at Vin through glittering green eyes, his chest heaving, his body bathed in sweat, his heart hammering wildly against his ribs.

"Tell me again what you want!" he demanded harshly, his own need more than he could bear.

Vin was in agony, his eyes closed, his head thrashing, his body writhing in the tangled sheets. He wanted -- needed -- to thrust, but Chris had him pinned too firmly between his powerful legs, and he could not break free. A wrenching sob of anguish tore from him and he reached with shaking hands for his hideously aching cock.

"Want... you!" he rasped, stroking and pumping himself. "Oh, God... Chris... Chris... please... make love... to me!"

Chris reached down and gently unwound Vin's hands from himself, smiling at the younger man's pained whimper. "Don't worry, pard," he assured his lover, "I'm gonna make it all better real soon."

He poured a generous amount of oil into his hands and rubbed them together, warming the lubricant before applying it to Vin. Then, speaking softly to his writhing lover all the while, he placed his hands on Vin's inner thighs just below his groin and began stroking upward, with each sweep bringing them closer to Vin's weeping cock.

"Ssh," he soothed as Vin bucked and cried out. "Just let me take care of you."

Tanner arched his back and groaned harshly, then clutched tightly at the pillow beneath his head, knowing Chris would, indeed, take care of him, but praying he would hurry. "Cain't last!" he ground out through clenched teeth.

"Won't have to much longer," Chris assured him. He poured more oil into his hands, warmed it, and slathered it over Tanner's thick erection and heavy balls. Then, pulling Vin's legs over his own thighs to raise Tanner's ass off the bed, he slid two oiled fingers over the dark, puckered hole behind the balls.

"JESUS!" Tanner howled, bucking violently as that touch sent spasms of white heat charging through him. "Chris, please..."

Chris clenched his teeth, his own cock twitching at Vin's reaction. He was leaking in anticipation, but knew better than to rush. Fighting to hold himself -- and Vin -- in check, he stroked the hole again, then slipped one oiled finger into it, rimming and stretching carefully. His breath was tearing from him in harsh, heavy gasps now, and Vin was pleading incoherently, but still he willed caution upon them both.

Not for all the pleasure in the world would he cause Vin pain...

But Tanner was already in pain, and feared he might die from it. As a second finger slipped into him, he cried out hoarsely and tore his hands from his pillow to plunge them once more to his throbbing, weeping cock, desperate for relief. Again, though, Chris pried them away and forced them back, and Vin cried out in frustration.

Chris worked the tight ring, felt it give, and inserted a third finger. With his other hand, he began oiling his hard, thick staff, not wanting to lose a moment when he knew Vin was ready. And as soon as he felt the muscle soften and give way, he pulled out his fingers and pressed the head of his cock at Tanner's opening, then carefully inserted himself.

"Oh, God!" he gasped as he slipped inside, as Vin's tight, moist heat engulfed him. "Jesus, Tanner, so good... Sweet Jesus, yes!"

Vin stiffened and gasped harshly at the momentary burning, but immediately felt pain give way to pleasure. Chris was moving so slowly into him, but it was a slowness he craved, a chance to savor the exquisite fullness and heat of his lover, a chance to feel his body making way for and welcoming Chris. He wrapped his legs around Chris and pulled himself up higher on him, opening himself further, eager to feel the man embedded fully in him.

And soon Chris was, his thick flesh completely sheathed in Vin, his heat fully buried in Vin's. Then he leaned forward and began to thrust, his sure, strong strokes tearing cries from both of them. And when their rhythm was established, he reached for Vin's cock and began to pump him, his hands working in time with his hips.

Vin was driven wild as Chris worked him inside and out, as Larabee took control of his body. Wave after wave of searing, pounding pleasure swept through him, stripping him of all conscious thought. He could do nothing now but feel and react, and those reactions were growing ever more frenzied. He thrust himself frantically into Chris's hand, and did all he could to drive Chris more deeply into him. He writhed and bucked wildly, clutched at Chris and dug his nails into him, uttering wordless cries all the while.

Chris was almost as far gone as Vin. Again and again he plunged into his lover's tight, hot chasm, undone by the feel of Vin's closeness about him. He could hear himself murmuring, but had no idea what he was saying, knew only that he could not get enough of Vin. He leaned farther forward still, pumping harder at Tanner's cock and driving deeper into his passage, giving free rein to his lust.

Vin thrust against Chris in a mounting frenzy, driven almost mad by the man's movements inside him. All at once, though, Chris slammed against his pleasure spot, then hit it again, and Tanner howled as the force of it exploded through him. He bucked violently and thrust wildly into Chris's hand, feeling the hot tide surging through him. Again Larabee hit that spot, and Vin came with a shattering force, shooting forth his seed and screaming out his lover's name.


The violent bucking of Vin's body against his and the pungent smell and feel of Tanner's seed coating his skin combined to send Chris over the edge. The boiling wave slammed through him, and he cried out harshly as his burning flesh erupted into his lover's body. He threw back his head and thrust furiously, pouring every ounce of himself into Vin.

"Jesus!" he gasped when at last he was empty. Withdrawing carefully from Vin, he collapsed onto the bed and drew Tanner to him, cradling the slight, spent body tenderly against his own. "God, Vin, you are incredible!"

Vin raised brilliant sapphire eyes to his lover's face, smiling contentedly at the older man. "Y'ain't so bad yourself, cowboy," he rasped, reaching out to run gentle fingers through Larabee's sweat-damp hair. "Some workout, huh?"

Chris chuckled quietly. "If that don't get the ol' heart pumpin', nothin' will." He raised up on one arm and smiled teasingly down at Vin. "So, we gonna do this every time the Cowboys win?"

Tanner frowned. "Aw hell, Chris, if we wait for 'em to win, we might never do this again!" he grumbled. "Ain't like they're winnin' ever' game, y'know."

"No shit!"

Tanner scowled darkly. "Watch it, Larabee," he growled. "They may suck, but they're still my team, so's you'd best have some respect!"

Chris smiled and leaned forward, kissing him softly. "Got all the respect in the world for you, pard," he murmured against Tanner's lips. "So I'll cut your team some slack. Besides," he reached out and ran gentle fingers through Vin's hair, "I've always admired loyalty in a man."

Tanner grinned and snuggled closer, slipping an arm about Chris's waist and pressing a leg between Larabee's. "Ain't loyalty," he murmured against Chris's chest, rewarded by a sharp intake of breath from the older man. "I reckon I'm just a sucker for cowboys."

Chris exhaled unsteadily and shuddered as Vin's thigh rubbed slowly against his groin. "Uh, Vin--"

"Shut up, Larabee," Tanner growled, pushing the older man onto his back and climbing atop him. "You talk too damn much." A slow, evil grin spread across his face, and pure wickedness shone in his eyes. "Don't you know what time it is?" he asked softly, straddling Chris's hips and running a forefinger lightly down his heaving chest.

Chris stared up and shook his head, mesmerized by the gleaming blue eyes, the provocative smile, and the light touch that had his heart doing flip-flops and his cock twitching to new life. "No," he croaked helplessly, reaching up to caress those sinewy thighs. "What time... is it?"

Vin gave a low, throaty laugh and leaned down, running his tongue over Larabee's lips. "It's time for the post-game show!"

Chris groaned, then shuddered involuntarily as that tongue swept over his jawline and down his throat. Post-game show...

Jesus, Tanner really was gonna kill him...

But, goddamn it, it'd be a helluva way to go!


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