The Zoo

by Heather F.

ATF Universe

Disclaimers: Not Mine No money made etc.

Acknowledgements: Mitzi, Wendy H., Debbygerl (Karla evil chic), My sister..she had to fortitude to dig through my school notes on certain species, (She promply gave up on my handwriting and dug into the encyclopedia.)

Warnings: My English grammar book kept my refrigerator level for years.

All technical errors are mine, Grammar snafus mine, Spelling errors =Mine...Don't recognize a word most likely fictitious and therefore mine by default. Sr. Ella Jane should be banging her forehead against her desk.

The Zoo setting---Is fictitious. The Denver Zoo did or does have two Polar Bear Cubs that were hand raised named Klondike and Snow. The layout is based on animal preserves and zoos that I have visited.

Size: Approx 142K

Chapter 1 - 2

Chapter 3 - 5

Chapter 6 - 8

Chapter 9 - 11

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