A Long Winter's Hike

by Patricia

ATF Universe

Part 1

The old pick-up truck moved slowly along the road, Christmas lights reflecting up off the wet pavement. The two occupants inside were too tired to make much conversation. Buck Wilmington and Josiah Sanchez had been working eighteen-hour days for the last month, as had the rest of the mag seven team. The caseloads had suddenly taken off on the team and Chris Larabee was forced to divide his team up into small groups to match the demands.

Inside the truck were boxes of files containing to their last case, the two men were hoping to finish up this weekend at Buck's apartment. With so many cases going on, the office was turned upside down and the two men were looking forward to some peace and quiet. All they had to do was make sure Buck's resident roommate JD, stayed away.

Buck pulled around to the back of his building and parked. " Its JD's turn to cook supper tonight, or at least I think it is, it's been weeks since we've been home at the same time. He snuck out early tonight, needs to pack for his trip to Montana tomorrow. With all the laundry piling up around the place, I would bet he doesn't have a clean pair of boxers to his name."

A string of half burnt out Christmas lights lit the path up to the patio doors. Buck had hassled the kid for his two minute decorating job, but neither man had any time to do anything else to prepare for the holidays. Buck wasn't laughing now, the lights being the only reason he saw the ice at the bottom of the step. He and Josiah each carried a box of files with more in the truck yet, one month of paper work. " Don't you guys ever shovel back here?" Grumbled Josiah as he slid on the ice and snow. He was not in the mood to pick up the hundreds of files that he now carried off the wet ground. Wished he had listened to JD, and transferred them on to disc before packing all these papers over.

"Come on Josiah, that's why I live with that short little guy, we will make him get off his sorry butt and carry in the rest. In the mean time, I will make us a couple of drinks, and we will sit in front of the fireplace. Relax, warm-up, watch JD work, life will be good again!" Buck smiled at the thought, while juggling the box and the keys. He was still smiling when he slid open the doors and walked right into a big bushy thing. "Ahhh!" he yelped, the box flying out of his hand and papers scattering everywhere.

Josiah was about to toss his box and pull Buck back, but really did not want to pick up wet papers, so instead he reached around the wall from the outside and turned on the light switch. Josiah started to laugh. "Ya, you go ahead and yuk it up, partner, don't think I didn't notice the grand gesture you were going to make. Do I drop my box and save Buck from unknown peril, or make the ultimate sacrifice and save the paper work first? Glad your watching my back." Buck growled, trying to retain at least an ounce of dignity and glared at his assailant.

There leaning against the patio door was a tall, crooked Christmas tree already turning brown, with bald spots from missing branches.

"God!" mumbled Buck. "Trust JD to bring home a Charlie Brown tree, two weeks before Christmas and leave it in the house instead of outside. It almost poked my eye out, well now he can come and pick up these papers, as well as carry in the rest of the boxes!"

There was evidence of JD's presence scattered throughout the living area, so Buck knew his young roomie was home. The computer desk was littered with disc's containing to his, Vin's and Ezra's case. His runners were thrown haphazardly beside the desk and his coat was dumped on the floor behind the computer chair, where he had tried to hang it and missed. The stereo was turned down low, playing something Buck did not recognize and would not like anyway. Buck shook his head and kicked the runners over on to the doormat. He had been after JD to start wearing winter boots, but the kid would just smile and continued on wearing shoes. Buck was not sure how much of that was just youth or how much was done to just bug him. Next time it snowed and JD needed a ride Buck was going to drop him off a block away and make him walk, maybe soaking wet feet would smarten him up.

"Hey Buck." Josiah woke him out of his musing, " you going to get your little buddy out here, and mix me my promised drink, or not?"

"Sorry Josiah, pull up a chair and I'll see where he is hiding." Said Buck as he made his way towards JD's bedroom door. How he ever found his way to his bed was a mystery to Buck, it resembled the locker room down at his gym. On the floor intermingled with today's jeans lay hockey skates, various rackets, tennis balls and a volleyball. In the corner stood his new 2001 Extreme lacrosse stick, only 2 months old it looked like it had been in many battles already. On top of it hung a new halter for his horse that he kept out at Chris's ranch. JD himself was asleep, his face buried beneath his blanket, a mop of unruly dark hair the only part showing. His bare arm thrown across his pillow, like he was hugging someone.

Shaking his head, Buck just about jumped out of his skin when Josiah suddenly appeared beside him.

"Wow, he must really have been tired to not hear us come in, making as much noise as we did!"

"Yeah, these long hours are taking a toll on all of us, he usually is up long after me, playing on that computer of his. Let's not complain and enjoy the quiet. Man, how someone that small can talk so much is beyond me." Buck turned and quietly closed his roommate's door; he knew how tired the kid was, because he felt just the same. The boxes could wait until after they had something to eat.

"Come on Josiah, I'm buying." Whispered Buck, turning around and heading towards the kitchen.

The two men walked down the hall casually discussing the day, Buck reached for the light switch, then both men froze as the room became ablaze with light.

At the kitchen table sat a stranger drinking a cup of tea from Buck's favorite mug, with a pleasant smile on his face, but it was the four other men pointing guns at them, that really got their attention.

Part 2

Buck could feel the slow flush of anger move up his neck and onto his face. He glanced over quickly to Josiah standing beside him. Josiah gave a slight shake of his head, as if to say, don't do anything stupid Buck, lets just see where this is going.

Buck turned back to look at the man sitting at the table when it hit!

"Oh my god JD!!" He had been so still and quiet when they looked in on him, had these guys done something to him already?

As if reading his mind the man at the table set the coffee mug down and smiled again at Buck. "Don't worry about your young partner Mr. Wilmington, he has been sleeping comfortably ever since we let ourselves in. How comfortable any of you will be soon, will be up to you three."

"Well, you won't mind if I go check on him myself then?" Said Buck as he turned to go back down the hall to JD's room He never made it a foot before a gun was shoved in his face.

" I am sorry Mr. Wilmington, but I must ask you to remain here for the time being, Mr. Dunne will be joining us soon enough. Now if you don't mind, we will have your side arms, we don't want any accidents while we are here."

The two men looked around at each other, accessing the situation, trying to decide what their chance at being heroes was. Not good!

"Please I asked you both nicely, I really don't want this to get ugly right off the bat. Thank-you, wise decision gentlemen." The stranger smiled at them once again, as the two agents grudgingly removed the guns from holsters hidden under their winter coats.

"Okay," said Josiah. "You have our firearms and our attention, who are you, and what do you want? You apparently know us, that puts us at a disadvantage."

"Well, Mr. Sanchez, you are at a disadvantage whether you know my name, or not," the stranger said, pointing to the firepower directed at them. "Let's wake up your roommate, shall we Mr. Wilmington, then I only have to ask my questions once as I really dislike having to repeat things." He paused for a moment, "On second thought, I think I will have a couple of my associates assist him in joining us." He said, indicating towards two of his men.

"No way!" Thought Buck. He hadn't spent much time looking at the other four men in the room, but after a closer inspection he realized he didn't want any of them near the kid. The smallest man looked Buck right in the eye, and outweighed him by twenty pounds.

Buck spun around and kicked the man nearest him behind his knee, making him drop to the floor; all he wanted was to get to JD's room first.

Buck took a running step when he heard a grunt and was knocked down from behind. Josiah was struck in the side of his head with a rifle and got caught up in Buck's feet causing them both to fall to the floor. Four guns pointed down at them again and before Buck could yell out a warning in JD's direction a gun connected to his head.

" I'm sorry kid." Mumbled Buck as he fought to keep away the blackness that threatened to overtake him.

Part 3

"Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep!!! God Buck, shut up, shut up, shut up!!!"

JD felt himself being pulled closer and closer to consciousness, but he wasn't ready to go there yet. "Sleep," he told himself, "just keep your eyes closed, you don't have to be up yet, you just went to bed, sleep." There, quiet again. Drift off, yeah.


" Damn it Buck, you have those three stewardesses here again, where do you find the energy?" JD grumbled as he pulled his pillow over his ears and burrowed down further under his comforter.

He and the other members of the Magnificent Seven, as the other law enforcement branches called the group of seven ATF agents, had been working non- stop for the last month. Unfortunately, at least by JD"s standard, it was all slow monotonous paper work and foot work. It all being a necessary part of the job, but JD really wished they could mix it up with some exciting busts, or even some surveillance work. Heck, he had hardly even seen Buck during most of this time and they shared an apartment. He didn't usually mind spending hours at his computer, but because he was the resident expert, he spent almost as much time digging up information for other agents as he spent on his own workload. Chris finally had to put a stop order out to the other branches, they were going to have to find another work horse, JD was wearing down trying to keep up with it all. Now to top it off, he had to fly to Montana for a symposium he did not want to take.

Warmth wrapped around him again, as he sank back into oblivion, letting himself go.

"Hey, what's going on?" A hand pressed over his mouth and light assaulted his eyes, he blinked in a panic, trying to get a grip on what was happening to him. Hands, like talons gripped his arms, pulling him up out of his comfy domain.

His eyes finally started to adjust to the light and he was able to make out two men, two very large men, who each had one of his arms. He didn't know who they were, but instinctively knew he was in big trouble. He fought and struggled as they dragged him towards the hall. As they started though the door JD got his legs kicked up against the door jam, and pushed back with all his strength. The two assailants were forced to let go of his bare arms, feeling his freedom JD tried to scoot past the two men and head out his bedroom door. He made it past the first guy, who had tripped over his skates, but the second man managed to reach out and catch JD's pajama bottoms and spin him around into the wall. That gave them enough time to grasp his arms again and pull him towards the living room.

"Buck!" He cried out, part of him wanting his friend near, but a bigger part hoped he was safe, away from here. JD kicked the wall to make noise, but his closest neighbor was an eighty-year-old deaf widow, he knew there would be no help from that quarter.

His heart sunk as they pulled him around into the living room, Buck and Josiah were leaning up against the couch, hands and feet bound, blood slowly dripping off both agents jaws.

He didn't have time to even make eye contact with Buck, before he was tossed to the floor and his arms twisted painfully behind his back. Sure, quick hands tied his wrists together and the more he fought the tighter they became. He then felt hands slide up to his head and grip his long hair, dragging him to his knees and depositing him between his two friends.

JD shot his captors a look of defiance, like a cocky bantam rooster. Josiah, and Buck both elbowed him back, forming a protective wall around him. Buck figured he had first dibs on shooting the kid and wasn't about to let these guys jump to the front of the line. JD still lacked some of the experience necessary, to know when to be aggressive and when to sit back and listen. The two older agents were going to make sure he had all the time he needed to learn those lessons of life.

Part 4

The five men who had taken over Buck, and JD apartment, spread themselves around the living room, none seemed to be in a hurry to explain what was going on. All were dressed in expensive business suits and though all had casual attitudes, the three agents could tell they were not new at this. They all handled their weapons with an ease that was second nature. The man who appeared to be in charge, got up out of the armchair he had been sitting in and headed back to the kitchen area.

"JD, you forget to lock the door again, I can't see anywhere that they broke in?" Buck asked the small agent sitting between him and Josiah. The two roommates were always facing the wrath of Chris Larabee for leaving doors unlock and the alarm system shut off. The guys never worried about it, they lived in a nice neighborhood, not like the place Vin Tanner called home, besides they were trained ATF agents. Who would be stupid enough, or brave enough, to break into their home? Unfortunately, they now knew five men who would.

" I locked the patio door's when I came home with the tree," answered JD, "and you locked the front door when we left this morning." JD was starting to shiver, as the adrenaline of being dragged from his bed wore off, he wished he had on more then pj bottoms. "You know who these guys are?" He whispered, even though the four men were watching him.

"Well, Mr. Dunne, I guess we should introduce ourselves, since technically we were not invited into your home." They looked up as the man reemerged from the kitchen, once again drinking out of Buck's coffee mug. "Another mark against this guy," thought Buck, "now I have to get a new cup, not even disinfectant will be able to salvage it.

"My name is Ian Macalister, I'm not to sure my compatriots feel the same need to share their names but manners dictate you call them something. So, why don't you call the gentleman on your right Slick, the best break and enter man in the business. Out of respect for your apparent advanced age Mr. Dunne, you can call your two friends there, Fred and Barney." Macalister pointed to the two men who dragged him from his room. This just earned a dirty look from the young agent. "Last, but not least we have Rock." Before them stood the biggest of the five men, he even made Josiah look small.

"Oh this looks like it could get ugly boys and you know how I feel about ugly!" Mumbled Buck, "you got any prayers for this situation, Josiah, I would say them now."

JD just sat frozen to the spot, staring at the giant to his left.

" I need some information from you, regarding a client, as I will call him for the time being," Macalister started speaking again, snapping JD out of his daze. " This information would have past along your desk's in the last two days and now my boss needs it. Seventeen days ago the ATF made a bust in a deserted warehouse on the west side, one of our main competitors was arrested. He is going to be put in the Witness Protection program for turning state evidence. There are going to be a lot of angry people out there if he is allowed to do this. We are not in that group, however we will be angry if he disappears before returning something that he stole from my boss. Something that will cost us a whole pile of money, if its not returned. All I need from you is the address where he has been hidden until his court case and then you will go away for a few days until we finish the job, no one gets hurt and we all come away happy."

"And, if we don't wish to share this information with you, if we even have it, there are eight other ATF teams in this city alone, we are not privy to everything, what then? Asked Josiah. "Are you willing to face the consequences, you are already up to assault and battery and unlawful confinement of law enforcement officers, how much more are you willing to risk, just so your boss can get whatever he had stolen back?"

Macalister just cringed at the spiritual man. " Don't say I didn't warn you if you decide to not cooperate, but it really would be better for us all if you do. I am a civilized man, but I can't say the same for all my associates and while I don't advocate violence I use it if I have too. Are we clear on that now."

"Okay mister you are full of fancy talk, but do you have a name for this person, or are we supposed to just guess. I am getting really tired of sitting on my floor, tired of you being in my house and tired of the damn kids teeth chattering in my ear. At least get him some clothes to put on, the last thing I need is to have to look after him if he ends up sick." Buck snarled, his back was starting to hurt sitting on the floor and his head hadn't stopped pounding from getting nailed in the kitchen earlier. Josiah wasn't feeling any better and he didn't have a feel on the kid yet except he was being awfully quiet for JD.

He looked over at JD, and received a glare Chris would have been proud of, probably shouldn't have made the comment about chattering teeth and looking after him. Doesn't help to make him feel sixteen in a roomful of criminals, when they all ready know he is in law enforcement, just because he looks that young.

"Name is Roberto T. K. LaPierre, and you just have to tell me where he is and this will be over."

The three agents looked at each other, there was so much paper work coming into the office lately none had looked at anything new in days. The name didn't mean anything to any of them and none had heard about a bust in the west side in the last month.

Buck had hoped they could give them some information to buy more time and maybe get word to the rest of the team somehow, but he had nothing and could tell by looking at Josiah and JD they didn't know anything either.

Macalister also watched the agents faces, "Aw, damn," he thought, they are all really good actors or they don't know anything. He was going on a hunch that this team would have the information; no one knew which team had made the actual raid, but he thought not much got by this group. He nodded to Rock, "let's see where this goes."

The three men on the floor watched as the huge man walked towards them, Buck automatically started to shift over in front of JD, ignoring the elbow the kid stuck in his side. He can take care of himself next time.

Rock reached down and gripped Buck by his shirt and with one hand lifted him off the floor, tossing him against the wall. Buck was thrown with so much force his shoulder went through the gyp rock, hitting the stud behind.

Both JD and Josiah yelled out, as Josiah was then thrown across the room, flipping over the computer chair before coming to rest against a closet door.

JD started to scoot backwards on his butt across the carpet trying to put as much distance between himself and the massive man as he could. As Rock reached for him JD kicked out with his feet, catching him in his nose, the sound of bone breaking could be heard all around the living room.

Rock let out a bellow and gripped his face in both hands. JD tried to turn over, and regain his feet, when his head ran into the knees of this Barney guy, the one who had tripped over his skates while dragging him out of his bedroom earlier. The man reached down and pulled JD up by his hair. "Your going to be sorry for that kid, Rock always prides himself on his looks, he's not going to be so pretty with a broken nose."

JD dropped his shoulder, and rammed it into Barney's midriff, knocking the wind from the man; he released JD to clutch his stomach. Turning JD spun to his left as fast as he could, not sure which direction to try and go in. Suddenly both feet were knocked out from under him and he came down hard, sliding across the carpet, getting rug burns on his bare torso. Hands the size of dinner plates, gripped his tied arms and hair dragging him towards the kitchen. He struggled to get his feet back under himself, his arms and stomach burning from the strain. When he couldn't stand he tried to at least shake the hand off that held his hair. He hadn't had it pulled this bad since he was seven and got in a fight with ten year old twin sisters, over ownership of a candy bar.

As they reached the kitchen, JD was thrown up against the counter and held there. Rock pushed up against his legs, grabbed the back of his head and slammed him face first down onto the counter top.

"Let him go, you son of a bitch, get your hands off him!" Buck screamed as the other men hauled him and Josiah into the kitchen, throwing the two men down onto the cold linoleum.

"Enough." Macalister spoke in a controlled voice. "This doesn't have to go any further, just give me the address I asked for, no one has to get hurt."

Buck and Josiah sat staring silently at Macalister, both were so angry they were afraid of what would come out of their mouths.

"Have it your way," Macalister walked to the sink and began to fill it up with cold water. "I don't think you really want to see Rock doing what he does best."

Rock slowly took his weight off the young agent and pulled him around, so they were face to face. Blood dripped off JD's lip from where it connected with the counter. Rock leaned in, his hot breath rolling across the kids face and down his neck, and chest causing him to shiver. "This may or may not be over kid, no one breaks my nose and just walks away!"

"If it wasn't so big it wouldn't have gotten in the way." Shot back JD. Everyone watched as a red hue slowly climbed up the large man's face.

"We all love you JD, but sometimes you have to learn to keep your mouth closed." Josiah thought to himself, "and this was one of those times."

"Now, one more time gentleman, I need an address. No one?"

Rock suddenly grabbed the back of JD's head again and submerged him under the water in the sink, holding him there. JD kicked out catching the large man in the shins but Rock just wrapped his mammoth thigh against the back of JD's legs, not allowing him to move, before pulling his face out. He came up sputtering, shaking the frigid water off his face as it dripped down his back and chest.

"We don't know where this guys at, give us some time and we will see what we can find out." Josiah yelled at Macalister. Buck lunged up, he didn't know what he was going to do, but somehow those hands were coming off the kid. A fist in the stomach knocked him back to the floor and JD yelled at him to please stay there.

"Address, please. No?"

Under JD went again, struggling, trying to twist out of his tormentors grip, but just couldn't match the strength of the other man. Rock held him under longer this time and then again, and again! Each time for a longer period, JD had no fight left, he came up choking, fighting to fill oxygen starved lungs, gasping, coughing to get rid of the water he had been forced to inhale.

"Stop!!" Screamed Buck. "The only one of us who can retrieve that kind of information, you're going to drown!"

"Hold up for a moment, Rock. Lets hear what Mr. Wilmington has to say, well Mr. Wilmington get to the point."

"We don't have that information, but someone in the ATF does. JD's the only one of us with enough computer smarts to hack in and retrieve it for you, kill him, and you kill your chances at getting answers."

"Okay, we will try it your way, but if this does not work, you will all die, starting with your young friend over here."

JD stood, barely, sandwiched between the counter and Rock, using them both to remain on his feet. He struggled to push away from Rock, but couldn't get any leverage with his hands tied behind him. Rock, sensing the kid's discomfort pushed up tighter against him, making it harder to get air in his already screaming lungs.

"Okay!' Snarled Buck. "We see how tough you are, why don't you try on someone who is not half your size? Let him go and lets you and I see who's the better man."

Rock just smirked and continued to look down on the young man, then slowly stepped back half a foot. Making a fist, he then started making slow motion gestures as if he was going to punch JD in the face "Breath with this runt."

Macalister's sharp voice stopped the thug in mid swing "Now is not the time, Rock, let him go, we have a more important job to do then you beating up juveniles."

"Juvenile, who you calling juvenile?" Even in his weakened state JD bristled at being taken less then serious, bad enough when his friends did it, but it really got his goat when the criminal element did it.

Suddenly, though JD wasn't sure which was worse, leaning on the over muscled goon for support, or finding the cold linoleum coming up to meet his face when Rock moved. ‘OHH!" he managed to hiss out as his body crumpled, hitting hard, unable to stop the downward spiral without the use of his arms.

Buck and Josiah both tried to lunge to their feet to help their young friend; Macalister pushed Buck back down, but allowed Josiah to keep moving. "JD, son, breath slow, don't try taking such big gulps, that's it, slow steady breaths." Josiah got down on his knees and talked softly to JD. As the rasping breathing and cough started to slow down, JD struggled to sit back up, but ended up falling against Josiah, "easy son, just ride it out." Josiah felt a small nod of thanks, as his shirt soaked up water from JDs hair.

"Okay, we don't have time for this, lets go kid." Slick reached over Josiah's shoulder and yanked JD to his feet. Half dragging the smaller man, Slick headed back in the direction of the computer.

Josiah got his legs underneath himself and returned to his feet, turning towards Buck, he whispered under his breath, "You see away out of this, I'm coming up blank myself." "Nope,' answered Buck" JD's the computer wizard; I'm hoping his circuits aren't malfunctioning from all that dunking and he can figure something out."

Part 5

JD vaguely remembered Buck making a comment about hacking into a computer system and retrieving a file. Unfortunately it was during one of his unsolicited swims, and he didn't get the gist of the whole conversation. Not that he was having any better luck following the conversation now, just staying on his feet felt like the biggest challenge he had ever faced. Slick ignored the kid's condition and easily half dragged, half carried the small agent back to the living room, where his computer was situated. The remaining men in the kitchen formed a convoy, with Buck and Josiah in the middle and also returned to the front room.

Slick shoved JD down into the desk chair and turned on the computer, the start page leaped on to the screen startling him. The picture kept dancing before his eyes, making him feel nauseous.

Buck and Josiah looked at each other from the couch where they had been forced to sit, concern written on their faces. JD looked like he had never before seen the computer that now sat in front of him, he just stared at it through the wet bangs that stuck to his forehead. Rivulets of water formed a creek, running down his cheek and dripping off his jaw, before finally splashing on his chest.

He was still making rasping noises, but his breathing had finally slowed and he had stopped coughing up water. He tried to shake the cobwebs from his mind and concentrate on what they were asking him to do. "Can you please untie me?" he finally managed to sputter out.

"You got a plan B," Josiah whispered to Buck. "I don't thing JDs ready for this yet."

"Hell no, I don't have a plan B, I was hoping JD was going to be able to come up with something on his computer, remember? Besides you have seniority, why don't you come up with something, why do I always have to be the one to come up with the plans. So far tonight you have just sat around, whining to me about our situation, not once offering constructive feedback, waiting for me to get us out of this. You think that I invited these malcontents into my home, like I did this on purpose just to inconvenience you from what? You have a heavy date tonight that you forgot to tell me about Josiah, Maude in town and, you don't want Esza finding out, or maybe one of them high falutin spiritual meetings you try to drag the rest of us to?' Buck started out at a whisper, then let his voice get louder and louder, trying to distract the men who surrounded them.

"Silence!" An exasperated Macalister finally shouted, near the end of his patience.

"You finished your tirade yet Buck, hell yeah, I hold you responsible for this, if you hadn't been so damn lazy about moving a few boxes I wouldn't be here. You have some date, or maybe a multiply of dates planned tonight, you couldn't wait to get here and dump the work on to poor JD."

"Shut up!" Macalister tried again, after being ignored the first time.

"Don't give me lectures on accountability you pig headed, hey, don't push me!!!"

"Untie my hands, I'll take of this brainless moron right now, should have gotten rid of you years ago, saved the team a whole lot of unnecessary stress and aggravation."

"Enough, or I will shoot you both right now, you told me yourself that the kid was the only one who can get into the file. I don't need either of you." Macalister bellowed again, while Slick stuck his gun under Buck's nose for added effect.

"Fine, but I don't want to sit by him anymore." Growled Buck.

" If you insist like acting like children, I will tie you together in the rocking chair, now can it." Macalister turned away in exasperation from the two older men to concentrate on JD. "Okay kid, time for you to go to work."

Buck glanced at JD, who sat at the computer with a stricken look on his face; this situation was bad enough, why were the two people he needed the most right now, going after each other? They were going to get themselves killed before JD had a chance to figure away out of this mess.

Buck smiled that slow smile that JD knew so well, the one that said everything was going to be okay, just follow me. JD looked from Buck over to Josiah, who gave him his famous wink, as if to say, gotcha kid, better stay awake if you are going to hang with a couple of old characters like us.

Nothing got JD going faster then when his friends fought amongst them selves. The seven men had such a good thing going between them, he was afraid it would suddenly just disappear one day. His teammates knew this and hated putting on the scene they just did, but right now they needed JD and it was the fastest way they knew to get him out of his daze.

JD nodded his understanding and turned away. God he was so tired and uncomfortable as the water continued to drip off his hair and run down his back and chest. He closed his eyes just for a second. "Please, can you untie me, I'm really slow pressing the keys with my nose?" It was time to go to work.

Part 6

Macalister was really starting to regret his decision to incarcerate these three particular agents. Any of the seven would have access to the address he required, or at least so he had believed at one time. Just move in, threaten one and the other would sing like a bird, it seemed like a simple plan at the time. Buck and, JD were the logical pair, as they lived together and Macalister had heard they had a very tight bond. Josiah just got caught in the line of fire, but now Macalister stood in the corner of the living room and rubbed his temples as if to help get rid of a headache. The two older agents, when not fighting with his men, were fighting with each other and the so-called computer genius looked like he was ready to collapse. He liked things to flow smoothly; that's why he had been given this assignment. He seldom had screw ups; however this road was getting bumpy. He looked at the men who had accompanied him, but they just waited for his orders, none of them were exactly the sharpest knives on the shelf, except Slick and he just sat back to watch. "Okay, time to get this little party under way gentleman, Rock go into the kitchen and get our hosts something to drink, and Slick take the kid into his room so he can change." Macalister clapped his hands together. "Lets go men, chop, chop." Nonchalantly, the two men moved to do what was requested of them.

Slick reached over and pulled the kid to his feet, Buck made a move to follow, but Macalister stopped him. "Relax Wilmington, he won't be harmed, we will just let him dry off and put on something warmer. Maybe then he will be able to concentrate, and we can get out of here." Buck was not happy watching his roommate disappear out of his line of vision, so kept his eyes focused on JD's door, and listened for any trouble.

JD stumbled across his bedroom floor, tripping over a tennis racket; he just couldn't seem to get his legs to pick up his feet. He looked around his room, if he could find away to escape from Slick, maybe he could make it out his window and get to a phone to call for help, he just wasn't sure what he could do with his hands still tied. His gun was locked in a safety box and placed in his closet on the top shelf, the key hanging in his nightstand. That was not going to be the solution. "Come on JD, think, what would the guys do if they were in this situation? JD looked over towards his lacrosse stick, if he could just get his hands on it.

"Hey!" Grunted out JD as he was suddenly thrown face first down on to his bed, a knee to his back keeping him there. "Don't even think about it kid, I wasn't born yesterday." A knife appeared out of now where and sliced the bonds that had been around JDs wrists, his arms melted down off his back, coming to rest on the bed. His shoulders didn't have the strength to move in their sockets; he couldn't have lifted his lacrosse stick to hit anyone, even if the opportunity had presented its self. He closed his eyes and just let his body sink into his bed, it felt so good to lye there, if only they would leave him to rest for a few minutes.

JDs eyes flow open and he let out a gasp, as fingers started to slowly rub circles on his bare back, moving up into his hair, and then slowly down towards his pajama bottoms. He cried out as he forced his aching arms to bend and push himself over on to his back. Slick laughed at the look on JDs face, "relax kid, you're not my type, I like them long, blond and female, I'm just messing with your mind." With that, he tossed a pair of jeans on JDs stomach, got off the bed and went to stand by the door.

"You son of a..." JD shot a defiant exclamation Slicks way, but knew he didn't have the energy for a confrontation; so just let it drop for now.

Painfully he pulled himself up to a sitting position, wiggled out of his pajama bottoms and started to pull on his jeans. "Nice shorts kid." Slick smirked at the Daffy Ducks, covering JDs boxers.

JD just ignored him, but made a note to himself, don't let Casey buy me any more underwear. The guys thought it was really cute when JDs girlfriend had given them to him for his last birthday, they didn't make him feel masculine, or sexy, but he had to admit they were comfy. They also were the reason some bad guy was laughing at him. Until now his biggest concern had been getting in an accident when he had them on, and having some nurse see them.

Groaning, he next stood up and walked over to his dresser, picking out a tee shirt and hooded sweatshirt from the drawers, slowly sticking sore arms into the armholes. They hurt going on, but JD relished the warmth they provided, he struggled with the socks, but finally was dressed again.

Buck and Josiah both jumped when the bedroom door opened and JD returned, they had heard JD call out, but had been helpless to do anything about it. The kid smiled at them, to let them know he was okay, but Buck was still in a rage and if Josiah hadn't leaned over on him, would have tried going after Slick anyway.

Making his way over to the computer, JD sat down and booted it up once again. He slowly started punching keys, trying to formulate a plan in his mind. Soon a twinkle flashed in his hazel eyes and his fingers started dancing across the keyboard. Buck and Josiah settled into the couch, feeling useless as they watched JD work, but the kid was in his element again.

"All right," thought JD, "Now I just need one of the guys to be working on their computer and for them to figure out what all this data means."


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