Vin thought he just might go crazy from the feelings Chris was awakening in him. He'd had few lovers in his life, and, of them, perhaps only one or two who'd cared enough to try to please him. Now, though, Chris was making a determined, thorough and masterful attempt to do just that and much more, and Vin was nearly giddy from the effect.

Hell, Larabee had turned his body into an altar and was worshiping at it with his mouth and hands!

But Chris had only begun. Working quickly, but without sacrificing gentleness or care, he removed Vin's jeans, smiling when he saw that Vin himself had taken off whatever else he'd been wearing beneath them. At long last, Larabee's hungry gaze rested upon the lithe, lean body that had been invading his dreams for so long now, and he stared down at it in rapt adoration, drinking in Tanner's naked beauty, his soul filling with the wonder of this miraculous young man.

Jesus Christ, what had he done to deserve this?

Overwhelmed by the wealth and depth of feelings Vin inspired, he lowered himself over him and claimed Tanner's mouth with his own, saying with his kiss what he never could with mere words. As Vin closed his arms about him and arched his body upward to meet him, Chris was suddenly swept by the extraordinary sense of being home.

"God, Vin, don't ever leave me!" he whispered roughly into that wet and welcoming mouth. "I'd be lost without you!"

"Ain't leavin', cowboy," Vin assured him. "We both bin lost too long. 'N I reckon it's high time we was finally found."

Chris crushed his mouth to Vin's and devoured the young man with a ferocious urgency, abandoning all restraint. Swept by twin currents of love and lust, he loosed upon Tanner the full force of his passion, as if seeking to burn from him the memories of every man he'd known before Chris Larabee.

Vin gasped and shuddered as the hard, demanding mouth and powerful hands claimed and consumed him, as the deep kisses and devastating caresses sent white-hot waves of excruciating pleasure crashing through him. Chris's mouth burned against his, seared down his throat and over his shoulders, while the restless fingers blazed a fiery path down his chest and across his stomach, igniting raging flames in his blood. And each time those lips or fingers charted new territory upon his body, he felt fresh tongues of fire stabbing through his tortured cock.

"Oh, God... God... Chris!" he gasped, clutching at Larabee and writhing beneath him, against him, in a mounting frenzy.

But Chris only continued and intensified his actions, leaving no part of his young lover unexplored. He stroked, pinched and sucked Vin's nipples, kissed paths along his ribs, tongued his shallow navel, and swept his lips down the trail of fine brown hair that pointed the way to the much thicker thatch of brown curls surrounding his stiff, twitching cock. But he ignored that cock for the moment, and instead showered slow, wet kisses over the tender, sensitive flesh of Vin's inner thighs, and blew warm, soft breaths against them. When Vin whimpered and reached for his needy cock himself, Chris took his hands, pressed kisses into their palms, then gently pushed them away.

"No more doin' yourself, cowboy," he murmured. "That's my job now."

Vin whimpered again and reached for Chris's hand, pressing it to his swollen, aching flesh and thrusting himself against those fingers. "God... Chris... please... need... need ya... hurts!"

Chris's head came up at that, and he studied Vin carefully, noting the flushed, sweat-bathed face, closed eyes and rapid breathing. He wanted to love the man, not torture him, and suddenly realized how close he was to crossing that line.

"Sorry, cowboy," he breathed with a flash of guilt. "Guess it's been a while for you, too, huh?" He smiled slightly and nodded. "All right, pard, I'll get on with it--"

"Wait," Vin groaned. Opening his eyes, he reached again for Chris's hand and held tightly to it, staring through glazed, unfocused eyes at his lover. His love. "You said... you said you trust me," he gasped. "That true?"

Chris frowned. "'Course it is. What the hell kinda question is that?"

Vin licked his lips and clung to Chris, trying to gather his thoughts, trying to will away the demands of his aching cock. "I... I wanta..." The words stuck in his throat as Chris's gaze bored into him, but he forced them out, refusing to be denied. "I wanta be... inside ya when... when I c..." Goddamn it, why was this so hard? "I wanta be inside ya when I cum!" he said in a rush, closing his eyes tightly and bracing himself for the furious rebuff.

Chris saw that, and had enough presence of mind to bite back his instinctive refusal. His hesitation, he knew, sprang from his own uncertainty, even fear, but he also knew that if he said no, Vin would see it as a refusal of him, and as another blow from someone he'd trusted.

From someone who'd said he loved him.

"You're gonna have ta help me out here, pard," Chris said softly, swallowing his fear. "Like I said, I've never done this. It's all new ta me."

One blue eye opened, followed slowly by the other. "You mean..." He frowned up at Chris, not sure he understood. "You mean, you ain't mad that I... that I want..."

Chris chuckled quietly. "Yeah, Vin, I'm pissed as hell that somebody as beautiful and as desirable as you wants ta make love ta me," he teased gently. "Fact is, I'm so pissed I'll prob'ly shoot ya just for askin'." He winked. "After you're done, of course."

Vin blinked in shock. "After... You mean you..." He sat up slowly, frowning in utter bewilderment. "Are you sayin' it's okay?"

Chris sighed deeply and shook his head. "Y'know, Tanner," he said with exaggerated patience, "I know you're from Texas and all, but, Jesus, one of these days you are gonna have ta learn English! Yes, it's okay. No, I ain't mad. Except that we seem ta be wastin' an awful lotta time talkin' when we could be doin' somethin' else."

Vin blinked again, then smiled broadly as understanding finally dawned. "CHRIS!" he shouted, abruptly launching himself at the older man and knocking him back, then leaping atop him. "Lord God, I love you!"

Chris wondered dazedly how he had gotten on his back with his sharpshooter perched atop him. "Uh, Vin," he gasped, "this ain't... part of it, is... Ohhh," he groaned as that hot, wet mouth descended once more upon his. "Okay," he whispered, twining his arms about the sinewy body, "I definitely like this part."

"Gonna like it all," Vin growled, nibbling at Larabee's lower lip. "I promise."

Chris had more than a suspicion that Tanner was right. That magic mouth and those talented hands were again working his body into the frenzy of arousal, igniting fire under his skin, sending the blood pounding and racing through his veins, shooting jolts of electricity through his nerves. And all at once he was reciprocating, kissing, licking and biting whatever part of Vin he could reach, stroking, fondling and caressing that taut, firm body, the two of them locked in a primitive, primal expression of the passion that was fueled by love.

"Ain't gonna hurtcha, cowboy," Vin whispered into Chris's ear, his snake-like tongue following his words. "Jist gonna love ya." He sat up slowly, sliding his hands down Chris's chest, and gazed down at the golden man beneath him, his blue eyes almost black with desire. "You remember when I told ya... I wasn't no virgin?" he asked softly. "Well, maybe that ain't exactly so."

Larabee's blond brows shot up. "You wanta explain that, pard?" he asked dryly.

Vin blushed. "What I mean is... in all the times before..." He swallowed hard as the words seemed to stick in his throat. "I wasn't ever the one... inside. Didn't nobody ever want me that way. I'se always the one bein' taken." He shrugged slightly. "Or that's how I thought of it. As bein' taken. But," he frowned slightly, thoughtfully, "with you, it ain't gonna be takin'. It's gonna be givin'. Or that's what I want it ta be. I'll be givin' myself ta you. First time I ever give myself ta anybody." He cocked his head slightly to one side and gazed thoughtfully down at Chris. "Reckon that kinda makes us both virgins, huh?" he asked quietly, slowly stroking Chris's chest. "Be the first time fer us both, one way or another." He smiled brilliantly. "'N my first time's gonna be with you!"

Chris had to chuckle at that look of almost childlike delight. "And mine's with you, cowboy! Just, uh," he suddenly remembered the zeal with which Tanner had tackled him only moments before, "try ta be gentle, okay?"

Vin swept one hand slowly over Chris's chest, and with the other gently brushed the blond hair back from Larabee's face. "Ain't gonna hurtcha," he breathed again, his eyes going darker still. "Y'know I wouldn't hurtcha fer the world, don'tcha?"

Chris arched a brow and swept a lustily appraising glance over the naked form above him. "Guess you ain't packin' no concealed weapons," he rasped. "Unless they're in your socks."

Vin gave him a lopsided grin and shook his head. "Nope. Only weapon I got's right here fer God 'n all the world ta see." He brushed a hand over his swollen cock. "'N it's all loaded 'n ready ta rock 'n roll."

Chris eyed the thick, stiff flesh appreciatively and felt his own grow harder still. "Just you keep the safety on a while longer," he ordered. "I don't want no premature firin' on my range."

Vin again leaned over him. "Don't tell me my business, Larabee," he growled into Chris's ear. "I ain't the sharpshooter in this outfit fer nothin'."

Chris had the perfect retort about goddamn mouthy Texans being more talk than action, but lost it when teeth sank sharply into the flesh at the junction of his neck and shoulder. Then Vin was licking and kissing the bite -- and everything else he could get to -- and Chris lost the power of speech entirely.

While he nibbled and sucked at Chris's inviting, irresistible neck, Vin's hands kneaded the broad, powerful shoulders, then slid slowly down that long, sculpted chest. His mouth followed his fingers, sucking at nipples, pressing kisses to the curve of ribs, licking and biting smooth flesh. Fingers, lips, teeth and tongue worked their way downward, paying tribute to a work of art, while he marveled that such beauty was his.

Chris was groaning and writhing in pain and pleasure, unable to muster a coherent thought through Vin's assault upon his senses. The mouth and hands reached his hips, gliding over his lower abdomen, and a hard shudder racked him. His aching cock was hard as steel, demanding attention, and instinctively he reached for his throbbing flesh.

"Eager, ain'tcha?" Vin rasped. "Well, that's all right. Reckon I cain't wait much longer m'self." In fact, he thought, it was a true wonder he'd held out this long. He slid between Chris's legs, his hard cock rubbing against Chris's as he moved, and both he and Larabee shuddered at the sensation. "All right, cowboy," he breathed hoarsely, reaching for the lube he'd tucked under the comforters, "now's when I need ya ta trust me. I'm gonna go slow, don't wanta hurtcha, but I need ya ta tell me if'n I do, all right?" Chris could only nod, was trembling uncontrollably and panting through his mouth, and Vin leaned over to kiss him again. "Don't worry, pard, I'm gonna make it all better real soon."

He found the lube and laid it next to him, then grasped Chris's thighs. "Need ya ta scoot down some," he instructed. "Git yer legs over mine 'n yer ass up."

Chris tried desperately to think, to concentrate, to do as Vin said. But, Jesus, he needed... "Thought... thought I had... ta turn over..."

"Not with me, cowboy," Vin said gently. "I wanta see ya, wanta be lookin' in yer eyes when I'm inside ya." A slight, soft smile curved about his mouth. "We're makin' love, r'member? 'N I reckon folks who make love oughtta be lookin' in each other's eyes when they do it."

Chris nodded tightly, feeling as if he'd simply burst into flames at any moment, and scooted down, somehow managing to get his legs over Vin's thighs. But the sharpshooter's thick, rigid cock brushed against his ass, and he nearly came on the spot. "Jesus!" he gasped in torment.

"Easy, cowboy," Vin soothed. "Won't be long now, I promise." Reaching for the lube and opening it, he squeezed a generous amount into a palm and thickly coated his hands and cock. Speaking softly, soothingly to Chris all the while, he closed the tube and dropped it, then slid his oiled hands slowly over Larabee's taut, flat stomach. Chris stiffened and sucked in a hissing breath at that gentle, maddening touch, then shuddered and moaned harshly as those hands -- Jesus God, those hands! -- slid down his groin to his inner thighs, stroking slowly as they went.

"Just a little longer," Vin promised in a strained whisper as his own cock throbbed and burned agonizingly. "Damn, Chris, you're beautiful!" He stared down at the man beneath him, his soul filling with the wonder of what was to be. "Still cain't hardly believe you're mine!" he whispered hoarsely.

Larabee was almost beyond hearing, his hands tightly clutching the comforter, his sweat-sodden head thrashing wildly back and forth. He was panting harshly, heavily, his whole body straining, his cock leaking with imminent release. And when Tanner's oiled fingers slid between his ass cheeks and brushed against the tight opening there, he bucked violently and loosed a wordless howl.

Vin rimmed the puckered hole with a shaking finger, fighting to hold his own raging need in check. "This here's 'slot A,' cowboy," he said hoarsely, talking to keep from startling Chris. "Gotta git it ready fer 'tab B,' though, so's we don't damage nothin'." With that, he slipped his heavily oiled finger inside.

Chris gasped and tensed at the intrusion, but was urged to relax by a gentle hand rubbing his hip, by the soft, gravelly voice that spoke constantly to him. He could feel the finger working inside him, massaging the tight ring of muscle, but concentrated on that voice.

"A man's body ain't like a woman's," Vin was saying. "Cain't jist go hornin' in there, else you c'd tear somethin' up real bad. Gotta go slow 'n careful-like. So yer gonna have ta learn some patience, Larabee, y'hear? Gonna have ta learn ta wait yer turn."

Again Chris thought of a stinging retort about mouthy Texans, and again he lost it as a second finger entered him. Again he gasped and tensed, and again the hand at his hip and the soft drawl got him to relax.

"Don't worry, cowboy," Vin soothed, "I wouldn't hurt ya fer the world." As he scissored his fingers, stretching Chris, he began rubbing his cock against Larabee's ass, sawing it in and out of the crease between those firm, full cheeks. "Jesus, Chris," he breathed unsteadily, "ya got me ready ta bust here!"

Chris wasn't faring much better. His cock responded to Vin's actions by twitching and throbbing, and he felt a desperate need to thrust. With a hoarse groan, he reached down to stroke himself, only to have Vin's hand intercept him.

"Not yet," Tanner rasped, his own heat almost more than he could bear. He slipped a third finger into Chris, shuddering hard as he realized how close they were. "But it won't be long, I promise."

He worked the muscles for several moments more, and felt them give enough to admit him. With a harsh, heavy gasp, he withdrew his fingers and placed his cock at the entrance, then slid carefully into Chris.

"Shit!" Larabee croaked in surprise at the penetration. At once, a wave of burning, cramping pain assailed him and he gasped wordlessly, only to feel Vin's hands at his hips steadying him.

"Relax, and breathe," Tanner urged hoarsely, only barely able to resist the powerful, instinctive desire to thrust. For Chris' sake, though, he remained still, refusing to do anything to hurt the man, however great his own need. "Tell me when it's all right."

Chris pressed his head into the comforters, certain it would never end. But his body soon adjusted to Vin's presence in it, and, all at once, he felt another urgent, driving need. "God, Vin!" he groaned thickly, pushing against Tanner. "Jesus, I need ya ta move!"

Vin did, slowly, carefully, sliding himself gradually into Chris, then pulling out just as slowly, until only his head remained imbedded. Then he slid in again, and withdrew, and repeated the movements, gradually building into a rhythm. But such restraint was made agonizingly difficult by the feel of Chris's wet heat closing about him, engulfing him, drawing him ever deeper into the channel, fueling his own raging fire. Still he forced himself to go slowly, to go carefully, though sweat poured from his naked flesh and his jaws ached from their tight clenching. But the intense pleasure of feeling himself sheathed in Chris was almost more than he could bear.

Oh, God, God, it was so much better than his dreams!

Chris, too, was overwhelmed by the fierce sensations assailing him. Vin's hardness inside him, filling him, moving slowly, but so surely... His own body accepting, wanting, needing...

Sweet Jesus, Vin was making love to him!

As their bodies grew more familiar with this, they gradually increased their pace, falling naturally into a rhythm that drove both men to new heights of ecstasy. Growls, gasps and pleas tore from them as they lost themselves in each other, gave themselves to each other, as each found in the other what for much too long he had been missing. Time and again their gazes locked, and, each time they met, the depth and intensity of the love pouring from them only added to the heat and power of their passion.

When their rhythm was secure, Vin reached down and closed his long fingers about Chris's engorged shaft, at last claiming that enticing length. Chris yelped and bucked wildly as that hand gripped him, stroked him, fondled him, as Vin began pumping him in earnest. He needed desperately to thrust, but didn't know where -- against the flesh filling him? or into the hand working him? -- and so, overwrought, thrust against both, back and forth in a mindless, instinctive rhythm, moaning all the while.

Driven to the edge by the feel of that body moving against him, racked by the raging heat of his need, Vin drove more furiously into Chris and pumped him with that same desperation. He was lost inside Chris's liquid fire, drowning in the molten flames, and cried out harshly as the heat scorched him to his soul.

They loved with a searing urgency, a shattering ferocity, neither man knowing where he ended and the other began. They were one now, as they were meant to be, the joining of their souls consummated and perfected by the union of their bodies.

And when they came, it was with that same elemental force. Chris thrilled to the feel of Vin's heat and hardness inside him, of the glorious hand against him, to the feel of himself being worked and wrung inside and out. Heat churned and boiled deep inside him, rising, building, consuming him in its fury. Vin's hand pumped him, Vin's flesh pounded him, and the heat rose ever higher. Then Vin found and thrust against his gland again and again, and before Chris knew it he was screaming, and erupting into violent release.

"Jesus... VIINNN!"

The powerful spurt of Chris's pungent seed into his hand and the frantic thrusting of that body against him sent Vin's own release exploding through him, its ferocity taking him by storm. He threw back his head and cried out aloud, then drove himself once more into Chris as his tortured flesh burst open.

"CHRIIISSS!" he howled as he poured himself into his lover. He clutched at Larabee's hip with one hand and at the man's softening flesh with the other, straining furiously into him as his own cock emptied itself.

At last, spent and exhausted, they collapsed side-by-side, both stunned by what they had found. Breathing hard, bathed in sweat and sticky with cum, they lay in silence, neither able to speak, both knowing no words were needed between them.

When finally he could move, Vin rolled to his side and pulled out from the comforters the towels he'd stashed beneath them. Managing somehow to sit up, he gently, lovingly cleaned up Chris, then himself, and tossed the towels aside. As he lay back down, he was taken into strong arms and pulled close to a warm, powerful body. He smiled contentedly and relaxed into that embrace, laying his head on Chris's chest and feeling the heartbeat that now echoed in his own.

"Jesus, Vin," Chris breathed, still in awe. Cradling Tanner to him, he shivered and gazed down at the young man who'd shown him such marvels. "And to think I was scared of this!"

Vin raised his head and studied the man, his smile gone, his blue eyes wide and dark. "Ain't scared no more, are ya?"

Chris smiled softly and reached up, running a forefinger lightly over that beautiful mouth. "No, cowboy, I'm not scared any more. You?"

Vin swallowed and shook his head. "Nope. Not with you. Ain't ever felt as safe as I do when you're with me. Ain't ever felt as strong."

"You are strong, Vin," Chris murmured, loving the young man with his eyes. "Hell, you're probably the strongest man I've ever known. So much as has been done to ya, so much has been taken from ya, but here you are -- sane, steady, and with a spirit that just won't quit. Damned if I can figure out why the hell you're not crazy by now."

Vin smiled slightly, his eyes shining. "Reckon I'se jist waitin' fer a long, tall cowboy ta come along 'n make it all better. Had ta hang on 'til he got here."

Chris's mouth quirked upward in a grin. "And you think this long, tall cowboy's gonna be able ta give you all you need?"

"Oh, yeah," Vin whispered, bowing his head to kiss Chris tenderly. "Me 'n him're gonna give each other all that we're allowed."


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