‘Tis the season to be jolly

by Twyla Jane

DISCLAIMERS: This is fan fiction.  No profit involved. It is based on the television series "The Magnificent Seven". No infringement upon the copyrights held by CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment Group, The Mirisch Corp. or any others involved with that production is intended. Mog created this Wonderful A.T.F. Universe. Thanks Angela B. for the continual encouragement. Thanks to Mog for this wonder A.T.F. AU. This my answer to Debby’s Mag7  December Challenge: Tis the season to be jolly...or something like that! Since it is the holiday season officially now... here's what I'm tossing out for this month's challenge: Your fic can have as many of the guys as you choose, take place in any AU(that's open of course), and be either jolly or not so jolly but it must include the following: A seasonal/Christmas party, a  spiked drink, faulty decorations/Christmas lights, and at least one of the seven in their underwear, long johns, thongs...you get the idea. I do and will try by the ABC’s to boot whole inspired by the M7 challengers ABC fic. 12/6/03

Almost ten, Standish ideally thought as his glanced down at his misty watch.

Bad timing and ill luck had delayed him. The Jag was in the shop for unexpected repairs forcing him to trudge through the snowy streets. Somewhere along the way he had missed placed his Cell phone at least he had been able to call them from one of Denver’s few working public telephones.

Christmas Eve and he was just a block shy of his destination, the abode shared by Mr. Dunne and Mr. Wilmington.

Dunne greeted him moments later at the door, he wasn’t about to ask why the young man was wearing a set of red long johns and had plush antlers adorning his head instead he politely asked for the use of the phone. Thankful J.D. hadn’t asked where his cellular phone was. Disastrous as his own day had been Ezra was still looking forward joining his friends in the modest get together.

Ezra Standish, gripping the telephone handset tightly in his wet left hand, could barely hear the voice on the other end of the line over the din of seasonal singing. He stood off in a corner a finger plugging his free ear in a vain attempt to understand the caller. The water that steadily dripped off him was beginning to pond on the hardwood floor. Something soft struck him in the back of the head. Inexplicably a large bath towel lay at his feet. He turned in time to see Buck raising a glass in his direction. Apparently Wilmington had tossed him the item from across the room. Ezra mouthed a thank you before snatching up the puffy towel and dragging it over his sopping head. It seemed in his absence his compatriots had imbibed a little more than they should have. A small smile played at his lips as he strained to listen and still maintain a sense of decorum after all he was speaking to his mother, as Tanner pirouetted by him disappearing into the kitchen but not before bumping into Christmas tree. The artificial pine after the abrupt collision slowly listed to one side, and half the tree went dim. 

Finally after listening to Maude tittering on about a various holiday parties she had attended, Ezra finally was able to wish her a Merry Christmas and hang up.

*Gawd what a day.* Ezra thought to himself as he let out a long pent up sigh as he tried to towel most of the moisture from his hair before turning his attention to the merry making.

“Hey Ez… what took you sso looong?” Buck Wilmington asked as he teetered across the room with a large glass still clutched in each hand, the fluid inside contained them sloshing over their rims In his wake he left rowdy revelers as they began anew belting out an off key holiday tune despite the fact that there was a totally different melody blaring out from the stereo speakers. Buck held out the rose colored liquid filled tumbler to Standish as he closed the gap along with a set of sweats. Ezra gracious took both offerings.

“I’d rather not rehash the events of this wretched day just yet…” Ezra tried to fend off any question regarding his less the direct route there and was about to head off to the facilities to. A flash of red stopped him in his tracks as the hooting and howling figure thundered his way.

“JUST YET… I HEARD HIM RIGHT….HE SAID JUST YET… That means we get a story…. WE GET A STORY…. Wooo hooo!!!!” J.D. wailed out sliding to a halt mere inches from Wilmington.

“Kid! Calm down!” Buck unsuccessfully tried to hush Dunne, any seriousness he may have conveyed was ruined when his body decided it had to expel  pent up wind in a rather loud fashion. The room fell oddly silent for a brief instant and laspe between musical selection only accentuated the perverse sound.

Larabee finally made his presence known  to Standish by falling off the couch with a resoundingly thud and the hullabaloo renewed. Everyone standing paused to look at the fallen man. Chris’s eyes popped open briefly before he grunted and rolled over onto his side. A long lingering moment later the conversation continued.

“Mind you I think that your current circumstances, actually some aspects may require some clarification.” When all he got was a blank from the weaving pair, he restated his question. “Might you explain just why is that Mr. Larabee has donned a Leopard thong over his pants?  Or why Mr. Sanchez is sweet talking a floor lamp? Or why Mr. Jackson is synchronized swimming on the area rug? Better yet Might I inquire what is behind the raucous reveling?”

“Now Ez, Its like this… it seems that more than one body ….” The big mustached agent words were slightly slurred his state of inebriation was punctuated by his wobbling off axis as he tried to shush his younger friend by placing his hand over his mouth but poor coordination on both parties behalf made the maneuver damn near impossible ultimately failing to silence Dunne’s blathering.

“Oh ohohohohoho let me tell him! Come on….” J.D. spewed out the words between Buck’s fingers forcing the man to give up his attempt propelling him to finish what he was trying saying with in a rush.

“Punched up the punch!” Buck smirked as hi finally managed to spit out the words.

“Quit it I wanted to tell him”  J.D. sniggered out as he half heartedly slapped at his big friend

“Right.. right…right…”

“Shall  I be the first to say Gentlemen despite your being drunk as proverbial skunks it is a genuine pleasure to join you in these festivities.” Ezra interjected but taking a tentative sip of the colorful concoction. “Oh my… this does have quite the kick… mind tell me what’s in it? Never mind, ” Standish took a large gulp before draining the glass, “it’s better I don’t know.”

“Thanks glad have ya …. Hey we are not drunk…”

“Us? Hardly, we are sober as church mice.” J.D. piped in

“What exactly then is Mr. Tanner doing?” Ezra’s comment drew everyone’s attention back toward the kitchen as the lanky Texan whirled out.  

“Vin ? Oh that…. he said he was doing his own version of…” J.D. headed bobbled as he spoke and it was obvious he was trying to remember something. At the moment Vin slipped on the hardwood floor and slid under the dining room table his nether regions solidly with a wooden leg. “Oh yeah …‘The Nutcracker’?”

“ ‘ xactly Kid that’s what he said. ” The trio broke into a roaring laugh

Yes it is was turning into a Merry Christmas indeed. What more did a man need than friends and good times.

’Zats all folks Merry Christmas