Not no but HELL NO!!!

by Twyla Jane

Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, and never made a plug nickel off ‘em, I wish I did. The April 2003 Challenge (the Picture Challenge): offered by KT

Forget April fools! You will find 4 pictures below. Take a look at all 4 pictures and let 1, 2, 3 or all 4 inspire you. You don't have to be too bound by the details of the picture, all I ask is that the reader be able to tell which picture(s) you chose, This a direct sequel to my story “Aw Hell”.

"Not no but HELL NO!!!" Vin leaned forward in the saddle and stared down the tree-lined road. Not a place one would expect to see in the middle of the desert. But sure enough there it was. “Not gonna do this again.”

"Don't you wanna see where it leads to?" J.D. was a bit bewildered by Tanner's change in temperament. In fact Larabee and Standish were acting a might peculiar as well when Dunne had joined the trio on the trail no more than a hour back. Then men seemed to relax after a while, the conversation was a bit strange something about crossing streams and falling off cliffs.

Only moments ago the man was in a fairly good mood and had even good-naturedly teased the young sheriff. That was until they crested the hill and these trees came into view. Then the tracker started mumbling something about them being back.


"Hey Vin, who are you talking about?"

“Ah Mr. Dunne,” Ezra’s steady drawl had the seven’s youngest twisting around in his saddle in time to see the gambler atop his prized horse gracefully saunter down the trail, “our fine friend is talking about the kinder, gentler sex. I agree they are indeed conspiring against us.”

“J.D, better trust us on this.” Larabee, who wasn’t far behind the southerner, added his comment on the situation.

“But I don’t understand?” Dunne posed the question after looking at each man in turn.

“What’s to understand? We go anywhere near those trees and some thing will happen. Fic writer’s like it that way” Larabee didn’t want to explain this he just wanted to get away from the place. His black was already nervously chomping at the bit.

“I don’t see what harm ride down to see the trees will do?” Dunne’s curiosity was getting the better of him allowing his mount to taking a few tentative steps towards the peaceful looking avenue of trees

“We do and one of those trees’ll fall and knock us off our horses. One of us will get hopelessly pinned just as some forgotten outlaws come riding through with guns….”

“Hell Chris they ain’t gonna do something that simple, them trees will up and burst into flames just as we start to head through….”

“Gentleman that is far too mundane, a twister will come nearly leveling every thing in sight and drop a house in the middle of that long dusty road. No ordinary domicile, mind you, but one that belongs to a trio of witches. Genuine minions of Satan… What?”

Ezra Standish stopped mid sentence finally noticing that his companions were either staring at him slack jawed or glaring at him.

“Ez that’s a might over the top, don’t cha think?”

Vin eyed Standish with a bemused grin on his face. Smirking as the man continued on.

“Hardly, this is after all the same happy brigade that every opportunity likes to break our limbs, get us fevered and concuss us to a point that we no longer remember who we are… then there a rare few that like to strip us naked and…”

Larabee interrupted Standish’s growing diatribe.

“Point taken, let’s just git before they catch on we’re here.”

Standish didn’t have to be told twice. He let Chaucer set the pace back up the hill with Tanner and Larabee following close behind him.

Dunne paused for a long moment, staring at the trees before he too joined the others back on the trail.

Thunder boomed overhead just as lightning snaked across the horizon and a distinct voice could be heard in the distance.

“AW HELL!!!”