by Twyla Jane

Disclaimer: don't own 'em sadly others do, draat drat and double drat. An answer to the Magnificent Seven 24 hour Challenge. How would our guys (well, one of them) react if they came back from a conference or something (modern AU, probably ATF, would work best, but idea could be adapted to most anything) to discover they'd been "Surprise by Design"ed or "While You Were Out"ed?

Your moderator, stepping in to add a bit more to this challenge:  If you don't want to use the TV shows, just have one of the guys return to find that one (or more) of the other guys has 'improved' his living space in one way or another.

The image on the television set in the corner flickered although the volume was low you could hear the tense voice come out of the speaker.

"Uh Ez... the camera's rolling..." J.D. pointing out the obvious trying to diffuse the situation.

"Shag carpet... on the ceiling..." The quiet drawled out words sounded slightly shocked and confused but just as quickly snapped from nearly speechless into growing anger. "WHO?!!! What throw back from the seventies actually thought that Orange Naugahyde was appropriate wall covering.."

"Come on Ez... we wanted to surprise ya... 'sides America's watching"

"Mr. Tanner I should have known... this is retribution .."

"Ezra I think... Ole Vin was a might pissed when ya turned the Vinabago into a rollin' Elvis style love shack...." The dark haired mustached man chuckled as he leaned against the far wall watching as the 

"Aw Hell."