Searching for something
On the Road in Baja: part 2

by Twyla Jane

DISCLAIMERS: This is fan fiction.  No profit involved. It is based on the television series "The Magnificent Seven". No infringement upon the copyrights held by CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment Group, The Mirisch Corp. or any others involved with that production is intended. Mog created this Universe. An Answer to Beth’s March Magnificent Seven Challenge write a story inspired by a poem and sequel to my fic-let “Paper Cut”. second in the "On the Road in Baja " triology set prior to Tijuana Jail. 3/24/03

He was worried despite repeated phone calls J.D. had been unable to get in touch with Ezra and Vin. It wasn’t unusual for his friends to go and blow off some steam especially after long drawn out difficult cases but there was something nagging at Dunne, something that wouldn’t let an answered phone call go. The youngest member of team seven had first swung by Tanner’s apartment but neither Vin nor his dilapidated vehicle was to be found. It was still early morning when the young man headed towards Standish’s place. As his Corolla rounded the corner, a smile formed on J.D.’s face. Tanner’s battered brown Jeep was sitting on the curb in front of the southerner’s townhouse. Pulling up behind the Jeep Dunne parked his car and hopped out when a glint of light caught his eye.


A set of keys was dangling from the ignition. Stepping closer J.D. touched the Jeep’s peeling rusted hood. An ominous feeling seized him as he did so, the metal felt cool under his fingertips.


The young man jogged up the front walk stopped shy of the front stoop the door was open. The scene that lay beyond the threshold had him on his cellular dialing 911. The town house was a trashed. A single bloody handprint decorated a wall in the once pristine front hall.


The sun had risen in full glory golden rays enveloped the horizon. Ezra was hunkered down as the plane banked strong wind whipped through his hair as he tried again to adjust the goggles but they did little to block the light. For a fleeting instant whilst grimacing at the thought of picking off the collection of vermin off his being he wondered just how he allowed Vin talk him into this jaunt. Instead of fighting it, Ezra allowed his desire to flee to take over. Actually Tanner hadn’t said much not even giving a barest of clues as to what their eventual destination would be other than the simple response ‘Crazy’ since the Texan’s abrupt appearance at his home and their subsequent departure from Denver. Tired, Standish went against core beliefs blindly following the other man’s lead. Because of that lax posture he was flying low over fields at an hour the most civilized individual would find obscene unable to voice his displeasure for fear of inadvertently swallowing something that could only declared a delicacy if smothered in the finest chocolate. No, that wasn’t being fair to Tanner, there was something that Ezra just couldn’t put a finger on, the true reason as to why he was willingly go along on this inane excursion. He was searching for something.


Later that day somewhere along the coast of Baja, California

“I do believe we are indeed lost. Would you please consult the map again? This would not be necessary if you had given me a proper itinerary, is it my fault that whilst you were sleeping I inadvertently diverted from your intended course.” A surly Ezra Standish deprived of sleep bit out. The sun was just beginning to go down its colorful hues decorated the skies over the winding coastal road.


“Mr. Tanner I hardly think that verbally disparaging me will rectify our current dilemma.” Ezra glanced over at his passenger stunned to see panic instead of aggravation playing across his companion’s face.

“Watch… out …jackass!” Vin grabbed the steering wheel and the car swerved hard to the right barely missing the burro as it flipped skidding down the asphalt for another forty feet before crashing through a guard rail and coming to a precarious halt teetering on the edge of cliff. Both dazed occupants of the mangled car stared out at the breathtaking panoramic view.


“I couldn’t articulate my sentiment better…” Standish drew in a steadying breath, “Mr. Tanner shall we attempt a hasty egress?” At the particular moment a low metallic groan filled the confines of the battered vehicle as it slowly tipped backward. “I think now would be good.”

“Yup count of three?” Vin grimaced as he answered.

Ezra nodded in agreement and continued the count down “… two… one… go!”

Scrambling out the open window pushing himself away from the car only to have its presence suddenly and inexplicably slip away as he awkwardly hit the ground. He felt rather than heard his wrist snap, the sound was drowned out by noise of the rental car as it slid over the cliff. Mesmerized Standish lay where he was looking at the space where the car should have been. Another sound startled him from his reverie.

“WHOOO WHEEE!!!” Ezra rolled over and to see Vin a few yards away sitting up grinning at him. “That was one hell of a ride Ez!”

“Mr. Tanner you could have identified the beast a little more accurately, shouting out ‘Burro’ would have sufficed.”

“Hell Ez that weren’t no burro that there was a Texas sized jack-a-lope!” Tanner laughed and lay back for moment. Remaining still long enough to cause Standish some concern. Ignoring the blood trickling down the side of his face Ezra held his rapidly swelling wrist to his chest before getting to his feet and staggering over the uneven terrain to his friend’s side.

“Vin?” Ezra’s words rasped out as he squatted down next the prone man.

Fluttering lashes revealed pain filled blue eyes and a weak smirk. “Hell Ez you look worse than I feel…”

Standish reached out and gently patted a dusty shoulder. “Then I truly am in a sad state.”

“Unfortunately not the drunken kind.” Tanner chuckled then grunted as he slowly sat back up wildly grinning as he did so. “I guess this means we have a change in that itinerary you keep asking about.”

“Mr. Tanner you are insane.”

“Yup, like I said before we’re going crazy.”

"Indeed Mr. Tanner we are."


When searching for something
Something that you just can’t find
Take a moment

Think about why
Most play
And some manipulate

Why there are those who dream
Though ask not
When to swim
Or how to soar
Then go on living the day
As if were their last

Fall 1998