Strange Encounters


Twyla Jane

DISCLAIMERS: This is fan fiction.  No profit involved. It is based on the television series "The Magnificent Seven". No infringement upon the copyrights held by CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment Group, The Mirisch Corp. or any others involved with that production is intended. Mog created this Universe. An Answer to NT’s Magnificent Seven Vegas Challenge Write a story that involves one or more of the following: Las Vegas, showgirls (dance hall girls), gambling, a casino and/or Elvis Presley.  To make it more interesting, please include the following words: Exciting, Midnight, Bright, Jackpot and Illegal.  One more thing. The story should be under 5,000 words posted 4/15/03. finished 3/25/03

No one would consider pulling the midnight shift exciting but there were worse duties to pull then being undercover as a cashier in a 24-hour mini mart. Except the lights were too bright and the only thrilling part of the ‘job’ had been when he had cashed in a winning lottery ticket granted it wasn’t the jackpot but the elderly woman that had won thought the $600 was a godsend. But that wasn’t what Wilmington was there for apparently there were some individuals running around the area trying to sell low priced illegal cigarettes, the type with a fake tax stamp on them. Somehow he got weaseled into taking this lackluster assignment by one Ezra P. Standish, somewhere between being told he was natural for the role and meeting with the store manager that smooth talking undercover agent had him convinced that his own talents were urgently required elsewhere. Heck Buck couldn’t fault the guy since he knew the man had just come off a particularly long and drawn out undercover gig.

Now Buck’s style was definitely being cramped, although not completed stopped, by the odd hours. Frankly the ‘job’ was not hard just insanely boring, other than occasionally pumping gas and playing cashier there was little to do but wait. Hell even the kid’s jokes, Standish’s chatter along with one of Sanchez’s philosophical forays would have been welcomed at that point of the night. During one of these dull dry moments the big mustached man had once again hauled out an aged graying mop and battered metal bucket to make a feeble attempt to clean the stained yellowing tiles that made up the store’s well-worn floor. Wilmington did a double take when he noticed a vehicle pulled up outside to one of the gas pumps, A pink Cadillac? His jaw dropped once the driver stepped out of the car.

No way

Nah it just wasn’t possible.

There was no way it could be possible.

Wilmington still stood there slack jawed when the older man finally sauntered through the glass double doors. Even after all the years that had passed by he was still recognizable with the trademark pompadour, though the hair that had long ago been dyed black was snow white. The easy strut that was legendary on both film and stage was still there although a little slower walked over to where Buck was standing.

“Excuse me? Can ya help me?”

“Aren’t you?” The normally suave ladies man almost stuttered out the words.

“No… no… son, I’m here to pay for my fuel and just looking for the best way to get back on the interstate from here.” The man smiled from behind his sunglasses and stepped towards the register plucking up one of the myriad maps that occupied the countertop display patiently waiting until Buck finally came over explaining as he did so how to get back to the main highway, then took his money and when went to hand him back his change.

“He said ‘Thank you Son but you keep that for being mighty helpful.’” Buck swallowed another slug off his beer. Grinning as he sat back allowing the chair to tip up on two legs as he did so.

“You’re telling us that you actually saw ‘The King’ himself, Elvis Presley, in a mini mart buying gas?” J.D. gave his roommate an incredulous look before choking back a laugh, then turned his eyes back to the cards in his hand.

“Yep I sure did.” Wilmington smiled and a tossed in a card.

“Uh huh just like old Ez here meeting up with the Spice Girls.” Vin’s easy drawl caused a chortle to round the table as Ezra steadfastly proclaimed. “I assure you Mr. Tanner that I have access to photographic proof…”

Chris shook his head the Friday night poker game had taken an interesting twist when the men had tried to out do each the other by relating a ‘famous’ moment that occurred in their collective pasts thankful that they were able to do so despite the rigors of their work schedules. Yep another night with the boys to go down in their hopefully long and successful lives together.