Send in the...

by Twyla Jane

The disclaimer is and always will be I don’t own ‘em and never made a plug nickel off ‘em. Wish I did on both counts. This ain’t betaed. All the mistakes are mine and mine alone. Thanks to Mog for this AU. This is my answer to Katherine’s CZ March Challenge. Give any one of the seven a hobby the other six do not know about, until events conspire to bring it to their attention. Hobby must not be anything previously mentioned in other stories...i.e. no working at a shelter for Josiah, no piano playing for Ezra, no working with neighborhood kids for Vin. You get the idea. In essence I want to know what one of the boys does with his down time, and the reaction of the others when they find out. They aren't always working. 3/6/02

This is a sequel to my fic Rodeo Daze.

Three months had passed since he had gotten even with Wilmington for getting him into this, mysteriously a well-doctored risqué poster of the mustached agent was distributed throughout the bars frequented by the seven and viola Buck became Bebe the singing disco drag queen sensation virtually overnight. Amusing still because at least once a week the man got at least one phone call from the various clubs through out Denver requesting him to perform a few numbers. Ezra chuckled quietly and sat down in front of the large mirror starting to clean off his face, his gear had already been stowed in his gym bag and it was time to go home. He carefully inspected his reflection deeming his appearance satisfactory before flicking the lights off and leaving the room.


“Good night Mr. Standish.”

“Good Night Mrs. Mc Ardel.”

“Same time next week?”

“Same time next week.”

Ezra Standish left the building in a jovial mood.


“Wonder where he goes…”

Buck was standing next his truck in the parking garage next to JD watching as Ezra drove away in the Jag.


Dunne sat astride his motorcycle pulling his helmet on.


The ladies man gestured towards the departing vehicle.


The younger man gave Buck an odd look.

“Because this is the third weekend in the row he’s snubbed us off… “

The mustached agent tried to explain.

“Buck he doesn’t have to hang out with us every minute…” The kid dismissed the comment.

“Yeah but I can understand him missing the roller hockey tournament even the flag football game at Chris’ ranch but this is different I never thought he would pass up a poker game…” For once the big man was at a loss for words.

“Yeah me either… then again ya can never tell with Ez…” JD shrugged as his started up the motorcycle.


Another month went by and since Ezra wasn’t currently involved in an undercover operation he had been disappearing almost every weekend only to show up Monday morning as if nothing was amiss. So far he had be able to conceal this particular aspect of his life from his coworkers. After the whole fiasco with the six o’clock news Mrs. Mc Ardel approached him with an offer he couldn’t turn down. Secretly after that first time he got a thrill from wearing the clothes and wig somehow just applying the make up gave him pleasure allowing the real person hidden deep with in him to come out.


Concern amongst his friends was growing as the days passed with Standish steadfastly denying that there anything was wrong. He couldn’t find the courage to tell his tough fellow agents about his secret passion. Unaware that particular Saturday they had followed him and watched from the corner as he pulled his bag from the trunk of the Jag. Waiting until Ezra had stepped in the building before moving closer. A small sign outside the dingy building advertise the afternoon’s entertainment. The face on poster was almost unrecognizable because of the heavy make up but the green eyes were a dead give away. The reactions to the revelation varied. Chris wore a shit-eating grin. Vin and JD were having spastic fits of uncontrollable hysterical chortling. Josiah’s deep rumbling laugh filled the air. Nathan snorted a few times before giving in his own amusement. A mortified Buck just stood slack jawed staring when he finally was able to push past the others to see.


Josiah patted him on the back as he steered him through the front door.

“Come on brother we better go in…”

“I don’t understand…”

Sanchez led the stunned man into the run down lobby.


Inside a small dressing room Ezra was oblivious to his friends arrival as he carefully powdered his face and applied the lip liner before donning the long curly red wig. He smiled to himself as he put on the shoes to achieve the full effect. Taking careful steps as he left the room he still hadn’t fully mastered walking through the tight corridor in the shoes.

Off stage he waited to hear his introduction before stepping out behind the curtain. He took the opportunity to put on the finishing touch and placed the red ball on tip of his nose.

“Boys and Girls the North avenue mission is proud the present…. Bucky the clown…”

Taking his cue Ezra bounded onto the stage to face his audience and the children squealed with delight.