The Swill Brothers

by Twyla Jane

A fic-let with some villains I borrowed from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. The disclaimer is and always will be I don’t own ‘em and never made a plug nickel off ‘em. Wish I did. This is the answer to this months challenge to write a story a the seven from the point of view of a villain. 9/2/01

The Swill Brothers Phil, Will, Bill and Gil lay hidden in the rocks, random shots forcing them farther into the cliff side. Gil was seething his brothers turned out were bigger morons than he originally thought. They screwed up a very simple job, all they had to do was observe the town protectors and bring back an accurate report. But no not his kinfolk, maybe they should start looking for wives outside the family. Might increase the family smarts.

Damn them.

Damn them, they are supposed to able to work together like this. The smartest Swill brother Gil cursed the seven lawmen of Four Corners. He had sent his brothers Will and Bill in town to check out the local law. They informed him, apparently wrongly that the regulators protecting the town were a pathetic band of drunks, womanizers, gamblers, and idiots that included a wayward preacher, a boy and a darkie.

The strategy of hitting the bank seemed an easy with those fools guarding the town. Plans didn’t go the way they should have and now he and his brothers where pinned in a canyon in the middle of a gun battle with seven deadly men. Impossible… after what Will and Bill had said about them last night.

His brothers had gone into town the previous day to scout out the town. While there they observed the lax state of the law. The supposed leader of the group was drunk in the saloon his right hand man, a tracker rumored to be wanted in Texas, was in the hills hunting. Another man apparently hadn’t left his bedroom in days several women gracing his company… the noisy ruckus they caused could be heard in the street. Then there was that fancy man who couldn’t be pried from an ongoing card game. The preacher was doing extensive repairs to the church. The healer was busy delivering a baby on a local farm. The town’s sheriff was barely a man.

The two Swill brothers came back to tell their other brothers that there was nothing to fear from the law in the town, they wouldn’t know what hit them and by the time they didn’t they would be able to stop them with a united show of force. How wrong the Swill brothers were, they had barely made it out of the bank stuffing the wads of money into there saddle bags when rifle shots from over head sent them scrambling. Gil happened to catch a glimpse of the scruffy tracker atop the mercantile.

Damn them.

An attempt to get to their horse was thwarted by a volley of shots fired by the preacher and the healer, Gil and his brothers ran back towards the saloon only to be stopped by the red coated gambler. The brothers managed to evade the regulators long enough to swipe two nags from the livery forcing them to double up as they rode out of town dodging the rapid gunfire that ensued when they encountered the partial dressed ladies man and the apparently sober leader of the group.

Damn them.

They hadn’t got twenty minutes outside of town with the seven law men in hot pursuit when one of the horses balked tossing it’s riders, the other beast just sat down in the middle of the trail refusing to move. This forced the Swill brothers to take cover in the hills. After a brief gun battle he was forced to surrender, his fool brothers neglected to bring extra ammunition and they had run out of bullets. He slammed a fist into Phil’s chin.

“All you had to do was remember the bullets… was that so hard.”

Gil hissed at his brother as the young sheriff tied him up.

“Geez Gil, I didn’t want to lose them so I left them back at the camp…”

“Gil, yer jist jealous cause Phil is Mom’s favorite….”

Will and Bill chimed in causing the lawmen to chuckle.

“SHUT UP!!! You idiots can’t even tell the difference between a bunch of fools and these men…”

“Neither can you…”

Phil spat back.

No he couldn’t… if he could he wouldn’t have gone on this escapade with his brothers.

Damn them.

Damn the seven lawmen and damn my fool brothers.