by Twyla Jane

Disclaimer: don't own 'em sadly others do, draat drat and double drat.

He had no idea just where he was but he knew that he was moving -- a curiously disorientating feeling considering he was lying down. Several sensations, none of them pleasant, transmitted themselves to his waking brain in a split second of overload...

The unsteady motion just brought his nausea to the forefront of his mind. His eyes cracked open when he heard the train whistle.

He tried to make sense of the situation in his addled mind.

Ezra was thoroughly confused.

A train?

He was on a train?

Ezra didn’t think that was possible, because he was looking up at the stars but they were moving. He was moving but not under his own power. His limbs weren’t co-operating at all.

Jangle jangle jangle ding ding ding

Oh God! He felt a low rumble beginning to shake the earth underneath him.

A bright light blinded him.

Jangle Jangle jangle wwwwooo woooo ding ding ding

The noise was almost deafening the light filled his vision, as he was roughly heaved backward. A musty metallic odor filled the air the ground shook as the train went by, as the southerner lay there stunned. The overwhelming din began to fade and for the first time he thought he heard someone call his name.


Unable to move Standish slowly blinked his eyes. Frightened when the stars suddenly disappeared he twisted his head to find the light only to have it held in place. Ezra tried again.

“Whoa there Pard…” The voice sounded like Mr. Wilmington.


“Yeah Ez, it’s me, now stay still… Ya almost got flattened by a train.”

“A train?’

“Yeah Ez a train.”

“A train wooo wooo….” Ezra started the giggle uncharacteristically.

“Shut up Ez…”

“Ding ding ding….”

“You rang yer bell fer sure there Ez… bet that’s the last time you’ll chase someone across the train tracks. Scared the life outta me when you popped your head but good on the rail when ya tripped.”


Buck was happy the Ezra wasn’t hurt too badly, but he wasn’t going to let the slick undercover agent live this down. At least not quickly he smirked listening to the man make train noises in the dark. His smile broadened when he saw Josiah’s Suburban pulling into the rail yard and the normally placid con man giggled again.