Blood Brothers AU

Set in the Old West ~ 1878


Let's Meet the Boys...

Chris - 7 yrs.  Orphaned when his mother, Sarah Larabee, was killed in a fire.  His brother, Adam, was kidnapped by the same men responsible for Sarah's death.  Father unknown.

Buck - 8 yrs.  Good friends with Chris and Adam, they all attended the same school.  His mother was murdered by a client when Buck was 6, leaving him under the care of the ladies from the whorehouse where his mother had been working.  

Ezra - 15 yrs.  Young fledgling gambler attempting to break free of Maude's control.

Vin - 16 yrs.  Orphaned at 5 and lived with an Indian tribe until he was 12, when he set out on his own.  Tried a spell of Buffalo hunting.

JD - 18 yrs.  From Boston, a son of a chamber maid. 

Nathan - 23 yrs.  Former Slave.  

Josiah - Mid 40's.  Defrocked Preacher struggling for a new direction and meaning to his life.


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