A Weight to Bear - Series

By Yolande



This is a series of short stories, revolving around how each of the Seven (and others?) would handle a given situation involving the enigmatic Ezra P Standish.   

They need not be read in any particular order, and are all totally separate stories.  

Stories moved to Blackraptor in October 2009  



Sally-Ann was the mastermind who created this masterpiece...Isn't she good?


Plans Afoot (18 May 02)

Josiah and Ezra are walking around in the dark...


Chaucer (5 Nov 01)

Chaucer is such a loyal and devoted horse.


Chris (17 Sept 01)

Chris and Ezra are locked together inside the bank vault after it is robbed. 


Buck (10 Sept 01)

Standish is being tardy, or so Buck believes.


Nathan (7 Sept 01)

Some of Nathan's old friends arrive in town.  They take an instant dislike to Standish.


JD (3 Sept 01)

Dunne is fed up with the gambler's miserable mood.


Vin (27 Aug 01)

Vin and Ezra commiserate over the deaths of two children.

Was nominated for a 2002 Ezzie Award


Josiah (20 Aug 01)

Josiah discovers some of Ezra's home truths.



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