Castaway Stories


By Yolande

Stories moved to Blackraptor in October 2009


Marooned  (9 Jan 02)

Imagine Gilligan's island...Okay?  Well the guys are marooned on a deserted island... eventually <BG>  (Ezra & Seven)


The Storm  (18 Feb 02)

Follows three days after Marooned and, as the title suggests, there's a storm...More like a typhoon.  (Ezra & Seven)


Mutineers  (22 July 04)   

Things are getting a little uncomfortable and tempers start boiling.  Follows The Storm. (Ezra & Seven) 


Tide's Turning  (10 Dec 03)

Buck and Chris have a talk. (Chris and Buck) 


Adrift   (5 Oct 04)    

Ezra and Chris have a lot on their minds.  (Ezra & Chris)


Tally Marks (16 Oct 04)   

The guys have been marooned for 100 days.  How have the Castaways survived?  JD asks the hard questions.  Total fluff!  (JD & Seven)




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