Team Seven Instructions

by KT

ATF Universe

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This document was found pasted into the back of the emergency procedures manual at Four Corners Mercy Hospital. Numerous medics have added their comments.

  1. Treat the admittance of up to two members of Team Seven as a serious incident, and the admittance of three or more as an emergency.
  2. Treat all members of the team as blood kin to each other. Tanner and Larabee are next of kin to each other and Wilmington is next of kin to Dunne
  3. Never try to split up Team Seven, especially Larabee and Tanner or Wilmington and Dunne, except when absolutely necessary on medical grounds.
  4. Whenever possible explain all procedures to Jackson and have him inform the rest of the team, but never ever fail to keep all the team informed at all times.
  5. Be prepared to accommodate uninjured and walking wounded team members for as long as another team member is in the department.
  6. Never take the word of a team member as to the existence or seriousness of their own injuries without empirical evidence or conformation from another team member, preferably Jackson.
  7. Never leave Standish unattended, no matter how immobile he is or appears to be.
  8. If an injured team member becomes agitated or distressed never sedate or restrain with out first speaking to other team member.
  9. If issued non-medical instructions by a team member obey immediately.
  10. Remember Team seven are the good guys and some of our best repeat business customers!


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