Red Cross 2

by Oann

ATF Universe

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Set 2 days after Red Cross


Oh, shut up already. Ezra rolled over in his comfortable bed and tried to cram the soft feather down pillow even thighter around his ears. It was no use. The sounds of conversation, albeit quiet conversation, wafted in through the closed bedroom door. Ezra sighed. He really did not feel like getting up anytime soon. Most of the bones in his body ached and he had developed a nasty cough. The doctors assured him it was just a touch of cold from having his head stuck in the freezing river water. Ezra however harboured his own suspicions. He was sure it was something he had caught from the bronchitis-sounding frog. The nasty little amfibian probably took exception to me almost landing my car on top of it- humph- as if I had a choice in the matter. On second thought, his head was a bit sore as well. Ezra considered briefly that that might be because of the amfibian cold but after bringing his hand up to his forehead and tentatively letting his fingers ghost over the fading imprint of a cross he came to the conclusion that this was a Dunne created headache. As in Mr. Dunne hit me in the head with a first aid kit kind of headache. I really must talk to the young man about the importance of maintaining your grip on heavy objects when in the presence of vehicles that are upside down and has people in them, not to mention amfibians with bronchitis. And why on earth do I keep thinking of that frog. Oh, that’s right. Josiah told you about finding a frog in your coat pocket when you got to the hospital. The river water must have deposited it there sometime during the car’s failed attempt at water skiing. Wonder what happened to it. Lost in his musings, Ezra had managed to ignore the conversation going on out side his bedroom door, and he was sincerely hoping that whoever it was would go away and give him a chance to get back to sleep. If only he could stop thinking of that thrice accursed frog, with brochitis none the less. Oh dear, here I go again. With a barely audible groan he burrowed deeper into the bed and woved not to think of amfibians of any shape or size, with bronchitis or not, for the next year or so. The groan however had been a mistake.

A soft knock sounded on the door and it opened just enough to let a mop of shaggy light brown hair through the opening followed by a pair of blue eyes.

"Hey, Ez. You awake?" Vin’s soft Texan twang floated across the room aimed at the form buried deeply in the bed covers.

No Mr. Tanner, I’m not so kindly shut the door and vacate the premises.

Vin however was not much of a mind reader and tried again. " Come on, Ez. I heard you groaning and moving about. How you doing? Head hurting some?"

What do you think? I’ve got a cross on my forehead; an amfibian cold and I think the only part of me not bruised is my right index finger. However complaining would not do so…

"I’m fine Mr. Tanner. Whas there some reason for your entry?"

"Yeah, we found JD. He is right here and he has got something to say to ya."

Oh dear lord. I sincerely hope he is not holding anything heavy at the moment. No Ezra, that was not nice, the poor lad is probably upset so you are going to hear him out and be nice and cordial to him. Wait, what did Mr.Tanner mean by "We found JD"? I was not aware he was missing, but then again I did not see him in the hospital. Hm, well, explanations are going to have to wait til later.

While Ezra had been thinking he realised the conversation behind the door had continued and he replayed it in his head to make sure he had not missed something important.

"I’m telling you Vin, he is not gonna want to see me. For landsakes I whacked him in the head, remmember?"

"Relax JD. Ya didn’t do it on purpose, now did ya?" Vin’s calming tones could be heard.

"No, of course I didn’t, but are you sure he knows that?" JD nervously replied.

While Ezra had hit the replay button Vin had stuck his head back through the door and was looking at him with pleading eyes.

"So what do ya say Ez? Can he come in?"

"Of course Mr. Tanner. Please ask him to enter."

Vin popped his head out the door and Ezra could hear an argument take place outside.

"You gonna send me in there alone, Vin? Are you sure that’s safe. I mean…"

"Will ya relax, kid. Ez aint gonna bite ya. Now get in there and say what ya want to say."

And all of a sudden a startled JD was pushed through the door, which promptly closed behind him. Ezra barely managed not to gape. JD looked like something out of the forest rangers handbook, spesifically the chapter on how not to look when leaving the woods. That is if there was such a thing. Stuck in his black hair was foilage from at least a dozen different species of trees, there was what looked like grass stains all over his jeans and sweater. A bit of moss was dangling from one ear and a piece of what looked like a vine of some sort was wrapped around his neck and trailing almost down to the floor.

Good lord, the boy must have been rolling on the forest floor for hours to achieve that look. What on earth happened to him?

While Ezra had been taking in JD’s apperance, it seemed JD had done the same with him. Ezra could feel his gaze nailed to the fading cross on his forehead, and frankly it was making him feel a bit uncomfortable. But before he had a chance to say anything the motor that was JD’s mouth started up.

"Oh my gosh Ezra, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, honestly I didn’t. Are you gonna hurt me now? Because it you are I’m gonna just stand here and let you do it. But nothing to serious, kay. Maybe just a broken foot?"

The thought of hurting JD made Ezra react. That was not going to happen.

"Mr. Dunne!"

"Seriously Ez, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you with the case. It kinda slipped, and I was in a hurry to get to you cause I didn’t know how bad you were hurt. And did you know we caught the guys that shot up your car, and I can’t belive you managed to get out of it yourself. And I’m so sorry Ez."

"Mr. Dunne!!!"

"And I’ll try never to do anything like that again. I mean Chris chewed me out real good for knocking you out, but I swear I didn’t mean to and if you want to whack me in the head, I can understand that. And oh my gosh that cross is really showing, but I’m sure it will go away…"



"Mr. Dunne. I’m not angry with you. It was an unfortunate accident and nobody is to blame. After all, you were only trying to come to my assistance. No harm done, and I don’t want to hear any more talk about hurting you. Is that clear Mr. Dunne?"

"Kay. Are you sure Ez? I mean I really am sorry…"



Croack, croack

I’m hearing things. I must be.

A suspicious movement in JD’S front shirt pocket followed the next croack.

"Mr. Dunne. WHAT is that?"

"Huh, oh sorry Ez. I kinda forgot."

With that, JD stuck his hand in his pocket and brought out a croacking frog.

"Josiah found it in your pocket in the hospital. He says he’s been taking good care of it for you. He gave it to me to give to you. I didn’t know you had a frog as a pet Ezra. He is kinda cute, but he sounds kinda strange when he croaks. Almost like he has a sore throat or something. Hey you wanna we should take him to the vet for ya?"

Ezra could feel his throat getting worse just by looking at the green thing in JD’s hand.


No, no, no. Could this day get any worse? With a deeply heartfelt groan, Ezra collapsed back into the bed and pulled the covers over his head. Sincerely determined not to open his eyes again til that damned frog was out of the room, his house and Denver.

"Ez?" JD was getting worried. Ezra’s face had taken on a decidedly unhealthy colour at the apperance of his pet frog.

"VIN? You wanna get Nathan? I don’t think Ez is feeling to good."



The end

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Note: Personally I have nothing against frogs. I’m not too sure of Ezra’s feelings on the matter though.