"Favorite Episodes"

The Stories

The Rules...

This one should be easy, since the stories are already written for you....

The challenge to you is a simple one: Adapt your favorite episode from any series other than Magnificent Seven and re-write it as a Magnificent Seven story. This is not the same as a crossover, since you will not be using the characters and settings from the other show, only the storyline from one episode. You don't have to follow the episode scene by scene, since to do so may restrict your use of the M7 characters, and, may also limit the amount of Angst, Abuse and that all-important Hurt and Comfort. However, the basic plot element must be present.

Try to keep the story 150K or under (that's about 50 pages).

The story may be either gen fic or slash, but should contain no graphic sex. If it is slash, please indicate this.

When you submit the story, indentify what series you have used and the title of the specific episode, if known. If you don't know the episode title, give a brief description of it.

Stories may be either submitted to blackraptor, or, they may be posted on another website, in which case you need only provide the URL (that http://.... thingy).

Any Questions?

The Stories...

Anything - JIN
(Criminal Minds - "Our Darkest Hour")

Borrowed Time (WWII) - Estevana Rey
(Amazing Stories - "The Mission")

Brothers - Heather F.

The Cage - Vickie G
(The Big Valley - "Iron Box")
WARNING: May not be suitable for sensitive readers

The Confederate Express - Aramis
(Laramie - "The Confederate Express")

Dinner and a Show (ATF) - Brate
(The A-Team - "Without Reservations")

The Guardian Angel - LaraMee
(The Big Valley "By Force and Violence")

Killers to Go (ATF) - LaraMee
(Starsky & Hutch - "Shootout")

The Last Three Bullets - Kim

On His Own (ATF) - Winter

Quarantine a la Seven (ATF) - JudyL
(CHiPs - "Quarantine")

The Rescue - LaraMee
(Garrison's Gorillas - "Run from Death")

Surprise! - LaraMee
(Starsky and Hutch)

A Walk in the Woods (ATF) - LaraMee
(The Sentinel - "Survival")