WELCOME to the archive of the Mag7Rides@yahoogroups.com Magnificent Seven fan fiction list. Right now, we are attempting to recover as many of the stories that were lost when the previous list archive was deleted as possible. If you posted a story to Mag7Rides prior to June 6, 2002 and would like to have it listed here, please contact Kim, the new list mom. If you need a web page for your story, contact Joy K. If you would prefer your story not be on a web page but would still like to make it available to members of the Mag7Rides list, contact Nancy about uploading it to the list member files. (And please don't send flames. We are fireproof.)

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List Rules

ALL GENFICS OF ANY TYPE may be posted. Please use appropriate subject lines. ("genfic" is fan fiction suitable for readers of all ages, excluding stories with mild slash content).

Deathfics (stories in which one or more Magnificent Seven characters die or are dead) must be clearly labeled, "Deathfic" in the subject line.

Please include a warning at the beginning of your story if it contains elements which may be uncomfortable for some readers (such as profanity or intense violence).

No on-list feedback, please.

Discussion will be limited to introductions, fic help, requests for help finding fic, plot bunnies, and fic challenges. Please no "That's a great idea, I'd really like to see it." responses to challenges or plot bunnies.

No virus warnings UNLESS your computer has a virus. 99.9% of these things are hoaxes, no matter how reliable your source is.

No OT announcements, forwards, or attachments.

If you have a problem please email me offlist. I do not like embarrassing people onlist and will NEVER publically "slap" someone on the list. If someone violates list rules repeatedly I'll email them privately and work it out that way. If it can't be worked out, that person will be unsubbed without public comment.

POST FIC (If you want to. Lurking is fine, too.)

Note: All fics posted on this list will be automatically be archived here unless the author specifies otherwise.


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