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OW: Old West | ATF: ATF | LB: Little Britches | AU: Other AU


Indifference OW

Linda B.

Color (Series) OW
Red | Black | Green | Brown | Silver
Gold | Gold, Too | Amber | Pink | Orange | White
Blue | Grey | The Fourth Day Before Grey

The Cur (Series) OW
The Cur | Vin's Dog | Lucky | Fallen Angel | Sent

If I Had To Do It Again OW (Poem)

The Last Word OW

Life Of The Party OW

Unsealed ATF

Sue Bartholomew

Across the Divide OW

A More Perfect Union OW

On the Outskirts of Tascosa OW

The Magnificent Pimpernel AU

Questions and Answers: A Post-Serpents Ficlet OW

Cin & Heidi,

Four Corners PD: Day One AU

Four Corners PD: Day Two AU

Four Corners PD: Day Three AU [In Progress]

Vengeance AU

Vengance: The Beginning AU


All That Glitters OW

Aurora's Embrace OW

Dancing in the Dragon's Lair OW

Eye of the Deceiver ATF

The Gift of the Dove ATF

Of Mist and Moonlight ATF

The Red Zone ATF

Shining With Undying Light OW

Derry and the Immortal,

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ATF


The Last Three Bullets OW


A Right Pair ATF

Joy K

Carving Their Niche LB

Connecting the Dots ATF

The Greatest Con OW

He's My Son ATF

Letter from Camp LB

The Letter Home OW

Little Boys and Heroes ATF

Mementos and Memories LB

Monday's Child ATF

Monday's Child: Streetwise ATF

Tuesday's Child: Lessons of Grace ATF

Nursing Insecurities LB

Pilgrims, Indians and Family LB

Pumpkin Envy - LB

A Real Father LB

Shortcuts OW

A Talent for the Game OW

To Protect His Own LB

A Trolling We Will Go LB

Unexpected Treasure LB

Until Your Dreams Know LB

Waiting For A Place To Happen ATF


Make Way OW

Make Way for Vin OW

A New Reason to Celebrate ATF

Lady Catherine Dunbar

Different Recollections OW


Peaches Comes For A Visit LB


Stoics Anonymous ATF

Nancy W.

Small Treasures LB (Dungeons & Dragons universe)


BigFoot OW

Buck's Folly OW

Christmas Shootout OW

Fishin' OW

He Was Innocent, This Time OW

Maude OW

Strangers in a Strange Town OW

Train Ride OW

Sue Necessary

Devil's Bargain OW

Grandpa OW

In for a Peso, In for a Pound OW

Silent Night OW

Elizabeth Sullivan

Beginnings - Elizabeth Sullivan AU

Deal - Elizabeth Sullivan AU

Prove It - Elizabeth Sullivan AU


Five Minutes ATF


Fine Edge of the Blade - TrishA OW

Nowhere to Run - TrishA AU (Seven Investigations)

Rick's Place - TrishA AU (Casablanca)

The Road to Damascus - TrishA & Derry AU (Crusades)

Seven - TrishA ATF

The Telling I: Slaughter of the Innocents - TrishA OW

The Telling II: Keep of the Damned - TrishA OW

Wake Me When the Day is Over - TrishA ATF

Web of the Wise - TrishA AU (Seven Investigations)


Rewards OW