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Andy began his acting career at age 12 and soon after was cast in the daytime drama As the World Turns. He has since appeared in guest starring roles on a variety of TV series and starred as JD Dunne in the CBS series The Magnificent Seven. He has also appeared in a number of made-for-TV movies and feature films.

(Andy's on-screen biography)

As the World Turns (1986-1991)

Deep Space Nine (1993)

Full House (1993)

Silk Stalkings (1994)

Confronting Brandon (1994)

Trial by Fire (1995)

The Great Mom Swap (1995)

My So-Called Life (1995)

Married, With Children (1995)

Weird Science: Teen Lisa (1996)

Weird Science: Grumpy Old Genie (1996)

Seduced by Madness (1996)

NYPD Blue (1996)

Andersonville (1996)

Terror in The Family (1996)

The Burning Zone (1996)

Touched by an Angel (1999)

The David Cassidy Story (2000)

Rat Race (2001)

Lessons Learned (2001)

The Meeksville Ghost (2002)

Miracles (2002)

Joan of Arcadia (2003)


Read the transcript
of the January 21, 1999 on-line chat with Andy
and Magnificent Seven co-star Dale Midkiff

An interview
with Andy's Magnificent Seven stunt double,
Will Cascio

for another picture of Andy

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