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If you do not know how to download images, this is what you do:
  • Click on the small picture (thumbnail) and wait for the larger image to appear.
  • Click the RIGHT mouse button on the large image. A menu will appear that has the option "Save Picture As...." or something similar
  • Select that option and Save the picture to your hard drive

If a "Save" option does not appear on the menu, your browser may not support the ability to download graphic files (but you are welcome to come back and look as often as you like!)

Photos and screen captures from...

As the World Turns (1986-1991) (42 images)

Confronting Brandon (1994) (31 images)

My So-Called Life (1994) (16 images)

The Great Mom Swap (1995) (32 images)

Married, With Children (1995) (20 images)

Trial by Fire (1995) (43 images)

Weird Science: Teen Lisa (1995) (32 images)

Andersonville (1996) (19 images)

Deep Space Nine (1996) (13 images)

NYPD Blue (1996) (16 images)

Seduced by Madness (1996) (22 images)

Terror in the Family (1996) (63 images)

Weird Science: Grumpy Old Genie (1996) (19 images)

The Burning Zone (1997) (72 images)

Touched by an Angel (1999) (42 images)

The David Cassidy Story (2000) (147 images)

Rat Race (2001) (9 images)


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