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Fan Club FAQ:
To answer the big question, yes, this is Andy Kavovit's website. He knows about it, he suggested many of the features on it, and, he has sanctioned the fan club.

At the moment, Andy's fan club is internet-based. There are no dues at present, although this may change at a later time as it becomes possible to offer items to our members which require copy fees, postage, etc.

For the present, however, just kick back at your keyboard and enjoy Andy's website, where you will find screen images, photos, and pages about the different characters and roles he has played. Ask Andy a question, or, answer one of the questions he has for his fans. Scrawl your message to Andy on his wall, or subscribe to his internet mail list where his fans chat via e-mail about Andy, or share a bit about themselves.

There will be occasional internet mailings that will go only to those who are members of Andy's fan club, but the website is here for anyone to enjoy!

If you wish to sign up for the fan club, e-mail with the subject line "Sign me up." It's as simple as that! We will need to know your first and last name - no initials or nicknames, please - so if it does not appear as part of your e-mail address, please provide it.

The mailing address for the Andrew Kavovit Fan Internet Fan Club is:

Andrew Kavovit Fan Club
859 Hollywood Way
PMB# 416
Burbank, CA 91505

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