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Old West Halloween Old West
ATF Halloween ATF
Little Britches Halloween Little Britches
AU Halloween Alternate Universe
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers May contain elements unsuitable for sensitive readers.
Flying Bat Jack o Lantern
Against overwhelming odds... the Seven confront vampires, witches, demons, aliens, ghosts and other scary stuff!
ATF Halloween The Abduction - IndigoCat (Ezra, Vin)
Contains sensitve subject matter. ATF Little Britches Halloween Afraid - Xiola (Vin, Chris)
ATF Halloween Ailments of the Undead - MMW (Josiah, Vin)
ATF Halloween All Hallows' Eve - Deirdre (Seven)
Little Britches Halloween All Hallows Eve - Jeanne (Vin, Chris, OFC)
ATF Halloween All Hallows Eve - The Neon Gang (Seven)
Old West Halloween Andolian - ~~~§ara~~{@ (JD)
ATF Halloween Apollyon - Heather F. (Seven)
ATF Halloween Are Your Cases Always This Eerie? - Kris (Seven, X-Files xover)
Old West Beware of Paybacks - Ace (JD, Casey, OFC)
ATF Universe The Big Red Bird - Melissa Clegg (Seven)
Old West Bored! - atolar (Seven)
ATF Halloween Braaaains - Helen Adams (JD)
ATF Halloween Cabin in the Woods - AJB (Chris, Vin)
ATF Halloween Candied Corn Nightmares - Kerry (Seven)
Old West Carnival of Souls - Deirdre (Vin)
ATF Halloween The Changeling - Winnie (Chris, Vin)
Old West The Chest - Linda Borchers (Chris, Vin, Josiah)
MCAT Halloween Close Encounter of the Spooky Kind - Tannertexaslady (Chris, OFC)
ATF Halloween Close Encounters of the Worst Kind - Tiffiny (Seven)
ATF Halloween Close One Door - Dreamer (Casey, Vin, JD)
ATF Halloween Connections - Laurel (Seven)
Old West Halloween Crossroads - Rowdy Tanner (Chris, Vin)
Old West Halloween Curse of Salem - Robyn (Seven)
LB Halloween Curthed - Estee (Vin)
ATF Halloween Daemonis Sua - Barb (Seven, Ella Gaines)
Old West Halloween Dark Shadows - Cris & Laurie Ann (Vin)
Old West Halloween Dark Times and Broken Friendships - Jackie & Lanna (Seven)
Old West Halloween The Devil's Night - mog (Ezra)
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers The Devil's Spawn - Winnie (Chris, Vin)
LB Halloween Doesn't Matter - Nettie Roe (Vin, JD)
Old West Halloween Drifting - Seremela (Chris, Ella Gaines)
Old West Halloween Fall of the Deceiver - Sarah B. (JD)
ATF Halloween Foggy Nights and Clear Vision - Holly (Vin)
ATF Halloween Fool's Gold and Ashes - Mitzi (Seven)
Alternate Universe Las Vegas For the Love of... - Sue M (JD, Buck)
ATF Universe Fright Night - Linda Borchers (Vin, Ezra)
ATF Halloween Fright Night - Luna Dey (Seven)
Old West Halloween Guardian Angels - Tonny (Chris, Sarah, Adam)
ATF Halloween Ghost Bullet - Megan (Seven)
Old West Halloween Ghost Town - LaraMee (Seven)
Old West Halloween Ghost Town - Sara W. (Seven)
Old West Halloween Goosebumps - Rowdy Tanner (Chris, Vin, Ezra)
Old West Halloween The Gunslinger's Revenge - Winnie (Chris, Vin)
ATF Halloween Halloween Ghost Town - Melissa Clegg (Seven)
ATF Halloween Halloween Memories - Mary Ann (Vin)
Alternate Universe Halloween Halloween Moments at the Montecito - Mallory (Seven)
ATF Halloween A Halloween Nightmare - Mary Ann (Chris, Vin)
Little Britches Halloween Halloween Plans - WendyW (Vin, Chris)
Alternate Universe Halloween The Hands of Glenneaval - Sue M (JD, Buck, Josiah)
Old West Halloween The Harvester - Happy Psycho Bunny (Seven, OFC)
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers The Haunted Canyon - Chris (Chris, OMC, Vin)
Old West Halloween A Haunting of the Heart - Glori (Josiah, OFC)
Old West Halloween Hauntingly Familiar - Angie (Seven, Sam & Dean Winchester)
Old West Halloween High Stakes - Jade (Ezra)
ATF Halloween Hotel California - Angie (Seven)
Old West Halloween How the Seven Eat Their Reese's - Monica (Seven)
ATF Halloween Illuminating the Darkness - KT (Seven)
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers In the Shadow of the Cathedral - Flavia (Vin, Ezra)
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers Inn of Lost Souls - Winnie (Chris, Vin)
Alternate Universe Is it Halloween? - Mary Ann (Seven)
Halloween It Started When - Marian and Linda B.
ATF Halloween It's All In the Cards - Freespirit (Chris)
ATF Little Britches Halloween It's Not Fair - Joy K (Vin, Chris)
AU Halloween The Lady in Black - IndigoCat
ATF Halloween Late Night Visitors - IndigoCat (Seven)
Old West Halloween Legend - Winter (Vin, Ezra)
ATF Halloween The Legend of Ahote - Sue M (JD, Vin, Buck)
Old West Halloween Legends - Zentry (Seven)
Little Britches Halloween Legends in Litter - Winter (Vin)
ATF Halloween The Lights - IndigoCat (Chris, Vin)
(Sequel to "The Abduction")
Little Britches Halloween LITTLE AMBASSADORS: School Break, All Hallows Eve, and... Cheese? - Sue M (Vin, JD)
ATF Halloween Little Boy Lost - IndigoCat (Ezra, Chris)
ATF Halloween A Little Halloween Fun - Kati (Seven, OFC)
AU Halloween The Long Walk Home - Sherry, Wendy and Jan (Seven)
ATF Halloween Luck of the Draw - Sue M (JD, Ezra)
Little Britches Halloween The Meaning of Halloween - KT (Vin, Nathan)
Old West Halloween Men In Black - Debbie K. (JD, Vin xover "X-Files")
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers The Messenger - TrishA (Seven)
Old West Halloween Miranda/Starr - Leslie (Seven)
Alternate Universe Halloween A Mother's Worst Fear - Debbie M and Monica M (Seven)
Little Britches Halloween Mr. Mason - Ruby (Buck, JD)
Little Britches Halloween Night of the Mummy - Pat (Vin, JD)
Halloween Story Collection October 31s (Collection) - LaraMee
Old West Halloween Cabin in the Darkness (Vin, Chris, Nathan)
ATF Halloween Dead & Breakfast (Vin, Chris, Ezra)
Little Britches Halloween Little Runaway (Vin, Chris, JD)
AU Halloween Castle Keep (Vin, Chris, Buck, Josiah)
ATF Halloween Of Mist and Moonlight - Deirdre (Vin)
Old West Halloween Offspring: Andolian's Second - ~~~§ara~~{@ (JD, Seven)
AU Halloween On Being Immortal - Katherine (Josiah, Nathan)
ATF Halloween Operation Halloween - Barb Marx (Ezra)
Old West Halloween Personal Ghosts - Magnolia Belle (Seven)
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers Pieces of Me - Hilary Fox (JD, Ezra)
Little Britches Halloween Pumpkin Envy - JK (Vin)
Old West Halloween Pumpkinhead - Ruby (Vin, JD, Buck)
Old West Halloween Pyrite and Candlelight - Mitzi (Seven)
May contain elements unsuitable for sensitve readers The River Styx - Estevana Rey (Vin)
ATF Universe Rose Manor - Linda Borcers (Vin, OCs)
Old West Halloween Samhain Night - SilverWolf (Vin, Chris, OFC)
Old West
      Halloween Sanctuary - Helen Adams (Josiah, JD)
Old West Halloween Sangre Sangria (Ezra)
Alternate Universe Halloween Scariest of All - Kathy M (JD)
ATF Halloween Secret Vices - Tidia and Mog (Ezra, Nathan)
Little Britches Halloween Seven Hallows Eve - Princess Nat (Vin)
Halloween Story Collection SHADOWS (Series) - Yolande (Ezra, Chris, Vin)
Old West Halloween Spectral Shadows
Old West Halloween Jumping at Shadows
Old West Halloween Stalking Shadows
Old West Halloween Sleepy Hollow - Robyn (Seven)
Old West Halloween Something - Ruby (JD, Chris)
ATF Universe Strange Day - Sue M (JD, Vin)
Dungeons and Dragons Little Britches AU Taken Away - Nancy W. (Ezra, Vin, JD)
Alternate Universe Halloween The Tale of Cletus Bunt - Sue M (JD)
Old West A Tale for All Hallows' Eve - JD's Chat Group (JD) (round-robin)
Old West Halloween The Telling: Slaughter of the Innocents - TrishA (Seven)
Old West Halloween The Telling II: Keep of the Damned - TrishA (Josiah)
Alternate Universe Halloween Things that Go Bump in the Night - Jan (Seven, OFCs)
Old West The Town of Lost Souls - Sue M (Seven)
Little Britches Halloween Treehouse of Terror - Joy (Vin, JD, Chris, Buck)
Little Britches Halloween Trees - Ruby (Buck, JD)
ATF Halloween Trick or Treat - Linda (JD)
ATF Halloween Trick or Treat - The Neon Gang (Seven)
ATF Halloween Tricks and Treats - Helen Adams (Seven)
Little Britches Halloween A Trolling We Will Go - JK and Kerry (Vin, JD)
Little Britches Halloween Uncle Ezra's Halloween - Helen Adams (Ezra, Vin, JD)
Old West Halloween The Visitors - Melody Byard (Seven)
Old West Halloween Westlander - Sarah B. (JD - "Highlander" universe)
Old West Halloween - may contain elements that are unsuitable for sensitive readers Whispers in the Darkness - LaraMee (Chris, Vin)
ATF Halloween Who's That Knocking ???????? - Pamiekae (Vin, Ezra, JD)
ATF Halloween Who's That Knocking II ???????? - Pamiekae (Vin, Chris)
Old West Halloween A Witch's Gift - Heather F. (Buck, JD, Ezra)
Old West Halloween The Witches of Wilson's Pass - Hilary Fox (Vin, Ezra)
ATF Universe Within a Dream - Big Ham (Chris)


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