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Question: I am writing a story but want to change something from what's in the guideline page. Is that okay?

Answer Absolutely, just as we have changed the Old West canon to suit fanfiction, the same can be said about the ATF.

However the catagories provided on the dossier page (residence, vehicle, etc.) were chosen to provide continuity.

Question: What was the first story in the ATF Universe?

Answer: A Birthday in the Present. It takes place after the team had been together for three years.

Question: How old are each of the members of Team 7?

Answer: Ages coincide with actors real ages, excluding JD who was 23 when he joined the team (goverment guidelines require minimum age to be 21). Actor's information can be found at imdb.

Question: Where did they go to college?

Answer: Due to so many varying (and strong) opinions where the boys should have gone to college MOG is weasling out of this question.

By answering this (along with where they were born) takes away from a writers ability to use the 'what if' factor.

Question: When should men hug?

Answer: (from Allure magazine)
Hombre Embraces
Men should never hug unless:
They are sleeping together
A best friend is home from war
One has saved the others life (or the life of a close relative-for a close cousin, a thank you note will do).
They are teammates celebrating a once-in- a lifetime upset victory(such as the USA Olympic hockey team over the USSR in 1980)
They are twins seperated from birth meeting for the first time

If you have a question you can ask MOG or you can contact Tidia and I'll get in touch with MOG.


MOG would like to heap much praise, thanks and low-bowing...Tidia for putting this page together and prodding me to get the info to her. Antoinette Brenion for endless research above and beyond. To Tannersgirl for being an original bible contributor. IceHunter for her scary amount of knowledge regarding weapons. And the Rowdy Bunch for their feedback and strong viewpoints that were no help at all <g>.

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